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Looks Like “Fashion Jihad”: Islamization of So-Cal by Muhajababes?

Muslim fashion

Oh no, what are those wily Mooslims up to again? Looks like they’re using the good ‘ole American entrepreneurial spirit to create stunning dresses, designed no doubt to Islamize what will soon be known as Caliphfornia.

Who is going to protect us from the Muhajababes when stealth Muslim president Barack Obama takes away our guns!? (h/t: CriticalDragon)

Islamic clothing is getting a bit more hip in Southern California.

Home to one of the largest Muslim communities in the nation, the Southland has become fertile ground for a new generation of designers crafting clothes for women who are limited by faith and conviction from flashing too much skin.

Although Muslim women have been dressing fashionably for years, many in the U.S. say they still face tricky challenges when getting dressed — and especially dressed up.

“We are Muslim and we can still express ourselves, be fashionable, as long as we do it in a halal way” or in keeping with Islamic law, said LaTanya Maassarani, 30, a postal carrier from Long Beach. “But unless you have lots of money or lots of time to shop, it’s been hard for years to find clothes in America that aren’t dowdy.”

Filling that void now are designers such as Afra Said-Ahmed and her sister Eiman Ahmed, both Muslims, who launched Irvine clothing company Mohajababes. The name is a mash up of the words “babe” and “Muhajiba,” or one who wears a hijab scarf.

“Trying to conform to Muslim dress codes, you get stuck in a rut of black, black, black all the time,” said Ahmed, 26. “It’s definitely very difficult, especially in the U.S. You want to fit in, but still be appropriately dressed.”

So she and her sister scraped together $2,000 and began selling caftans and rhinestone accessories for head scarves at the end of 2011. The line is modest — caftans sweep the floor and hang loosely on the body. Yet the jewel-colored clothing comes with feminine frills such as silky fabrics and metallic embroidery.

Said-Ahmed said their goal was to dress fashion-conscious shoppers who are faithful to Islamic mandates but want nothing to do with traditional black coverings such as abayas and burkas, which are too hot for the California sun.

“Our ultimate goal is to sell in a department store like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom,” she said. “Right now we are marketing toward our Muslim community because we know there’s a void, but many women would want a long-sleeved dress every now and then.”

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Did you hear that, freaking Bloomingdales and Nordstrom!!

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  • Reynardine

    I have owned a number of checkered shawls/scarves before they had any kind of political significance at all. Currently, I have one in black/ turquoise and another in black/French blue. They’re handy and comfortable, but lately, I’ve worried about somebody taking a pot shot.

  • Tanveer Khan

    I remember Debbie Schlussel calling Zayn Malik (T_T shudder) a jihadist because he wore a kaffiyah. Its fair to say i found it quite amusing.

  • LOL – stylish terrorists!

  • Kirook

    You know, I wanted to make a wisecrack here, but I really couldn’t think of anything to say that’s more stupid than what the Islamophobes will actually say.

  • mindy1

    ZOMG MOOOSLIMMSS ARE PARTICIPATING IN CAPTITALISM/sarcasm but in all seriousness, this IS how capitalism works-you find a need and fill, and that is what these ladies have done, good for them. I’m sure there are other modest women who want pretty outfits.

  • Heinz Catsup

    Heh heh. “Caliphfornia”.

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    This is what most cultures have done with women’s hijab is to create a ‘national style’.
    Very good…it is about time American women.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    If that happens…oh my, it might be similar to the rage over kaffiyahs, or the checkered Palestinian scarfs that had people like Michelle Malkin screaming terrorist at chef Rachel Ray.

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  • Mooneye,

    You know what will really get the “counter Jihad” people scared is when non Muslims start buying their products. 🙂

  • Reynardine

    I am really not under any restrictions other than statute and good taste as to what I wear, but have always found a kamiz/ shalvar or kurta/shalvar combination comfortable and becoming when I could get them.

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