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Video: Teacher Tells Students Muslims, Arabs Are ‘Just Like Hitler’

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Video: Teacher Tells Students Muslims, Arabs Are ‘Just Like Hitler’ (CAIR-WA)

CONCRETE, Wash. — A local civil rights organization is asking the Department of Justice to conduct an investigation in to anti-Muslim comments allegedly made by a Skagit County Middle School teacher in the classroom.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said it tried to work with the Concrete School District after getting a tip from a student, but said the response they got was “inadequate and unresponsive.”

In October 2012, the student who alerted CAIR said a science teacher was having a discussion about an anti-bullying program, but then suddenly changed topics. According to a letter CAIR sent to the district superintendent, the teacher stated that “just like Hitler” Arabs and Muslims train their children from birth to give their lives to Allah and are raised to be martyrs. The teacher also allegedly said that Arabs and Muslims are raised and taught to kill innocent people.

Parents who have kids in the district said that if this did happen, they are concerned about it.

“Teachers in general should be really careful. They’re there for an educational reason and they have an outline on what to teach and I think they should stick to that and keep their personal views to themselves,” Craig Wenrick said.

CAIR is concerned several state laws may have been violated, including one that prohibits discrimination in schools on the basis of religion. The organization is also concerned that, if the allegations are true, the teacher’s alleged comments could encourage bullying.

On Monday, Concrete School District Superintendent Barbara Hawkings released a statement that said:

“This allegation of unlawful or inappropriate discrimination based on religion is false. The allegation is based upon false information that is taken out of context. The teacher involved is an experienced and outstanding educator who treats every student with dignity and respect. She is a teacher students go to when they are having problems. The parent and/or student involved have never met with the teacher or school district to file a complaint or express a concern. We find this allegation to be irresponsible concerning an issue of great importance to our district and staff. We strive to treat every student with dignity and respect and do not discriminate against any individual because of his/her religious beliefs.”

The teacher who reportedly made the comments also released a statement and in it she explained that she was talking about extreme terrorist groups like Hamas and the Taliban. not Muslims in general. and that this student took what she was saying out of context.

CAIR is holding a news conference on the DOJ investigation request at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

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  • No way man. Hitler repeat lies until people believed him, something the loons are doing. He uses multiple mass media corp to spread propaganda like what the zionist have. And he accused the jews as the offenders while many of them getting killed day by day like Muslims getting drone strikes.

  • Géji

    The “Hamas and the Taliban” line became the escaping hole for salvation of most anti-Muslim Islamophobes whenever they’re caught right-handed in their bigoted racism. It’s like the good old “I have a black friend” escape hole.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    You know, the funny part is that she specifically mentions Arab as well as Muslim, going back to my point that this is as much about race for these people as it is religion. She doesn’t mention Turks, or Persians, or Kurds…. of course, she may also be conflating ‘Arab’ with ‘anyone brown and not American.’ Either way, she is singling out a specific race, and if I had to bet, she could likely get in a lot more trouble over that.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    That’s terrible, and you really should have told someone. Not that it would have necessarily done anything (sadly) but at least it could have gotten her in trouble. God only knows what kind of crap she’s putting other students through.

    I had a Filipina friend who was born and raised in the US, but was put into an ESL class because she was Asian and her parents were from the Philippines. From what she said, it sounded pretty bad. At least you’re not alone though.

    Also, if you REALLY wanted to offend this woman, you could have told her that Semitic and Greek ‘brown’ people from Egypt, Palestine, Mesopotamia and Asia Minor wrote the Bible (and that some of them were non-Christian at that). Think how funny that would have been.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    That’s because it would force Westerners to critically analyze themselves. Remember, Western media is meant for a Western audience. Mostly white Protestant suburbanites, living comfortably in the ‘heartland’ of America. Everyone else is ‘the other.’ The media would rather act that we don’t exist. That’s why the entire narrative is about heroic white people and the ‘progress’ of Western civilization, instead of talking about the great achievements of China, India, the Middle East or Mesoamerica.

  • Kirook

    Okay, just looked at the page. Watch the video, don’t read the comments. Too many right wing trolls (and even a guy or two or even three from Stormfront!)

  • Kirook

    You might get a laugh out of this.


  • Kirook

    I think there are rules against that kind of thing that would have gotten her fired, and even if there aren’t it shouldn’t really matter. I mean, most Islamophobes are jerks, but a teacher singling out her student and then insulting him because of his religion is just low.

  • It really amazes me that no matter how much you highlight the similarities between Islamophobia and anitsemitism, the media just ignores it!

  • Kirook

    [cough] Godwin’s Law [cough]

  • Talking_fish_head

    So sad, I hope they fired her, no kid should go through the things you’ve been to.

  • mindy1

    What the h@#% was that teacher on

  • JD

    just like Hitler” Israeli and Jews train their children from birth to give their lives to Elohim and are raised to be martyrs. The teacher also allegedly said that Isreali and Jews are raised and taught to kill innocent people.

    / would we even have a discussion on context of this statement or would this teacher be suspended right now without pay.

    also “talking about extreme terrorist groups like Hamas and the Taliban. not Muslims in general” The get out of jail card of bigots like this Teacher Pam Geller Robert Spencer when they are called out on there bigot views of muslims and Islam

  • JD

    Congressman Says Americans Need Guns To Protect The Nation From Sharia Law

    Tea Party Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) told a conservative radio
    show on Thursday that the GOP must oppose gun regulations to protect the
    country from the threat of “Sharia Law.”

    Appearing on The Voice of Freedom,
    Gohmert said he “hoped and prayed” that Congress rejects gun safety
    legislation, arguing that Americans may need to use the rights
    guaranteed by the Second Amendment to avoid succumbing to Muslims:

    [The Second Amendment] is for our protection and the
    founders’ quotes make that very very clear and including against a
    government that would run amuck. We’ve got some people who think
    Sharia Law should be the law of the land, forget the Constitution. But
    the guns are there… to make sure all of the rest of the Amendments are

  • Amago,

    The teacher should apologize if this is true.

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