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Deputies say Middle Eastern man shot at Walmart for dating white girl was a hate crime


More “non-existent Islamophobia”:

Deputies say Middle Eastern man shot at Walmart for dating white girl was a hate crime

LUTZ, Florida – It is a shocking crime in a highly-populated place:  Walmart.

A man and his girlfriend were shot at 20 times with an Airsoft BB pistol as they were entering the Walmart Super Center at 1575 Land O’Lakes Boulevard in Lutz around 3 a.m.

But what’s possibly more shocking — and even more sinister –is the motive behind the crime.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this case heavily, because it’s considered a hate crime. The young couple in their twenties was targeted because the man was of Middle Eastern descent and was dating a white woman, according to documents.

The shooter saw the couple and was “relentless,” said Pasco Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Doug Tobin.

The shooter, also believed to be in his twenties, spotted the man and his girlfriend and began screaming at them, taunting them, and yelled out racial slurs, detectives say. He asked the young man if he was Middle Eastern and if he was a Muslim.

Then the suspect pulled out the pellet gun and opened fire, calling the man a “n—– with a white girl.”

Twenty tiny rounds were fired from the BB pistol. Two hit the young man.

“This will not be tolerated in Pasco County,” said Sheriff Chris Nocco on Wednesday morning. “We are putting all of our resources into solving this.”

The couple, who is not being identified for safety reasons, was reportedly shaken by the traumatic event. The young man is currently recovering after being struck in the face.

The Muslim civil rights group CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is calling for the feds to get involved.

“We urge the FBI to investigate this case because it seems to fit a disturbing pattern of recent incidents targeting Muslims in Florida and nationwide,” said CAIR-Tampa executive director Hassan Shibly in a statement.

The hate crime was caught on camera at Walmart, but the video has not yet been released. The shooter is being described as a young man in his twenties with short blonde hair, no visible tattoos, last seen wearing a brown jacket, blue jeans, and green sandals. He was tracked by K-9s, but got away after he took off running.

Frequent Walmart shoppers were stunned by the news. “There are still idiots out there [in 2013] who do this sort of thing,” said Cathy Breitenbach. “It’s sad really.”

Karen Garcia told 10 News, “I’m so surprised. This is a great town to live in and raise kids. I shop here every single Monday. I may bring my husband with me now.”

Sheriff’s spokesperson Doug Tobin added, “We are taking this very seriously and are hoping that someone who may have seen this will come forward and help us. This couple was just minding their own business.”

If you know who did this or have heard anyone talking about this case, please call the Pasco Sheriff’s Office at 1-800-706-2488.

UPDATE: Pasco deputies make arrest in Walmart hate crime (h/t: Razainc.)

A 25-year-old man accused of shooting another with a pellet gun in what appears to be a hate crime earlier this week was arrested Thursday night, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said.

Detectives identified their suspect as Daniel P. Quinnell. He was arrested at the hotel and faces aggravated battery charges.

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  • Talking_fish_head

    unfortunately, racism still exist in the 21st century, people still can’t get it through their thick skulls that people have different colors due to Melinin cells

  • eslaporte

    “Why it’s a Mumbai style shooting, blah, blah, blah!” We can suspect that the mass media is waiting for it’s first change to label a “Mumbai style shooting” and engage in more Muslim-bashing!

  • Ilisha

    Hi Géji,

    Sorry for the delayed reply. I went back to my hometown to visit friends I’ve known since childhood. They actually managed the rare feat of distracting me from Loonwatch, at least for a little while.

    I will read the article you recommended and start keeping an eye on the Harper regime. I was surprised last November when Canada was among the handful of nations what voted against Palestine in the General Assembly. I remember wondering what’s going on up there–very disappointing.

