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France: Attempted Arson Attack on Thiers Mosque is Eighth Mosque Attack of 2013


France has an “intelligentsia” that includes high profile deniers of Islamophobia, take for instance the case of Pascal Bruckner, part of the “nouveaux (new) French philosophers,” who has fallen for the line that the term “Islamophobia” was created by the “mad Islamist Mullah Ayatollah Imam Khomeini.”

These “philosophers” and many of their fellow travelers from the French establishment live in a bubble divorced from reality, as they cannot see what is happening in their own backyard (see article below), either that or they just don’t give a damn and are pleased by such acts of violence and intimidation.

via. Al-Kanz, (adjusted Google translation)

Inaugurated in December of 2010, the Thiers mosque might not be here today. The website reported yesterday that one or more individuals tried to set fire to the boiler room of the building.

Rags of gasoline were found on site, which leaves no doubt about the desire to destroy the mosque, said the site. As was recommended by the specialist mosques website,, the Turkish association that manages the building has “put surveillance cameras and systems of protection.”

Last October, swastikas were recorded on a disused building located in a parking lot in front of the Thiers mosque. These Nazi tags were removed just before the prayer of Eid al-Adha.

It is the eighth act against a Muslim place of worship since the beginning of 2013. But according to “media specialists on Islam,” Islamophobia is a figment of the imagination. These acts are as common crime.

Since 2003, the CCIF (Collective against Islamophobia in France) struggles to contain the hatred. Click on the following link or the image below for support by joining:


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  • JD

    Islamophobic Smear of John Brennan Flourishes on the Far-Right
    Submitted by Brian Tashman on Thursday, 2/14/2013 11:20 am

    Glenn Beck isn’t the only one promoting an unhinged conspiracy theory about John Brennan, President Obama’s pick to lead the CIA. A number of Religious Right and anti-Muslim activists are also wondering if Brennan is a secret agent of the Saudi government.

    The source of the smear against Brennan is former FBI agent John Guandolo, who has made a career out of warning about the alleged implementation of Sharia law in the U.S. and asserting that Muslims “do not have a First Amendment right to do anything.” For Guandolo, making completely unsubstantiated accusations is nothing new:

    In 2011, he asserted that a Muslim college professor in Ohio was working with terrorists even though the same professor played a key role in counterterrorism efforts and the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and other members of the intelligence community all called Guandolo’s claim unfounded.

    But his accusation about Brennan has been quickly picked up by former congressman Fred Grandy of the Center for Security Policy and Sandy Rios of the American Family Association, who seemed to accept it with little scrutiny. Grandy and Rios also were some of the first people to allege that Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin — among other U.S. government officials — are Muslim Brotherhood agents.

    Grandy: The influence of Islam as a religion among top intelligence authorities in this country is not limited to John Brennan. Whether or not that influenced his political determinations probably has more to do not so much with Islam but to what degree has been cooped by Saudi authorities. It seems to me that you can practice Islam but still be an American citizen and loyal to the Constitution if you’re an officer in the CIA, but what we don’t know whether or not that conversion might have been instigated by Saudi authorities who then used it to perhaps remold his thinking vis-à-vis the Saudis, the Qataris and others who are allies of the United States but the principal funders and underwriters of terrorism around the world.

    Rios: Well I think the proof is in the pudding. When he redefines jihad to mean something that it doesn’t mean, to water it down; when he rewrites the training manuals for our law enforcement, for those that would protect the United States; it’s all very, very frightening and suspicious to me. And wasn’t it John Brennan who calls Jerusalem, ‘Quds’?

    Grandy: He has referred to Jerusalem as Al-Quds which of course is the Muslim name for it.

    AFA spokesman Bryan Fischer also floated Guandolo’s accusation against Brennan.

    Fischer: How in the world can this guy [Obama] be up nine points in national defense? He wants a guy to be the director of the CIA who may be a Muslim covert. There’s a highly-placed source, I can’t verify this because it’s only come from one source but John Brennan who President Obama wants to be his CIA director, there’s a well-placed source that says everybody understands in the intelligence community that he converted to Islam when he was on an overseas assignment. He’s allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate his administration.

    So, is Guandolo a reliable source of information?

    If you believe Guandolo’s story, the former agent was pushed out of the FBI as part of a Muslim Brotherhood plot and is now informing Americans about how the group has successfully infiltrated the U.S. government.

