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Frenchman Convicted of Veil Assault


Frenchman convicted of veil assault

A Frenchman who ripped a Muslim woman’s veil off her face as she strolled in a fairground was Wednesday given a five-month suspended prison sentence and ordered to compensate his victim.

The 30-year-old man, who admitted charges of aggravated assault, had justified the September 2012 attack at the time as an attempt to uphold a controversial law banning women from wearing niqabs, face-covering veils, in public.

That defence was thrown out by public prosecutors, who accused him of acting as a vigilante and carrying out an assault motivated by his victim’s religious faith.

The man, who was not publicly identified on the request of his lawyers, was also convicted of presenting a false identity to police.

The incident in the western city of Nantes was the latest in a series triggered by France‘s controversial ban on the wearing of full face veils in public, which came into force in April 2011.

Last September, Louis-Marie Suisse, a Muslim teenager in Marseille, was sent to prison for two months after being convicted of biting a policewoman in an altercation sparked by her arrest for wearing a full-face veil.

Under the law, women found guilty of wearing niqabs in public can be fined 150 euros ($190) or be forced to undergo citizenship training.

Human rights group Amnesty International has condemned the legislation as breaching French citizens’ right to freedom of expression.

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  • Tanveer Khan

    Senor Dragon. Its because muslim women are stupid. They cant think for themselves.
    And yes for those of you who dont understand satire, it is a joke.

  • Seeker

    Colour me surprised !
    The brave defender of “liberty, equality and fraternity ” got convicted ?
    How different is this guy physically ripping the veil off from the law that bans the veil ?

  • And to think that some use protecting women as a justification for these anti burka laws.

  • @Amago,

    You’d think that if they only wear these because they were coerced as some claim, that incidence like this wouldn’t happen.
    Instead I’d imagine that she would have gone to the police and demanded
    that her husband or whoever else was forcing her to wear the veil be prosecuted or at least that they protect her from him. I mean wasn’t that the purpose of the law?

  • mindy1

    I’m glad-scaring women is NOT a nice thing to do.

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