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Australian Party candidate rejects halal meat, doesn’t want his money to ‘go to the Muslim community’

Katter's Australian Party

Jamie Cavanough is playing coy with his Islamophobia.

He also exposes a profound ignorance, describing Muslims places of worship as “Churches.”

Australian Party candidate rejects halal meat, doesn’t want his money to ‘go to the Muslim community’

A candidate for Bob Katter’s fledgling political party declared his preference for buying ”guaranteed non-halal meat” so his money does not ”go to the Muslim community”.

Jamie Cavanough, who is standing for Katter’s Australian Party in Sydney’s most marginal federal seat, Greenway, is under fire for the apparently divisive comments he made to a community forum in one of the city’s most ethnically diverse areas.

Katter’s Australian Party played down the comments on Friday, describing them as a non-issue.

Mr Cavanough made his comments on Saturday, less than a fortnight after controversy in the Greenway community over plans for a supposed Muslim enclave, dubbed ”Halal housing”, in Riverstone.

Mr Cavanough posted on the Riverstone Community Group forum, which has 732 members on Facebook: ”Can anyone advise me where I can buy Guaranteed NON halal lamb for Australia day.”

When a forum user suggested he might try a butcher, Mr Cavanough replied: ”have not asked yet, just wondering if anyone new [sic] of any, I would prefer to always buy non halal as proceeds of halal goes to the Muslim community.”

And in a separate post, Mr Cavanough called on people to sign a petition against a supposed plan by the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, to scrap the name Australia Day in favour of Harmony Day, saying ”the Muslim church is in favour of this”. The Prime Minister’s office confirmed there was no such proposal.

Mr Cavanough told Fairfax Media he was simply looking for a better deal on meat and his comments were not racially motivated.

”In my view, and it’s not the view of any party, I want to be able to purchase a product that has not been faced to a god that I don’t believe in and blessed,” he said.

Sydney Morning Herald, 25 January 2013

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  • Talking_fish_head

    OMG, funniest post i’ve read here

  • Talking_fish_head

    oh, don’t you know, if you eat halal meat you turn to a were-muslim on the night of a Crescent moon

  • mindy1

    Muslim church? Where on earth do these hating nutters come from? I would eat anything, as long as it tasted good. Would he avoid kosher because the money might go to the Jewish church? 😛

  • mindy1

    Perfect 🙂

  • mindy1

    The clip was too perfect 😀 as for the candidate, I do not get the big deal about halal meat, i’ll eat any meat as long as it tastes good 🙂

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    More likely than not, the anti Jewish tweeters are the same as the anti Muslim tweeters.
    Remember, these people hate for the sake of hate. They hate Muslims in public, because they can, but privlatly, they are bigots and hate everyone.

  • Tanveer Khan

    Im guessing he also thinks the Muslim Holy Book is called Muhammad’s Gospel?

  • Thanks. I think I’ll tell the ladies at Skepchick about that story. It might also make a good, “What If they were Muslims” story here on Loon Watch. Maybe they’ll run with it.

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    I didnt know Pam Geller was in the movies !
    Sir David

  • JD

    Religious Liberty Double Standards Indicated In New Poll

    WASHINGTON (RNS) Half of Americans worry that religious freedom in
    the U.S. is at risk, and many say activist groups — particularly gays
    and lesbians — are trying to remove “traditional Christian values” from
    the public square.

    The findings of a poll published Wednesday (Jan. 23), reveal a
    “double standard” among a significant portion of evangelicals on the
    question of religious liberty, said David Kinnaman, president of Barna
    Group, a California think tank that studies American religion and

    While these Christians are particularly concerned that religious
    freedoms are being eroded in this country, “they also want
    Judeo-Christians to dominate the culture,” said Kinnamon.

  • JD

    He is 100% correct. I have video of a incident of what happens when Non Muslims eat Hilal Meat

    If he is elected and as a elected offical that what he wants That OK if he does not want to give to the muslim communityas long as when he is elected Muslim Australians dont have to pay taxes anymore

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