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Alaska House of Representatives employee illegally used state resources to promote SIOA


Looks like another story proves that the real “infiltration” is from anti-Muslim Right-wing crazies who are part of hate groups such as Stop the Islamization of America.

Alaska House of Representatives employee illegally used state resources to promote SIOA

A legislative aide who joined an anti-Islam group and became obsessed with its mission crossed the line and illegally used state resources to promote its interests, a state ethics panel concluded in a ruling released Friday.

Minutes after the ruling was made public, Karen Sawyer’s new boss, state Rep. Shelley Hughes, R-Palmer, announced that Sawyer resigned her job.

Sawyer’s activism on behalf of Stop Islamization of America became an issue when she was chief of staff to Palmer Rep. Carl Gatto before his death this year. Hughes was appointed to replace Gatto on May 1.

The House subcommittee of the Select Committee on Legislative Ethics recommended that Sawyer be fired and permanently banned from rehire by the Legislature.

The far-right, anti-Islam group describes its goals as support of human rights, religious liberty and freedom of speech, and opposition to Sharia, or Islamic, law. But the Southern Poverty Law Center calls it an anti-Muslim hate group, as does the Anti-Defamation League.

Sawyer allowed an operative for the anti-Islam group, a man named David Heckert, to set up shop inside the Wasilla Legislative Information Office, where he worked for months, according to one of two reports about the ethical lapses by the ethics panel that were released Friday. Sawyer let Heckert use her personal laptop and Internet card, and provided him a cellphone number under her family plan. She herself used state equipment to plan events for the group. She even gave Heckert her key to the Wasilla LIO so he could get in while she was out of town, the report said.

Anchorage Daily News, 14 December 2012

See also Associated Press, 14 December 2012

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  • Reynardine

    They were certainly behind the Iraq war, weren’t they?

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    How long has this being going on ?
    Did Mrs Palin know ?

  • I’m surprised. If Sawyer is such an important member of SIOA that her name is on their Alaska chapter’s contact page, you’d think they’d be rushing to her defense. Maybe even they realize they have no legal ground to stand on, so they’re keeping quite hoping that almost none of their supporters will notice.

  • mindy1

    Sooo rather than use the money to HELP the citizens of their state, they used the money to promote a hate group?! I’m glad it was not widespread, but still, that is troubling 🙁

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    You know, I think they’ve been mum on it so far, but you’re right they’ll blame Obama and of course OBama is the stealth drone attack loving Muzzie in the White House.

  • Emperor,

    I’d be willing to bet that the fact that the authorities did their job and put a stop to Karen Sawyer funneling money to “Stop The Islamization of America” will be used by supporters of the group, as evidence that Islamization is real, and America really is being taken over by Muslims? I wonder what Pamela Geller, or Robert Spencer, or Brigitte Gabriel will say in her defense? They’ll probably ignore the facts and claim that this is the stealth jihad somehow, even through what she did was technically illegal to begin with.

  • Chameleon_X

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a white-supremacist Islamophobia link underlying this story somewhere. Some white supremacists are focusing their efforts on establishing reclusive enclaves in white-dominated areas of the U.S., such as Montana. Alaska would be the ultimate reclusive location for white supremacists given the complete geographical isolation from other U.S. states, thereby providing some “protection” from natural migration across state lines by non-white U.S. citizens.

    But wait, this theory couldn’t be right. The Muslim Brotherhood is the one infiltrating the highest levels of state and national politics, not Bob and Pam’s zombies.

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