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Queens: Second Savage Attack on Elderly Muslim in a Week

Queens, New York has been the scene of two gruesome separate attacks on Muslim men of South Asian descent in apparent hate motivated attacks.

We reported the stabbing attack on Bashir Ahmad (57) that occurred on November 19 which police are investigating as a “hate crime.”

Police are investigating a stabbing and biting of a man outside a mosque in Queens early Sunday morning as possible hate crime.

Authorities say the attack took place at the Masjid Al-Saaliheen Mosque on Kissena Boulevard in Flushing around 5:00 a.m.

Bashir Ahmad, 57, was walking up the steps to open the front door for morning prayers when he was approached from behind.

He was stabbed several times in the back as he opened the door.

Ahmad says the attacker yelled anti-Muslim slurs and then bit him in the nose.

On November 24 an elderly man by the name of Ali Akmal (72) was brutally beaten and also “bitten on the nose.” He is in critical condition and the police are investigating it as a hate crime. (h/t: Aliya Platif)

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A brutal beating left a beloved grandfather in the hospital Friday night and police want to know if it was an act of hate.

The whole incident apparently started with a simple question and answer, but it ended with the victim bloody and bruised from head to toe. It happened just before 5:30 a.m. on Nov. 24 in Queens.

Ali Akmal laid in his hospital bed in critical condition with wounds and bruises covering most of his body.  The 72-year-old was savagely beaten after he went out for his early morning walk on 46 Avenue in Corona last Saturday.

“They pretty much tried to kill him, with their hands, their own bare hands and maybe a bat, too. But they pretty much had the mentality that ‘Yeah we have to kill this person,’” the victim’s granddaughter told CBS 2′s Dick Brennan.

Akmal’s granddaughter did not want to show her face on camera because the attackers are still out there. Police said the suspects on seen on surveillance video running from the crime scene.

Akmal’s tongue was so badly swollen that he couldn’t talk for two days. When he finally could, he told police that when he first encountered the two men, they asked him, “are you Muslim or Hindu?”

He responded “I’m Muslim,” and that’s when they attacked.

The beating was so savage and personal, Akmal was even bitten on the nose.

“Just because we’re Muslim, just because we’re another religion or culture I don’t see why you have to beat that person up. They didn’t do anything to you, they didn’t hurt you,” the victim’s granddaughter said.

The crime has been assigned to detectives with the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force.

Akmal was out of intensive care Friday, but not out of the woods. He cannot walk, can barely speak and is not always coherent, but his son-in-law said he’s lucky to be alive.

“He’d been beaten, head, back, knees, they tortured him. In every single joint they hit him,” the son-in-law said.

Police said the suspects are both in their late teens or early 20s.

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  • jabhawiya

    Funny, that the race of the attackers was left out but if these dudes were Arabs or Muslims they would have been all over the details, right down to the nationality and/or birth country.


  • eslaporte

    Perhaps Henk and Ingrid have moved to New York?!

    Perhaps it’s time to keep Geert Wilders out of country!

  • Garibaldi

    Good point @mrislamanswersback. There seems to be some hypocrisy regarding this reporting.

    Islamophobic commenters, many of them White have been suggesting “Hispanics” for the race of the perpetrators.

  • mrislamanswersback

    The video footage appears to show 2 white male suspects running. Yet I see no mention of the race of the suspects mentioned in any of the reports I read. How come??? Or did I miss it?

  • Senor

    I live in Texas and have a concealed handgun license. Stuff like this is less likely to happen in Texas than in my home state of New York. It is very hard to own a gun in New York, while in Texas it is quite easy.

    You cannot just randomly walk up to people in Texas and kick the crap out of them. You may run into someone like me who has a gun on his person. I think that keeps stuff in check over here.

    This is my concealed gun. It is a revolver that fires shotgun casings.

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  • Reynardine

    I am not surprised that there have already been deadly attacks on pregnant Muslim women. Long ago, Theodor Adorno found that these types see their victims as vermin, and themselves as exterminators: “nits make lice”, and eggs make nits. Nazi guards of the Warsaw Ghetto grabbed babies from their mothers’ arms and literally tore them in two. In the extermination camps, babies and children too small to fight back were thrown alive and conscious into the crematoria. Pregnant women were lucky if they were gassed at once. Children of despised groups are literally looked on as human maggots, and pregnant women as female blowflies gravid with loathesome eggs. They are shown less mercy than we would show to such insects.

