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Hayley Wells Pleads Guilty At Plymouth Crown Court


Hayley Wells pleads guilty at Plymouth Crown Court.

EDL News

Plymouth based racist Hayley Wells pleaded guilty to racial and religiously aggravated assault at Plymouth Crown Court this morning

The offences took place in August 2010 after an English Defence League meet and greet turned into drunken violence and a takeaway restaurant was attacked.

Staff had to lock the group out after threats were made, abuse shouted and glass and bottles were thrown around the shop which at the time had in it  an eight week old baby and a 14 year old child.

Wells left the court in tears after the judge advised he could not guarantee that he would not give her an immediate custodial sentence when she returns for sentencing on 22nd February

Wells’ co-defendant, Kelly Watterson, pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of affray after getting her religiously aggravated assault charges dropped.

Watterson posted the following on her Facebook page after the hearing.

All the racial, religious and assault charges were dropped. Only ended up with a public disorder charge….. Told ya’s I was innocent WHOOOOOOP!!!”

Wells has a previous conviction for defrauding Ebay customers out of money after listing non existant Ipads for sale.


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  • J.A

    Ironically she has her nose pierced in the photo, a cultural practice that derived from the middle east and from asia for women. People like this woman are uneducated and don’t have the slightest drive to learn about this fascinating world we live in with diverse and interesting people. God help her children.

  • Talking_fish_head

    god damn it, i told the lab not to test our new intelligence drug on pig shit now they gained the ability to use the internet

  • Heinz Catsup

    I feel sorry her children.

  • mindy1

    She should not be able to raise those kids without supervision

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    Well young lady…
    When you are acting a fool in the takeaway…were you thinking of your children? When you were drinking, were you thinking of them? I bet when you were cheating E Bay customers, your children were right beside you.
    Seems you certianly werent thinking of that baby who was inside the establishment when you are drinking with your hateful friends and acting foolishly…he was probably brown skinned.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Love how they turn themselves into the “victims” after their criminality.

  • “Wells has a previous conviction for defrauding eBay customers out of money after listing non existent iPads for sale.”

    Clearly, the finest exemplar of what a proper Briton *should* be like. It’s up to her, and others in the EDL, to show those nasty foreigners what it’s like to actually contribute to society! If they’d just get a real job, like her, they might be worth something.

    “Although determined to prove our innocence in all this I have three children to think about…”

    Guess you didn’t think too hard about that at the time, didja?

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