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Muslim helpline reveals majority of faith attacks on women

Lady Warsi

Some harrowing news in light of the recently passed International Women’s Day.

Muslim helpline reveals majority of faith attacks on women


The majority of Muslims physically attacked, harassed or intimidated because of their faith are women, according to the first results from the UK’s official helpline for victims of Islamophobia.

More than 630 incidents were logged during the first 12 months of the helpline, launched in an attempt to quantify the scale and nature of anti-Muslim violence in Britain.

Some of the most egregious attacks recorded include a family being forced from their Nottinghamshire home, a five-year-old girl knocked over by a hit-and-run driver and a Somali lady who had dog faeces placed on her head by a white man while shopping in south London.

The attacks, collated by the helpline, Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks), show that Muslim women were targeted in 58% of all incidents.

The majority of physical assaults committed in the street were on women wearing Islamic clothing, with most victims describing the nature of the attacks as seemingly “random”.

High-profile female targets have included communities minister Lady Warsi who was threatened online by an English Defence League (EDL) member and journalist Jemima Khan, whose 14-year-old son received anti-Muslim comments on Twitter.

Of the perpetrators, the majority were subsequently found to have had links to recognised far-right groups such as the British National Party (BNP) or the EDL. So far, information provided to the helpline has led to the arrests of 21 far-right EDL supporters, with more than 40 incidents reported against EDL leader Tommy Robinson alone.

Members of the BNP or EDL were involved in 54% of all incidents, of which three-quarters were committed by men. The average age of perpetrators were between 21 and 30.

The results follow a report by think-tank Chatham House which identified a considerable Islamophobic sentiment in the UK, detecting a “wide reservoir of public sympathy for claims that Islam and the growth of settled, Muslim communities pose a fundamental threat to the native group and nation.”

The majority of incidents received by the helpline related to what it described as “abusive behaviour” with 74% of recorded incidents occurring online. However, experts agree that even non-violent incidents have a profound adverse impact on peoples’ lives.

Fiyaz Mughal, co-ordinator of Tell MAMA and director of non-profit group Faith Matters said he was “shocked” by the amount of racial hatred they had detected in their first year of monitoring, particularly online.

Mughal, a former advisor to the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, added: “We are calling on police and politicians to do more to tackle this shameful wave of fear and prejudice. From the internet, to the workplace, the street and even houses of worship, too often Muslim women and men are becoming the target of vicious, sometimes violent, abuse.

He added: “Recent history shows us what happens if we allow our fears to run unchecked. Demonisation of ‘the other’, misguided beliefs that Muslims are somehow a monolithic block, unchecked lies that Islam is a violent religion or that British Muslims wish to abuse white girls must be challenged.”

He is now calling on police forces to drastically improve their recording of Islamophobic crimes. At the moment just two forces, the Metropolitan police and City of London police, currently record anti-Muslim crimes separately. Mughal also wants the Home Office to take over monitoring of online hate and far-right groups from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Other areas that the Muslim community believe could be improved include more prosecutions against online-based hatred.

“The police frequently fail to take victim statements, fail to appreciate the terrifying effects of these incidents upon women and vulnerable children. Few police forces even bother to record Islamophobia as part of their reporting systems. More training is needed at a time when police are facing budget cuts; we need more leadership too from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) which, unhelpfully, has talked about fewer rather than more social media prosecutions,” added Mughal.

During 2011 2,000 hate crimes were recorded against different faiths in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by police with officers at the time admitting that they were unclear how many were against Muslims because separate figures were not recorded.

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  • Seeker

    “it means I treat each individual as I see.. and on each basis”
    And that is exactly what Reynardine’s comment has put forward. Based on the behaviour of these men, she has posted a criticism. Why did you find the need to compare this with another group – whichever one that is?

    And also, the irony seems lost on you. These people carry out protests stating their aims to be for justice but their actions indicate otherwise.

  • Solid Snake

    Right. I saw that Vice video (By the way Vice has some amazing documentaries). Also, I replied to you on another thread and i might have come off as a bit rude. I apologize in advance. Please overlook my rudeness. Hopefully we will continue the discussion on the other thread.

  • Doc Doom

    Its not something is best shared in this format however as you ask. The British press are make a great deal of it for the wrong reasons if you follow.. there is a problem on going within many communities at the moment most are related to individuals, sick evil men that are preying on predominantly *note the predominantly not ALL* white vulnerable children ( girls ) this is within in a few muslim communities around the UK. These depraved monster are honestly NOT muslims.. well not in the sense of the decent people I grew up around but you see.. Mr BNP make a big deal pointing out its “Musslims” and Mr JQ Public (Other non muslim Brits) will rightly feel outraged and angry at these “monsters” blaming Islam and all British Muslims for something they either knew nowt about or were told ( by certain Dodgy Immans that this behaviour IS acceptable ( The dodgy Immans are a different story however)
    So you see your remarks about macho men etc.. its bad enough seeing decent folk attack other decent folk because of sick individuals and lunatics using it as a excuse for more hatred

  • Reynardine

    My advice, which is a statement of fact and no threat, applies to *that* guy. If you are not *that* guy and do not carry on in like fashion, I daresay you have little to fear.

