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South Carolina: Walmart employee fired after abusing Muslim co-worker and threatening to cut her throat

The incident in itself is quite disturbing, and what is troubling is that many times the perpetrator usually stoops to ignorant ad-hominem attacks pertaining to the victim’s religious identity. Those ad-hominem attacks are not created out of nothingness.

When we have media that promotes and gives a platform to politicians, pundits, religious figures, and even celebrities that mask their Islamophobic remarks within seemingly innocuous language, then it allows for an Islamophobic culture to spawn up. Also, it should come to no surprise that those influenced the most by such propaganda will carry that  anti-Muslim sentiment in their daily lives.

This is the power of the media but nevertheless, let us not deter from the incident itself which reminds us how hatred can bring the worse out of a human being.


South Carolina: Walmart employee fired after abusing Muslim co-worker and threatening to cut her throat

By Jonathan McFadden —

ROCK HILL — A Rock Hill Walmart employee was fired Saturday after police say she grabbed a co-worker’s arm, threatened to cut her throat and called her an anti-Muslim, derogatory name, according to a police report.

Police spoke with the victim, 23, who said she was on her break at the Walmart on Old York Road and tried to buy some items, according to a Rock Hill police report. While in the checkout line, a co-worker stepped behind her but tried to check out first by skipping in front of the woman and moving her items.

The two employees began to argue before the co-worker called the victim a derogatory, anti-Muslim name. She grabbed the woman’s arm twice and said she was going to cut her throat, the victim told police.

The employee told her manager, who fired the employee, according to the report. No arrests were made. The victim will seek a courtesy summons against her former co-worker, according to the police report.

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  • Fox Watson

    Well, as bad an example of behavior this is it doesn’t seem much crazier than the ‘crazy school teacher rant’ that occurred in front of Rick Santorum today at the South Carolina tea party meeting. It’s a cardinal red state in which the ‘crazy ship’ left the port a long time ago! South Carolina would like to fight The Civil War all over again if it had the chance.

  • Delberto

    Wow, how’s that old time racism in dixie hell workin for ya?

  • JD
  • JD

    Rick Santorum Now Writing for World Net Daily: ‘The UN Wants to Kill My Daughter’
    Former presidential candidate promptly pens crazy anti-UN rant

    Rick Santorum has now joined the illustrious company of Pamela Geller, Jerome Corsi, and Joseph Farah, and is writing a regular column for one of the looniest wingnut sites on the web, the always inadvertently amusing World Net Daily, where they’re still totally certain that Barack Obama is a secretly gay radical Muslim atheist commie with a fake birth certificate.

    Not a single one of those absurd adjectives is exaggerated. The people who write for this hive of lunacy really do believe that stuff, all of it, at the same time. Not to mention the creationism, the advocation of theocracy, the climate change denial, the insane raving homophobia, and the blatant nativism and racism. It’s a cornucopia of anti-rational far right kookery.

    And Santorum’s first column for Weird Nuts Drooling fits right in; it’s a crazy rant about a United Nations treaty on the rights of disabled people that Santorum thinks is a secret conspiracy to subvert the US Constitution so they can kill his daughter.

    Digging a bit deeper, the treaty has much darker and more troubling implications.

    The most offensive provision is found in Section 7 of the treaty dealing specifically with children with disabilities. That section reads:

    “In all actions concerning children with disabilities, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.”

    “The best interest of the child” standard is lifted out of a controversial provision contained in the 1989 treaty called the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. That treaty was never ratified in large part because of this provision.

    “The best interest of the child” standard may sound like it protects children, but what it does is put the government, acting under U.N. authority, in the position to determine for all children with disabilities what is best for them. That is counter to the current state of the law in this country which puts parents – not the government – in that position of determining what is in their child’s best interest. Under the laws of our country, parents lose that right only if the state, through the judicial process, determines that the parents are unfit to make that decision.

    In the case of our 4-year-old daughter, Bella, who has Trisomy 18, a condition that the medical literature says is “incompatible with life,” would her “best interest” be that she be allowed to die? Some would undoubtedly say so.

    Oh, for Pete’s sake.

    Should somebody let Rick Santorum know that the Supreme Court has ruled on numerous occasions that the Supremacy Clause says treaties like this one cannot supersede the US Constitution, or is it too funny to just let him keep ranting away?

    It’s very illuminating to see Republicans like Santorum losing their shit over an overwhelmingly positive treaty that would greatly help the disabled people of the world; makes it very easy to see that gaping cavity in their chests where a heart is supposed to be.


    Lets stay tuned see how long it takes for him to start on muslims……

  • broke

    Good for Wal Mart, at least they’ve done something positive in combating illegal behavior.

    Watch for the now-unemployed loon to use the Anders Breivik self-defense argument to sue the hell out of Wal Mart for wrongful termination, with David Horowitz as the plantiff’s attorney.

  • mindy1

    Well, at least that person was fired 🙁

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