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Islamic cemetery in Jerusalem faces silent destruction


Islamic cemetery in Jerusalem faces silent destruction

(Maan News)

Jerusalem’s Mamilla, or Maman Allah, cemetery has been a Muslim burial ground since the 7th century.

It is said to hold the remains of companions of the Prophet Muhammad, soldiers and officials from the rule of Saladin in the 12th century, as well as generations of Jerusalem’s most important families.

When Israeli authorities opened Mamilla mall in 2007, the cemetery remained a stark reminder of ancient Islamic history in the midst of modern commercial structures.

Today, the cemetery is on the verge of complete destruction.

The Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center is set to build what is termed a “Museum of Tolerance” on cemetery grounds, a plan which has already seen over 1,500 graves disinterred to make way for the site.

The cemetery has also been the site of racist attacks by Jewish extremists. In 2011, at least 15 tombstones were sprayed with slogans reading “death to the Arabs.”

Mamilla cemetery is an ancient symbol of Palestinian and Islamic cultural heritage, but faces a long battle to protect its historical significance as Israel continues to build over its history.

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  • Seeker

    Alright. Cos I know another Jewish lady who expressed herself with *spit*.
    Although I would have been surprised to find her here actually.

  • Tanveer Khan

    Wow, being buried near the Prophet’s PBUH companions. That is quite cool….in a strange way.

  • moraka

    There were once a person, that claimed that hindus are so selfish, that they are incapable of feeling anything for anybody but themselfs. Quite a claim towards the worlds hindus. But incredibly this is a perfect discription of zionists.

  • Seeker

    Are you Jewish by any chance?
    Note- This is intended to be an in-offensive question.

  • Seeker

    You said it ! The irony !

  • crow

    Another example of zionists respecting nobody bit themselves. museum of toletance *spit*

  • mindy1

    Why should anyone censor you, you just spoke the truth

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    This is the problem with ‘professional victimhood’ combined with showing memorium more to one kind of victim over another.

    The whole world, and almost every society had experienced autrosity and war. They have been victims of massacures and genocide, but for the most part every people have remembered thier victims, forgave the oppressors and moved on to create the society they wanted.

    I come from a society that has 5000 years of this kind of happy and sad times within it’s history. Everything is documented, every massacure, every autoricity and alot of those inflicted on our own selves. We move on, we forgive, we gather ourselves, we pay tribute to the flowers that bloom in adversity, and we join again the world…healing as a people, and wishing ‘NEVER AGAIN’.

    We learn more about the autoricies of our own…the names we can pronounce, the cities we can point to on our maps, the languages of the victims, and the places where we ignored thier crys for help. I am Chinese…and so that is for me. I would imagine a Russian…for her, and equally a Jewish mother.

    That is simply being honest.

    I may get censored for writing this, and it will not be popular in the west. However, it is time for us as a world to hold EVERY single individual as equal in the law of civilization.

    We can no longer allow ‘professional victimhood’ to fester into intolarance and inhumanity. We simply cant afford it anymore. One push of a button form someone who believes he is ‘excetional’ as all it takes to destroy every living thing on this planet.

    It is time to hold EVERYONE to the same standard, and hold everyone who was a victim of an autrocity the memorium they deserve…that is, to vow to them, that what happened to them will never happen again.

    There are many autocities in war…and war is the holocaust.

  • mindy1

    Building a Museum of Tolerance-do they not see the irony? There really must be some kind of alternate place to build

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