    Many of us are Americans. If you have some specific examples you want us to look at, cite them. Googling random wildings just for this month would take us all week.

  • Reynardine

    I see you have not. Well, perhaps you can at least attempt to learn publicly acceptable manners.

  • Tanveer Khan

    Oh right. Sorry i had no idea 😛 I feel foolish now -_-

  • Tanveer Khan

    Thanks for the heads up Mr Fish. I can now protect my tender soul. 😛

  • Reynardine

    Indeed, I have long advised everyone not to go there without a raincoat

  • that’s a silly little amateur game that didn’t really get heard about. the problem is when you have games like Blackwater, which is available for multiple consoles in pretty much every virgin megastore (or the ilk) in the world! These sort of games glorify a private company (or military, depending on the title) actively engaging in the act of ethnic cleansing in various parts of the world, and no one bats an eyelid!

  • Reynardine

    That is exactly the point of this story. If you fight fire with fire, you burn what you were fighting to preserve.

    Between what was forwarded by Disqus and what appears here, something appears to have been edited. I hope you yourself have learned both reading comprehension and prudence.

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    If a terrorist attacks you, you become a terrorist.
    I see.
    ….but, doesnt that mean the terrorist has won because now you are just like him? If you become like him, and use his ways of ‘persuasion’…then you have become what he wanted you to become…just like him.
    I think whatever book you are quoting from is better rolled up in soft paper, and used when you need to go to the toilet and really, it isnt even worth that.

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    I just think they are offering nothing but hate whilst the other sites offer hope.
    If the counter agenda offered anything apart from their own continuation I would be surprised .
    Sir David

  • Just_Stopping_By

    And this is even weirder when you consider that some of these people have access enough to resources online that would disprove this line of thinking.

    That was actually a rather thought-provoking comment for me because it seems so correct, at least in theory. So, why doesn’t it hold?

    In part, I blame the so-called “counter-jihad” sites that provide false, distorted, and/or biased information. These sites also adopt many of the trappings of reasonable sites: they have some ex-Muslims or “Muslim reformers” to help establish their credibility; at least some try to distinguish between what they refer to as Islamists or radical Islam versus mainstream Islam; some have people claiming to be scholars of Islam as contributors; etc.

    So, how should people recognize which is right? One big clue for me is that one group tends to have (nearly) only a negative agenda and not a positive one. In contrast, if you look at various Muslim and Islamic sites on the web, you have those supporting encouraging prayer, and urging Muslims to be good friends and family members. You have sites about Islamic theology and philosophy that are internal to the group (that is, for their own spiritual benefit, and not designed to be concerned with the counter-jihadists). You have sites discussing Muslim or Islamic art, literature, and other culture. You have Muslim charities with online presences. In short, there is a huge Muslim “agenda” to be a good Muslim and a good person and to spend time and money on improving yourself and helping others.

    In contrast, the counter-jihad agenda is exactly that: a “counter” agenda. The calls there are for spending money to put up ads against a group, not for any positive agenda. They call for boycotting Muslim businesses and products such as halal food, not on buying things to support their own community, whatever that might be. (Well, they do call for buying their own books, but that supports them, not their own community.) They call for excluding Muslims from government, academic, and other influential positions, not for scholarships to help their own or other people be able to reach those positions and better themselves. They call for the prevention of mosque-building, not for building their own institutions (other than their own personal book empire).

    To be clear, it’s not as if there is a complete division. There are pro-Muslim groups that oppose specific provocateurs and specific policies. And even some counter-jihad sites may on occasion push a positive agenda item. But as a whole, when we see one group encouraging the positive for their community and the other attacking a community, that is likely to be a sign about the motivations of the two groups, one for love and growth, the other for hatred and hostility. And in this battle, the Muslim community and its allies clearly have the more positive agenda.

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    This is not disturbing nor evil THIIS IS EVIL!!! and Disgusting in one

  • Talking_fish_head

    If your scarred from the guardian comment section, then my advice, don’t go to the CNN comment section, half the posts can give you cancer due to the amount of stupidity and hate

  • Solid Snake

    Yeah, I think people missed this one entirely. Especially Nur Alia. I think she thinks you are advocating this mentality.

  • Seeker

    Interesting that you seem to show support for one group of machos as opposed to the other when there is no difference between them.

  • Seeker

    But the weird thing is that even otherwise reasonable, sane people find it ok to malign Muslims. And this is even weirder when you consider that some of these people have access enough to resources online that would disprove this line of thinking.

  • Reynardine

    Well, as I explained, this is not a joke, but an allegory for something that should be avoided at all costs

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