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Hoboken man charged with bias intimidation and robbery of cabbie


Hoboken man charged with bias intimidation and robbery of cabbie

By Michaelangelo Conte/The Jersey Journal 

Bail was set at $20,000 cash or bond yesterday for a Hoboken man charged with bias intimidation and robbery in an incident in which he allegedly called a cabbie a terrorist and knocked off his turban.

Thomas A. Arevalo, 29, of Church Towers, is also charged with harassment in the incident outside Church Towers on Dec. 15 at 12:54 p.m.

Arevalo’s lawyer, John McGovern of Newark, said the allegations are untrue.

The victim told police that during the trip to Church Towers, Arevalo repeatedly asked him if he was Muslim and he said he was not, but finally said he was a Muslim to end the conversation, the report says. That’s when Arevalo said “You’re a f– terrorist,” the report says.

At Church Towers, the cabbie told Arevalo the fare, which originated in New York, was $73 and Arevalo handed him a crumpled ball of money containing $25, the report says. The driver got out to stop Arevalo from entering the building and told police Arevalo knocked off his turban and repeatedly punched him, cutting his nose, the report says.

McGovern said his client and a woman, as well as two other fares, took the cab from New York and agreed to pay a total of $60, with Arevalo and his friend paying a $20 share.

McGovern said that after dropping off the two other passengers, the cabbie demanded $73 from Arevalo, adding that Arevalo gave him $25. and they scuffled.

“Two months later (the cabbie) went to police,” McGovern said. “He is looking for money and I think it’s outrageous that Hoboken police would entertain the matter without hearing both sides of the story.”

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  • Tanveer Khan

    I personally wouldnt go into the asshole straight away. If they asked me if i was muslim id say yes. Then look at their reaction.

  • Stephen G. Parker

    No doubt you would probably proudly acknowledge that you’re Muslim, because you ARE. It appears to me, though, that the cabbie is probably Sikh – another instance of a Sikh being mistaken for Muslim. It sounds as if the Sikh cabbie finally just agreed that he was “Muslim” just to get the passenger to quit pestering him.

    Right now the ‘case’ against Thomas Arevalo is simply an accusation, and we need to remember that. It may have “the ring of truth” to our ears, but it has not yet been proven true. Perhaps Arevalo’s side of the story is in fact true. Let’s wait ’til all the facts are in to determine his guilt or innocence.

    If the cabbie’s story is indeed true, than Arevalo is an Islamophobe and guilty of a hate crime, whether or not the cabbie is actually Muslim. Arevalo thought he was, and that was the basis of his actions – if the cabbie’s story is true.

  • Talking_fish_head

    the reason for my comment, is that no one should be afraid of who they are, and should not be ashamed of who they are and should not “fix” themselves just to impress society

  • mindy1

    So pathetic :((

  • mindy1

    Hehehe good for you

  • Talking_fish_head

    If some ask me if I was a muslim, I would say “Yes and proud of it, you got a problem with that asshole” and kick him out of my cab

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