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Mayor of Malmö Slams anti-Islam Art Exhibition

Lars Vilks with Geller

I don’t know why Vilks has received death threats as reported below, it’s unfortunate that he has, as anyone with two eyes can easily ascertain that his work is, as the mayor noted, “pretty bad.”

Mayor of Malmö slams anti-Islam art exhibition

The mayor of Malmö has slammed an upcoming exhibition of work by controversial Swedish artist Lars Vilks, saying he hoped no one would visit the gallery to see artwork he said was “associated with xenophobes”.

“Of course he has the right to display what he calls art anywhere he wants,” Mayor Ilmar Reepalu told the TT news agency. “But as far as I can gather, this is pretty bad art and I think they want to use the gallery for political ends,” he added. “Vilks is increasingly associated in people’s minds with xenophobic groups at the far right of the political spectrum. I hope not a single person visits the gallery.”

Vilks has faced numerous death threats since his drawing of the Muslim prophet with the body of a dog was first published by Swedish regional daily Nerikes Allehanda in 2007. It was published to illustrate an editorial on free speech.

The new paintings of Mohammed would show the prophet – still with a dog’s body – transplanted into famous works by artists including Claude Monet, Peter Paul Rubens and Anders Zorn, Vilks told the AFP news agency.

Vilks told TT that he was pleased that his art has been given the green light by curator Henrik Rönnquist. “It’s a breakthrough that he dares to put these paintings on show now. I am not trying to kick up a stink, I’d sooner get rid of all the drama. People should be able to criticize Islam,” Vilks said.

The show’s curator said that he is prepared to tackle the safety concerns, in order to stand up for free speech, democracy, and religious freedom.

The Local, 20 February 2013

Vilks was last in the news in September when he was a star speaker at Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s anti-Islam conference in New York. As a result a Swedish art gallery cancelled a planned exhibition of his work.

Lars Vilks at SION conference

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  • Seeker

    Um, “glow” your own organic veg ? Glow-worms or light bulbs ?

  • Sam Seed

    So you posted under a different name? Care to tell us what it was so we can validate your claim about you supporting this site? Personally I think you’re telling porkies as most Islamophobes do.

  • Tanveer Khan

    Ikr. Although its not just muslim women although they get beaten with the stick (breathe, breathe. In a metaphoric sense xD) harder. I think im gonna go and start insulting every girl i see at school tomorrow. Allah will be so pleased. 🙂

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    incidently I too have rejected affulence or you could say it rejected me 🙂 have down sized and glow my own organic veg . Your point is ?

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  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    Frankly I dont believe you .

    What was the name you used to post under so we can all see if you are telling the truth .

    as for ” I support multiculturalism. I do not support those who destroy pagan idols and instigate a mono-religious hegemony.”
    What like the catholic church in South America ?
    Sir David

  • Can someone please tell me WHAT is exactly wrong with stopping hate speech? And don’t tell me it’s “free speech” that’s not what this is about, we all know it. If ANYTHING, it demotes the free speech that these blind men used as an excuse for spreading hatred.

  • PerpetuallyConfused

    I used to support his site under a different name. What put me off was the article last year where a Marxist leftist was spruiking about his support for Islam. I am certainly NOT the 1% fat cat. By my own choice, my income last year from employment was considerably less than the average Australian wage. I choose to reject affluence and have sold my “investment” property in Balmain NSW. I even grow my own vegetables.

    Statements like “ONE GOD, ONE PEOPLE” do not sound good to me. According to Karen Armstrong Islam worships a god of unity. I find the concept of religious and cultural unity terrifying. Hitler said “EIN REICH, EIN VOLK, EIN FUHRER”. I support multiculturalism. I do not support those who destroy pagan idols and instigate a mono-religious hegemony. Diversity of thought, diversity of cultures, diversity of life is what is found in nature. One man’s (Mohammed’s) total control of all aspects of society is simply not mirrored in nature on any large scale. It smacks of Stalinism, Marxist collectivism which to me are demonstrably totalitarian.

    As far as the charges that I am “divisive of mankind” I remind that it was not me but Mohammed who divided the world into two groups , Muslim and non-muslim and then proceeded to push the barrow of the Muslims as far as he could. I do not divide the world into believer and non-believer. Mohammed did that.

  • Talking_fish_head

    your twitter account was suspended?
    looks like the cesspool of Jihadwatch has seeped to every part of the internet and are stifling any critcism against them

  • Muhammad al-Hakeem

    I think your name accurately match your personality.

    I can’t see how the Hadeeth you quoted in any way correlates to what those failing “artists” acquire their fame by.

    The first thing to tell the Makkan pagans was “There is no blame on you today. Go, for you are all free.”

    Also, when a companion of his said, “Today is the day of slaughter,” the Prophet replied, “No, today is the day of mercy, and today Allāh has given Quraysh honor and pride.”

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