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Palestinian assailed by Israeli women, stripped of hijab


Palestinian assailed by Israeli women, stripped of hijab

(Al-Akhbar English)

A Palestinian woman waiting at a light rail station in Jerusalem on Monday was attacked and stripped of her headscarf by religious Jewish women, Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv reported Tuesday.

According to bystanders, a young Jewish woman punched the Palestinian suddenly as she was passing by the station. A friend of the assailant began aiding her in beating the Palestinian, pushing her against the wall, and ultimately ripping off her headscarf.

The Palestinian was accompanied by an old man who tried to push the attackers away to no avail.

The event occurred at about three o’clock in the afternoon. It is unclear whether the incident involved only the two assailants mentioned in witness accounts, or a larger group shown in the photo.

“There were about 100 Orthodox and yeshiva students who disembarked the tramway and spotted an Arab woman accompanied by an older man,” a witness, who photographed the event, told Ma’ariv.

“It developed into arguing and yelling, and I don’t know what the content was that everyone jumped on her.”

According to the witness, an activist named Dorit Jordan Dotan, a municipality security officer passively watched the event and seemed to be smiling. Many residents also stood by.

“The entire time, the guard stood and smiled and did not even try to break up the fight,” a witness said.

Dotan confirmed that the incident took place at the station where a group of young people had just arrived from the train, but seemed to downplay the event by suggesting the attackers were intoxicated.

“Young people drink a lot of wine for Purim. Screams were heard everywhere. A woman tried to fight [the Jewish students] but they yelled at her not to dare touch the Jews and continued to beat [the Arab woman],” Dotan said.

Following publication in Ma’ariv, police launched an investigation into the case.

“It’s a shame that the Arab whore didn’t die”

On the day the report was published, Israeli police officer Ariel Shapiro re-posted the article on his Facebook page and issued a chilling endorsement: “Very good,” wrote Shpiro “It’s a shame that the Arab whore didn’t die.”


The message was publicized by Palestinian Member of Knesset Ahmad Tibi.

Israeli army and police officers have come under fire in recent weeks for showcasing dehumanizing images of and slogans about Palestinians. The most famous of these is an Instagram photo of Mor Ostrovski, 20, showing the crosshairs of a rifle being aimed at the head of a Palestinian boy.


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  • Blackops

    Don’t you actually have better insults than the typical libturd/muzzie idiots always seem to muster up from their walnut sized brains ? Also…we will nuke the fuck outta you.

  • Hasan karim

    Let us make something clear, we muslims have nothing against the jewish. The quran calls you the people of the book. We are against the opressors, racists and the ones who use and abuse the jewish faith for their political agenda, their name is ZIONIST movement. Jewish faith has nothing to do with what is happening in Israel and Palestina.

  • Seeker

    Not a good idea to pray for the punishment of hereafter for another person.

  • Seeker

    Ok, everybody else has already got on your case for this but I’ll add in anyway.
    I wish you wouldn’t. Come away from the guilt-by-association because no soul should bear the burdens of another’s sins. 🙂

  • Seeker

    Well, its people who consider the state is manifested by the Almighty. I haven’t heard God say anything about this.

  • JD

    Israel introduces ‘Palestinian only’ bus lines, following complaints from Jewish settlers

    Starting on Monday, certain buses running from the West Bank into central Israel will have separate lines for Jews and Arabs.

    The Afikim bus company will begin operating Palestinian-only bus lines
    from the checkpoints to Gush Dan to prevent Palestinians from boarding
    buses with Jewish passengers. Palestinians are not allowed to enter
    settlements, and instead board buses from several bus stops on the
    Trans-Samaria highway.

    Click here to subscribe to Haaretz for only $1 for the first month

    Last November, Haaretz reported that the Transportation Ministry was
    looking into such a plan due to pressure from the late mayor of Ariel,
    Ron Nahman, and the head of the Karnei Shomron Local Council. They said
    residents had complained that Palestinians on their buses were a security risk.

    The buses will begin operating Monday morning at the Eyal crossing to
    take the Palestinians to work in Israel. Transportation Ministry
    officials are not officially calling them segregated buses, but rather
    bus lines intended to relieve the distress of the Palestinian workers.
    Ynet has reported that fliers are being distributed to Palestinian
    workers notifying them of the coming changes.