  • Anj

    That’s no way for an old timer to be treated.
    These cowards only target people who cannot fight back. I hope he gets a rabies shot after being bitten by those cowards!

  • Reynardine

    When that man was twenty, I was eighteen, and I remember all of that. When that man was twenty, there were, indeed, women in the colleges and universities, some of them very high achievers, yet they were not taken seriously, because it was thought they went just to “catch good husbands”. When that man was twenty, I was a Russian major, and that was enough to get me looked at with deep suspicion. When that man was twenty, the world walked on the edge of a knife.

  • mindy1

    @Xithurel beautifully stated

  • Jack

    “You like to call counter-jihadists bigots and haters but we don’t hate anyone. We don’t like the way Islam is encroaching on our freedom.”

    It seems to me that on a whole, it is primarily islamophobes and neocons who are encroaching their values and policies on the freedoms of Muslims.

    The freedom to build houses of worship, for instance. The freedom to have the same priviliges as Christians and Jews. Freedom from police surveillance. The freedom to litigate against discrimination. And so on and so forth.

    And abroad: the freedom from being invaded by a foreign army and have one’s land occupied by foreign forces; the freedom to choose one’s own government; the freedom to pursue one’s own nuclear policy. And so on and so forth.

  • Solid Snake

    Wow @Xithurel That was a very passionate and emotional post. Your post really made me think, its true that most of the old people getting attacked have probably lived during the times where they had to fight for the very freedoms these islamophobes enjoy. It says something about the real motives of the Islamophobia Movement.

  • Crow

    Juliette, its not pc but you and I both know youre a liar

  • Xithurel

    Cowards, the whole lot of them. They are everything wrong with society, the scum of the 21rst century, the burden of the millennial generation – the cancer to mankind.

    I have nothing but respect for my elders and it BURNS me to my core; to see what my generation are doing – I am ashamed to be apart of it.


    How generous of you…

    You don’t advocate this? Really? How blind are you to actually believe that?

    Do you think ANY thing that you and yours do is any less reprehensible? What world are you living in?

    How the hell is putting a 72 year old grandfather in the ICU bare ANY significance to your sick, sick, sick, paranoia of encroached freedoms? The man did NOTHING to YOU in particular, nor to ANY one in all his 72 years of being on this planet. Have you no sense of any shame?

    The man has been around for 72 years and your lot tried to kill him. Do you know the kind of world he lived in when he was 20 – in 1962? Do you even know what the world was like back then?

    When he was 20, the beginning of the most dangerous time in humanities entire history took shape:

    – the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    – The US and the USSR both testing nukes throughout 1962 on land, sea, and air.

    – NASA was working to reach the moon.

    – Neil Armstrong was a test pilot.

    – After almost half a million people were killed Algeria was finally freed from 137 years of French ‘rule’.

    – Nelson Mandela is put in prison.

    – Segregation in America.

    – Martin Luther King jr and Howard Zinn are jailed in Georgia for protesting racism and segregation.

    – Black churches are set on fire in Georgia USA.

    – Chinese Army lands in India.

    – The concord is being constructed.

    – Columbus Day Storm hits the USA.

    Those are just the tidbits of what someone who is 72 years old today would have witnessed as a 20 year old. Yet YOU have the audacity to spew your rhetorical nonsense of encroached freedoms?

    How would you even know what that looks like? When that period in time where it DID actually happen in America, for which Muslims had nothing to do with – you weren’t even born?

    You and your band of bigoted THUGS are a disgrace to humanity. You have so much to be grateful for, you’re a spoiled brat in many respects; because you have NO idea what encroached freedom actually is. Nor have you ever witnessed it – much less understand what it takes to fight it.

    But this mans generation did, he was a 20 year old during the most incredible periods in modern history. Literally all around the world people were committing civil disobedience in the name of freedom. What do you think those who fought segregation, prejudice, and encroachment of freedoms in the US alone would think of you? Your utter imbecility, and little to no intelligence or sense of sacrifice – much less freedom.

