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Mosque in Provins Desecrated by Fascists

via. AlKanz

Le Parisien reported this morning that the mosque Provins , a town about eighty kilometers from Paris, was desecrated.


Six swastikas and tags were entered in red felt on the doors and walls of the place of prayer. This is the second mosque desecrated in a week in the department of Seine-et-Marne, after the desecration of the mosque Ozoir-la-Ferriere, located about sixty miles from Provins.


A complaint was filed by the Association of Muslims in Provins, stated the Parisian.

In early February, there are four mosques were targeted in one weekend: inscriptions and swastikas openly Islamophobic Ozoir-la-Ferriere, Nazi graffiti and Star of David on two mosques in Besançon in the Doubs and envelope slices of ham in the mailbox Meximieux mosque in Ain.

At this rate, the French should launch a new game: mosqueo. Principle of the game will be to guess the mosque that will be desecrated the weekend ahead.

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