    Any Palestinian who holds an entrance permit to the State of Israel is
    allowed by law to use public transportation. Officials at the Samaria
    and Judea District Police have said there is no change in the operation
    of the rest of the buses, nor is there any intention to remove
    Palestinians from other bus lines. But Haaretz has in the past reported
    incidents when Palestinians were taken off of buses, and witnesses at
    checkpoints say that such incidents are ongoing.

    Ofra Yeshua-Lyth is a member of Machsom Watch, a female advocacy group
    monitoring West Bank checkpoints. She says that recently, Bus 286 from
    Tel Aviv to Samaria arrived at a checkpoint filled with Palestinian
    workers. She filed the following report:

    “Police officer Advanced Staff Sergeant Major Shai Zecharia stops the
    bus at the bus stop. Soldiers order all the Palestinians off the bus.
    The first thing they do is collect all their identity cards as they get
    off. One by one, the Palestinians are told to go away from the bus stop
    and walk to the Azzun Atma checkpoint, which is about 2.5 kilometers
    away from the Shaar Shomron interchange. All of them responded with
    restraint and sadness, at most asking why. Here and there they received
    answers such as, ‘You’re not allowed on Highway 5’ and ‘You’re not
    allowed on public transportation.’ Advanced Staff Sergeant Major
    Zecharia gave some vital information to one of the older Palestinians
    who had arrived there, telling him: You should ride in special vans, not
    on Israeli buses.”

    In response to the report, the Transportation Ministry said it “has not
    issued any instruction or prohibition that prevents Palestinian workers
    from riding the public bus lines in Israel or in Judea and Samaria.
    Furthermore, the Transportation Ministry is not authorized to prevent
    any passangers from riding those lines.”

    “The two new lines that will be run as of tomorrow (Monday) are
    intended to improve the services to Palestinian workers that enter
    Israel via the Eyal Crossing,” the ministry’s statement continued,
    adding that the new lines will replace the “pirate” driving services who
    have been transporting Palestinian workers “at exorbitant prices and in
    an irregular fashion.”

    According to the ministry, the new lines will depart from the Tzofim
    area near Qalqilyah and will transport workers to their places of work
    in the Sharon region and Tel Aviv, at “especially cheap prices.” For
    example, the tariff for traveling to Kfar Sava or Raanana will be NIS
    5.1, and to Tel Aviv will cost NIS 10.6. This is compared to some NIS 40
    that passengers have been charged by the private transportation
    services for each direction, the ministry said.

    “The new lines will lessen the burden that has formed on buses as a
    result of the increase in numbers of working permits provided to
    Palestinians, who are permitted to work in Israel and will contribute to
    the improvements of services, for the betterment of Israelis and
    Palestinians as one”, the statement said.

    The Samaria and Judea District Police have yet to respond to the report.

  • Reynardine

    I think your speech could stand a little more providence.

  • Kyle Renner

    I’m talking about the majority of Israeli jews. Of course there are jews who have a problem with the Israeli mindset- one of the most prominent I can think of is Marek Edelman (d. 2009), a survivor of the warsaw ghetto who refused to support Israel and Israeli policies on the grounds that they were of the same oppressive and racist mindset.

  • Tanveer Khan


  • mindy1

    oh ok 😀

  • Tanveer Khan

    I used preying in a joking sense : P As soon as everyone saw you even daring to apologise for them we all rushed in to ‘berate’ you. 😛 It wasnt in a negative sense. : )

  • Rights

    It will take me quite some time to figure out why a state that oppresses and dispossesses so many in so many different ways is considered by so many a state manifested by none other than the Almighty himself. But my past attempts at this endeavor tell me that I will miserably fail. I pray that the God Lord of all creation, even-handed, most just, will sooner than later help the down-trodden there regain dignity that they deserve. Ameen.

  • Kyle Renner

    not really, actually. -10 points for looking like a smartass.

  • mindy1

    they were not picking on me, I just hate it when I see Jewish people acting like hatred is Jewish when it isn’t

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