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Charles Davis: Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles

Charles Davis of BrandX explains his encounter with the looniest blogger ever, Pamela Geller in an article that discusses “Bigotry for Broadcast.”

While I highlight the portion in which he has the misfortune of meeting Geller the whole article is well worth the read:

Bigotry for broadcast

by Charles Davis (AlJazeera English)

The first time I ever spoke with Pamela Geller she chastised me. “I’m here at the booth and they don’t have my name,” she complained over the phone in a moderately irritated Long Island accent. The anti-Islam jingo who led the campaign against the “Ground Zero mosque” had just flown from New York to LA to, in her mind, encourage television viewers primarily between the ages of 18 and 35 to put aside whatever differences they may have and just focus on hating Muslims.

Geller, the woman behind an ad campaign on US public transit portraying plucky Israel as the “Civilised Man” (take a wild guess who the uncivilised “Savage” is) had agreed to appear on a regular segment she did not know called, “Totally Unacceptable Opinion”. As the guy who’d convinced her to come, it was my job to put on a polite smile for ten minutes and lead her to the green room; to put aside my normal pre-show routine of interrogating people in the line outside about their disgusting sex lives – every taboo violated is a tiny revolution, comrade – in favour of making nice with a hatemonger in a glittery jacket.

The Bigot, it so happens, Wears Prada.

Imagining myself a borderline not-terrible person, I put aside my well-I-oughta grumbling and did not dwell on the fact that Ms Geller had shown up at the wrong gate after ignoring my politely repeated request that she holler at me prior to arriving. No, with the confidence and grace of a god walking amongst the sure to be damned, I apologised for an error that was not mine. And carried her stupid bag.

You can see then how saddened I was to find that my pained affectation of decency was not reflected in Geller’s post-show account of her appearance in a characteristically understated column entitled, “Russell Brand’s ugly jihad“. Written in an underground hate-lair lined with row upon row of mid-80s televisions cycling at 2.5 speed through a horrific loop of car crashes, assassinations, atom bombs and natural disasters – one imagines – Geller’s column provided a livid, refreshingly fictional account of the little jingo-blogger that could doing battle with basic cable.

“Charlie is a liar.” I had led her to believe, allegedly, that her ripped from Ayn Rand hate rhetoric would be treated in a “meaningful fashion”, because that’s typically how they do things on late-night talk shows broadcast by cable channels better known for mixed martial arts. Pasted in the column were emails from me wherein I had promised we would “discuss the threat opposed by Islamists, including those living within our midst”. Do something neither author nor recipient apparently did: Read that last bit twice.

So what happened? At the taping, Geller shied away from the Islamophobic red meat she daily dishes on her blog, perhaps sensing that a Hollywood audience of 18-35 year-olds fresh from the pot dispensary probably weren’t all that concerned about the imposition of Islamic law in their lifetimes. Asked if the West should attack Iran, she replied with a simple “no” and a look of “who would ever…?” bemusement, never mind what she tells her fans: “Iran should be attacked today and their people liberated from their misery.”

She wasn’t a hatemonger who sees jihad under every hijab, but a human rights activist, Geller protested. And then someone in the audience protested that.

“Pamela’s racism kills!” shouted a young man, holding up a sign that said the same thing. After a couple chants, Russell brought him on stage where he explained his objection: Pamela Geller is a hatemonger, a belligerent and ignorant purveyor of fear and advocate of war and hate and intolerance. Or maybe those are my words.

And that was pretty much it, Russell soon booting both protester and protested off the stage. Next up: Eric Idle singing a song about fellatio. Such is television.

Reading Pamela’s account, however, depicts a cable talk show that is both suprisingly dangerous and weirdly Islamic. That protester guy? An “extremist Muslim” whose crazy outburst of disagreement made her think she was about to fall victim to a jihadist, one she claims was planted by the show. “I half expected him to pull out a knife and try to behead me.” To be fair, it would have made interesting TV.

While no one’s denying the protester wasn’t pasty white – indeed, suspiciously not so – he isn’t actually Muslim, but an atheist who, as it happens, fought with the US Marine Corps in Iraq. Geller, it seems, based her assessment that he was an Islamic extremist on two things: His opposition to her and his aforementioned lack of pastiness. If I were trying to avoid accusations of prejudice, I probably wouldn’t use “the Muslim” as shorthand for “that non-white I don’t like”. You could end up looking foolish, ya know?

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  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    Only by being good
    Fighting evil
    and not spending too much time playing games on the computor
    Sir David

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    Do I get to be an Overlord by virtue of being Muslim?

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    Big Boss
    You are correct my mistake 🙁

    It is drivel anyway , not even amusing nor believable.

    You asked about the leftwing muslim alliance and how to join .

    Just between you and me …. in secret like, as you never know who is listening out there, our highly trained team of experts in propaganda is out there working 24/7 putting out the word .

    Our top agent , to keep her identity secret lets just call her Pam of New Jersey . Puts out the most unbelievable paranoid rubbish ever to see light of day on the internet ( and on the bus as well )and let me tell you she has a lot of competition to claim that title . The idea is that people automatically assume that the leftwing muslim alliance is all about world domination ; Zog the UN and all that other rubbish or they think that Pam is nuts . The view that Pam is nuts of course is believed by most sane people , the others watch Fox news .

    Meanwhile while the world laughs at Pam our revolutionary ideas increace in strength very quietly in the background

    1 The right to universal health care

    2 The right to a good education for all

    3 Freedom from hunger

    4 An ethical foreign policy

    5 Freedom to worship

    6 Saftey in your own home

    7 The right to organize a union

    8 A Fair , reasonable and simple Tax system

    To join all you have to do is spread these dangerous and often banned ideas. 🙂
    Sir David
    Vice Chair
    Leftwing Muslim Alliance
    West Anjou Branch

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  • Wanderer

    This guy is hilarious!

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    I think you mean The Religion Of Peace , PS how does one join the Leftwing Muslim Alliance

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    She gets it from a website called “the religion of Truth” not surprizingly this website is dedicated to telling lies about Islam .
    It stems from an idea that if you repet a lie often enough it will become truth. Pam gets lots of truth from such websites. Still lies to everyone else though
    Sir David

  • Long Ben Avery

    Where on earth does she get the “19,747 deadly Islamic attacks” number from? Very scary lady!

  • Sam Seed

    Looks like her own hatred is calling on karma. Hate does things to ya I tell ya.

  • Reynardine

    Which does she change more often: her story or her hair color?

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Agreed, though when Geller goes up against an intelligent person she gets flabbergasted and it is funny to see.

  • mindy1

    I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with her

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