    It’s thanks to that 72 year old mans generation that you have your freedom at all.
    Though I’m sure you think freedom is something that you are anointed with with, why wouldn’t you, you weren’t actually apart of the generation that fought to give you the freedoms you enjoy today. I’ll even bet that you never even considered anyone other then the Founding Fathers to be the fighters of freedom – that’s how little you know of your freedoms.

    Back in 1962 a 20 year old was drafted into the military whether he liked it or not – that’s not freedom.
    Executions were far from few, courts less out for justice and more for persecution – that’s not freedom.
    If you were black you were an animal.
    If you were Jew you were a communist, and it was your fault for – everything wrong. Is that what my grandparents freedoms were to you?
    If you were gay you were a fag; and a bullet had your name on it or you were beaten to death – is that freedom?
    If you were a woman you had no business in university – your place was the kitchen and messaging your mans feet. Is that Freedom?
    While the world was far more unforgiving, and had no qualms with persecutions much less genocide.

    NONE of that was freedom.

    Yet the very people you follow are spawns of the people who actually DID encroach on humanities freedoms.

    Now in 2012 you can be 20 year old woman, man, gay, bi, straight, transgender.
    You can choose to join the military.
    Get an education, have a career, dress how you want,be a woman and independent. While still acting like prematurely developed cry baby – That’s all freedom.

    Who do you think gave you all those Freedoms? George Washington?

    It certainly wasn’t Putz dried up Gellar or Rottweiler Nazi Spencer.

    Your lot don’t think about the big picture at all, you don’t see the world for what it actually is. You have no real concept of the people you so disgracefully stigmatize; and two of your lot stabs one of the humblest of generations of our lifetime in the back – literally.

    Then have the audacity to deny it was one of your own. When the entire world knows how people like those you follow think of their fellow man who follow Islam. For being born a Muslim, that means he had it coming because he’s Muslim – they all deserve it. Obviously, he in particular was encroaching YOUR freedoms – they all are. He’s not a grandfather, not a father, not a person, not someone who is loved and cherished, no – he’s just a Muslim. Oh, suuuure it wasn’t YOU personally that did it, and YOU didn’t say any of that; but you don’t have to. You share the same mentality, the same poison flows in your veins, the same reasoning that leads to crimes like these being committed – ie you CONTRIBUTE to the very thing this old man almost died for and what a family almost lost. And who could very much be damaged for life – after living life for 72 years.

    But go on and keep thinking what you choose to think and believe – you have that freedom. Convince yourself there is truth to it all if you want – you’re free to do so. It’s your own bubble, and your own illusion, your educed paranoia that you cater to – it’s all your choice to freely do. But it is nothing new much less purposeful or constructive. Nor does it contribute to the betterment of humanity – much less you. It’s all pointless. Just like your kinds existence, utterly pointless.


    I have NEVER been so angry in my life. My grandfather lives in New York, he has family living in Queens; and is one year older than this man. All I could think of when I read this was ‘it could have been him’. If it can happen to a Muslim man in New York it can happen to a Jewish man, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist – and it has and will.

    Because we don’t have enough domestic violence, crimes, and atrocities happening on our streets as it is – we have to add ‘not a christian’ to the list.

    F*cking a**holes.

  • @Julieann Wozniak

    Yeah I agree. This is almost as “courageous” as beating a severally handicapped people.

  • Julieann Wozniak

    Beating up old people. What a demonstration of courage.

  • moraka


    Now you are using an old trick from your kind, liying to save face from what you really are.

    You like to call counter-jihadists bigots and haters but we don’t hate anyone.

    Please you do nothing else. That is the essence of what yor kind do.

    We don’t like the way Islam is encroaching on our freedom.

    Realy? 1% of the population that has no power, is doing that. How domb are you?
    So when your kind whants us to be thrown out of the west, ban halal slaugthering, moskes, hijab etc. Then then it is not encroaching on freedom.

    And if you think we advocate this, you’re loony. We don’t. This is horrible! We do not advocate hatred or violence in any way, shape or form.

    Please that is what your kind do. Havent you been reading anti-islamic forums. Who is it that whants to domb Mecca.

    I am praying for this gentlemen’s recovery.

    Good for you, but your brethen that attack him dont.

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