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French Mosques Vandalised with anti-Islam Graffiti

Ozoir-La-Ferriere mosque graffiti

Long live Liberté, égalité, fraternité. (h/t: AlKanz, CCiF)

French mosque vandalised with anti-Islam graffiti


Vandals have targeted a French mosque in a graffiti attack, tagging the worship centre with swastikas and anti-Islam slogans, officials said Sunday.

The attack was discovered by worshippers arriving for morning prayer at the mosque in Ozoir-La-Ferrière, a small town 35 kilometres (20 miles) east of Paris.

Photographs of the mosque show at least two swastikas painted on the facade, as well as an explicit anti-Islam slogan and “Long Live Gaul,” the ancient Roman-era name for France.

Police were investigating the incident.

In the eastern city of Besançon, two mosques were also vandalised, where the Star of David had been painted on the walls.

Interior Minister Manuel Valls condemned the attacks “with the utmost severity” and called them “foul and hateful.”

According to statistics from an Islamic monitoring organisation, 201 anti-Islam attacks were recorded in France last year, up 28 percent on 2011.

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