  • Géji


    I don’t know if this is worthy of real attention as LW’s Islamophobia news report or not, but there’s been an increasing, pretty scary Islamophobic development in our current right-wing Harper’s Canadian government, a desperate wannabe Bush dead-ringer, as its becoming more and more intune with the most extremist Zionism movement. As of even now they’re targeting and getting well tough enough on Canadian Muslim charities. And as of now (2013) its said that the American right-wingers are beginning to come to their senses by distancing themselves from the most extremist Zionist cases, Canada’s Harper regime its to watch as the left behind in bigotry-thinking more so, than his American counterparts.There’s a well written article on Counterpunch on the subject , “Subsidizing Land Theft” – Yves Engler.

  • Heinz Catsup

    True love is colorblind. Ask a slew of people of different skin color who are together but still love each other unconditionally.

  • 1DrM

    …and along comes the Zionist troll with his usual distractors. Yitzhak always has to post about Iran and its media regardless of what the topic.

  • Ilisha

    In case anyone missed it:

    Unholy Prayer: “Jews” Are Not Our Enemy

    I suppose. JSB and I have been tossing around some related ideas:

    I was kind of hoping for a more positive focus, but it’s also true that a lot of the Islamophobia seems to be recycled antisemitism. It seems like two sides of the same coin:

    The cultured peoples, both today and in the past, create and build, proving their worth as the creators and advancers of culture. Islam was and remains only the corrupter and destroyer of culture…Islam can never be great, can never create culture, for it is not a people, but rather only a corrupt mixture of inferior desert tribes with no national life or longing, with no proud and famous past.

    In this war for the very existence of the American people, we must daily remind ourselves that Muslims unleashed this war against us….

    There is nothing cruder than the Muslim religious books: the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and the Hadith…The whole is a collection of ghost hunting and mysticism, blind cursing and the crassest egotism, an unimaginable superiority complex, sick perversity, the overturning of all natural laws, lust for murder, terror, and horror.

    The Crusades, with their enormous sacrifices in the blood of northern peoples, were the result of Muslim insanity.

    All are from articles published decades ago by Nazis. Every word in bold has been modified so the passages appear to refer to Muslims instead of Jews.

    Right now I have a few posts in draft awaiting my attention, but I do want to do something related at some point. I’ll keep your suggestion in mind.

    I don’t frequent PressTV, but this particular article sounds like it was lifted from Stormfront or the National Alliance. Maybe PressTV Watch isn’t such a bad idea?

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    Cause this is loonwatch!
    ( I know this bacause its written in big letters above )
    Should you wish to start PressTV watch please let us know
    You should not be short of material
    Sir David

  • Ilisha

    Under what pretext? How should we frame it in the context of Islamophobia?

    What you posted is an example of hateful, antisemtiic propaganda. I certainly don’t mind saying so, if you are asking us to expressly denounce it.

  • yitzgood

    Speaking of whiteness and hate-crimes and things of that sort, here is a paragraph from an article at Iran’s PressTV:

    The masses have been coerced by various
    means to accept dangerous ideals which threaten the nation. For decades,
    the Jewish Mafia has been reengineering the nation’s institutional
    infrastructure in order to wage a political and economic war exclusively
    against Americans of White, Christian, European ancestry. Black pride,
    Mexican pride and Asian pride are emphasized and encouraged in the
    school system. In contrast, White Americans are discouraged from
    developing a sense of pride and self-worth. Under the rule of the Jewish
    Mafia, America’s educational establishment is now teaching students
    that race does not exist.

    Why don’t you do a post about that?

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss


    Pasco deputies make arrest in Walmart hate crime

  • mindy1

    So so wrong :(

  • Reynardine

    At least this one was a pipsqueak.

  • broke

    More Anders Breivik-style “self-defense”

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  • Reynardine

    This is a perfect example of stochastic terrorism. You don’t do it yourself; you don’t direct it yourself; you just keep putting out hate propaganda towards your target til somebody behaves towards them the way you think they deserve, and then you simper and say, “Who? Me?”

  • TellMeSumn

    I can guarantee that the fans of BNI would be celebrating this news. It is the hatred nurtured by the “counter-Jihad” crowd that brings about this type of behavior.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Looks like Murtaza Hussin was right after all, anti-Muslim violence is spiraling out of control in the US.

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