  • JD

    Sri Lanka hardline group calls for halal boycott

    A new hardline Sinhalese Buddhist group in Sri Lanka has called for the
    abolition of the Muslim halal system of certifying foods and other
    The Bodu Bala Sena, or Buddhist Strength Force, also said foreign
    propagators of religions should leave the country within a month.
    Thousands of supporters of the group attended a rally in a suburb of the
    capital, Colombo.
    The calls come at a time of mounting religious tension in the country.
    There have been several attacks on both mosques and Muslim-owned
    businesses as well as on Christian churches and the clergy, the BBC’s
    Charles Haviland reports from Colombo.
    ‘Unofficial police’
    Thousands of men and women filled the grounds of the rally and the
    surrounding streets at Maharagama in Colombo’s outer suburbs to hear
    nationalist speeches by the group’s monks.
    As we finished filming at the rally, our three-member BBC team and
    driver were seriously threatened with violence by some members of a mob
    of more than 20 young men who told us not to drive off.
    Some police arrived and looked on as my Sri Lankan colleagues were
    verbally abused in filthy language, described as “traitors” and accused
    of having “foreign parents” and working for a “foreign conspirator” who
    was “against Sri Lanka”.
    Some of them warned us that if we returned to the location – the mainly
    Buddhist suburb of Maharagama – it would “be the end” of us.
    The police held back the more aggressive youths but appeared to comply
    with the mob by barricading our vehicle, calling us “suspicious” and
    ordering us not to leave until they got the go-ahead from their
    superior. That was worrying.
    As we waited for him, the mob took a large number of photos of us and
    our vehicle. A little later the senior policeman arrived. He seemed
    good-humoured and waved us off.
    The leaders called for a boycott of halal meat and demanded shops clear
    their stocks by April, the AFP news agency reports.
    Youth activists at the rally wore T-shirts denouncing the Muslim halal
    method of slaughtering animals to eat.
    The group’s secretary-general, Venerable Galaboda Aththe Gnanasara, told
    the crowds that “only monks can save this race”, referring to
    He claimed that Christian and Muslim extremists were threatening
    Buddhists, and said hundreds of monks were ready to fight. “Our country
    is a Sinhalese one and we are its unofficial police,” he said.
    The group has denied being anti-minority, and has dissociated itself
    from the recent attacks on Muslim and Christian targets.
    But one member of the group, Dilanthe Withanage, accused “some” unnamed
    countries of “funding Christian fundamentalists as well as Muslim
    fundamentalists” in Sri Lanka.
    Both Muslims and Christians deny promoting extremism in Sri Lanka, our
    correspondent reports.
    President Mahinda Rajapakse has called on monks not to incite religious
    hatred and violence, but one opposition politician told the BBC that
    “the situation is very bad”.
    “Any moment, the ethnic riot will start between Sinhalese and Muslims,”
    said Mujeebur Rahuman of the opposition United National Party.
    “They are now working freely. Nobody is talking about this organisation
    and the government is not trying to stop their activities.”
    The Buddhist Sinhalese make up three-quarters of Sri Lanka’s 20 million
    Muslims constitute about 10% and have generally had good relations with
    the Sinhalese majority.

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  • Talking_fish_head

    Thank you for that comment, really Insightful

  • Talking_fish_head


  • here’s the link to the debate i’m talking about:

  • I think the problem is that Islamophobia has been somewhat institutionalised in France. This is an inevitable consequence of an entire religion being targeted through the enacting of laws aimed at limiting someones ability to follow their religion. I personally don’t agree with the Niqab, but millions of women around the world do, including members of my family. But when laws are brought in that specifically target a religious or ethnic group, then subconsciously it tells people that said group is ‘fair game’ so to speak. It is inevitable that this will happen more and more in numerous countries simply because the governments of those countries have encouraged it through their actions.

    Unfortunately this is a problem around the world, and the root cause is some form of extremism, be it secular (as in France), or religious as in places like Saudi Arabia, Israel or the US. I think George Carlin was right when he said its all just d**k waving! Men all over the world are insecure, and as a result have to try and force others to follow their ways, and lets face it, its usually men that cause the issues! The problem we have right now is that the sane voices are being drowned out by the crazies, everywhere! The Sheikh of a London Mosque gives a beautifully impassioned speech on how ridiculous the whole notion of a Muslim patrol in London is, yet the only platform he gets is on Al Jazeera, whereas a racist old hag whose main response to this Sheikh was that Britain is a dog loving beer chugging society gets the same platform, and many more (this is the lady that was featured here a few weeks ago because of the article she wrote in the telegraph complaining that there aren’t enough white people in London any more)!

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  • Talking_fish_head

    Mosques should have CCTV cameras and call the police to provide security to the mosque because this has seriously gone out of hand, French Muslims need to petition their government to provide more security to mosques

  • Crow

    Calling those guys “philosophers” is like calling Robert Spencer “deacon”

  • This agian?

  • golden izanagi

    oh the horrible “not islamaphobia” will it never end?

  • mindy1

    Sometimes it seems the french woship themselves

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