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Mosque application rejected in heated meeting

The Old Bank Chamber

The Old Bank Chamber


Mosque application rejected in heated meeting

Planning permission for a mosque in Worcester Park was unanimously turned down by councillors after a lively meeting last night.

Councillors said the proposed mosque in Green Road would bring too much traffic to the area and voted to refuse planning permission after hearing arguments from concerned neighbours and from the project’s backers.

Around 300 people attended the meeting, as well as several police officers, and there were loud cheers as the councillors voted. During the meeting the chairman had to ask the audience to calm down on several occasions as speakers were interrupted by loud heckling.

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  • mindy1

    @Senor, I know, but I still want to hope against hope, even though you are probably right 🙁

  • Senor

    C’mon Mindy. You are too smart to fall for that. They can’t say, “We don’t want any Muslims here,” so they come up with this this.

    Also, the article is not clear. Were the police there to keep everyone calm, or were they there to speak for or against the mosque?

  • Sarah Brown

    I suspect sometimes people genuinely think that is their main concern – it may *be* their main concern, and it may even be a legitimate concern – but that concern may have been put in their minds by those whose concerns are – different.

  • mindy1

    I am so hoping that really WAS the main concern, and not just an excuse 🙁

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