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Athens – the EU Capital City Without A Mosque


Check out Bishop Seraphim’s views in the article below, he believes that there is a Zionist plot to Islamize Greece (talk about the ‘New Antisemitism’!). Everything else he says is indistinguishable from what might come out of Robert Spencer’s mouth.

(h/t: Sir David)

Athens – the EU capital city without a mosque

by Mark Lowen (BBC)

The makeshift facilities are illegal but this huge community faces no other option. Athens, a metropolis on the edge of the Muslim world, is one of the few EU capitals without a mosque.

Since Greece gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1832, no government has allowed a mosque to be built in the city. It was seen by many as “un-Greek” – out of place in a country in which much more than 90% of the population are Orthodox Christians.

But as Greece has become the main entry point for migrants to the EU, its Muslim population has swelled.

Some estimates place the number of Muslims in Athens alone at around 300,000, in a city with a population of around five million, and the clamour for an official place of prayer is growing.

“It is a very big tragedy for us Muslims that there is no mosque here,” says Syed Mohammad Jamil from the Pakistan-Hellenic Society.

“Greece produced democracy and civilisation and the respect of religion – but they don’t respect our Muslims to provide us with a regular, legal mosque.”

One of the Friday worshippers, Ashifaq Ahmad, says: “I feel somehow cut off from society.

“When we have a celebration, there is nowhere proper for us to get together. Society is not accepting us.”

Barracks plan

Pressure on the government to provide a secure, protected mosque has grown as the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party continues to rise.

Its members stand accused of beating immigrants and vandalising some of the underground prayer rooms.

The party’s deputy, Ilias Panagiotaros, told me earlier in the year that landmines should be placed on Greece’s border with Turkey, saying: “If immigrants die trying to jump into our country, that’s their problem.”

Now perhaps the call for a place of worship may be answered.

A disused army barracks near the city centre has been chosen as a site for the capital’s first mosque.

Behind heavy gates lie old buildings, broken glass and rubble strewn across the floors. The crumbling shells currently there would be torn down, making space for a mosque that could accommodate 500 people.

If it is built, Muslims entering would catch sight of a small church next door, the two religions finally operating officially shoulder to shoulder.

The government insists the project will go ahead, but similar plans have been promised in the past – only to fall foul of political infighting.

And the financial crisis could still blow the idea off course. A government struggling to afford schoolbooks or healthcare may find it hard to announce 1m euros (£814,000; $1.3m) for a state-funded mosque.

“In the past, there was a fear in some segments of Greek society about constructing a mosque but we must overcome that fear,” says Stratos Simopoulos, the secretary general of the ministry for development.

“The financial crisis is a problem. The government has other priorities for now, but this mosque must be constructed and we may be in a position to start the process in a few months.”

I ask whether he is committed to the plan.

“Of course”, he replies, “because it’s not my commitment – it’s a commitment of the Greek state.”

And yet there is still resistance within the country.

‘Islamic tyranny’

The Greek Church has warmed to the mosque idea but some senior ecclesiastical figures remain opposed.

In a packed service in St Nicolas’s Church in Piraeus, just outside Athens, the strength of religious devotion is clear.

Members of the congregation kiss the icons and repeatedly cross themselves. Orthodox Christianity goes to the heart of what it means to be Greek and the Bishop here, Seraphim, says his nation must preserve its identity.

“Greece suffered five centuries of Islamic tyranny under Turkish rule and building a mosque would offend the martyrs who freed us,” he says.

Greece, he adds, “does not hate anyone” but he believes that “most Muslims have come here illegally” to, as he puts it, “Islamise Europe”.

I put it to him that his position appears Islamophobic, out of touch with a multicultural European Union, and his response may betray other prejudices too.

“We are not a multicultural country,” the Greek bishop says. “We are one Greek nation and everything else is an invention of the ‘new order’ and of Zionism. They are trying to corrupt our character.”

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  • Has anyone here denied that there are Muslims who are antisemites?

  • mjasghar786

    Seeing as how so many Greeks have come to Britain especially in the last year it’s a bit rich complaining about immigrants to Greece
    But then I’ve noticed the same thing with a lot of eastern europeans

  • Kirook

    The real question is, does it have any Flying Spaghetti Monster churches?

  • khalid roche

    Now thats what you call ‘Greek Style’ – in the back!

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    I have always suspected that underneath most Islamaphobes Antisemites lurk .
    At some point the bank rollers of this hate are going to get their bums bit on this one. For example Mrs Geller and David Horibilitz
    Sir David

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    er yes , no ,yes , yes , yes .
    I think
    Sir David

  • Géji

    – “We are not a multicultural country,” the Greek bishop says. “We are one Greek nation and everything else is an invention of the ‘new order’ and of Zionism. They are trying to corrupt our character.”

    Well, here’s a deserving middle-finger Mr Netanyahu! Apparently with now Hitler’s left-overs Golden-Dawn trying to come to power to head the nation ‘back’ to its purest form of whito-Christos supremacy destiny, and trying hard to purge from it its impurest form of brown influx mixture, and as a result of such now Greece being part as one of the most staunch forefront-runner “Jihadist” for European continent battling against the “Islamization” of nations, the extremist Zionist leader tried to cozy-up and team-up with this ilk minded neo-fascist party in order to help with his own very on-going battle of purging the Forever-God-Giving “ancestral” land from its brown native, indigenous population, thus pleading for help in the process (or progress) of colonization. But Zionism coupling with Islamization? how would that work anyway? and would Ms ‘Judaization’ of Europe be okey with a partner in crime such as Mr Islamization of European?

  • It’s delicious too. It’s quite easy to overdo it 🙂

  • mindy1

    Ironic, since the greeks invented democracy

  • mindy1

    Well it is very potent

  • mindy1

    Einstein said two things were infinite-the universe and stupidity, and he was unsure about the former…

  • I think Seraphim may have had a little too much ouzo.

  • It looks like Bishop Seraphim is combining antisemitic and Islamophobic conspiracy theories. Ever Since I saw the “counter Jihad” for what it really I suspected something like this was going to happen sooner or later. Might want to add an “Antisemitism” tag to this as well. When people come up with anti Zionist conspiracy theories ( such as the ZOG ) chances are, they hate Jews. I wonder how long until we hear about the “Stealth Jihad Zionist Sharia Occupation Government” ( SHZSOG ) or something similar.

  • Rizwan

    Does Athens have synagogues, hindu temples, LDS churches, protestant churches, RC churches?

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Now that’s a new one…Zionists planting evil Mooslims in Europe to Islamize the continent. The conspiracies just get more incoherent as time goes by.

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