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Dutch Nationalists Cheer Mosque Arson in Enkhuizen


A mosque that has seen repeated attacks in the past was the scene of another arson attack on Saturday. (via. Google Translate)

A police spokesman Sunday said that it is almost certain that the fire Saturday morning in a mosque in Enkhuizen was lit. How the arson was carried out, the police did not disclose. It is not yet clear in which way the perpetrators must be sought.

The fire started around 05:30 in the former school building at Tureluurshof. The fire was quickly spotted and extinguished.

According to police spokesman, the prayer house incurred much smoke and soot damage.
In 2011 the mosque was also the target of arson. Then burning material was thrown over the fence.

The mosque at the Tureluurshof of the Islamic Foundation Netherlands.

The mosque administration had plans last year to move to a larger vacant school in Enkhuizen to Reigerweg. This building, however, was in July last year destroyed by a fire that presumably was lit.

The arson attack created quite a bit of enthusiasm and cheer in right-wing Dutch Nationalist quarters.


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  • Christian-Friend

    Man, two Muslim families in a neighborhood, and you get all rustled up!

  • The greenmantle

    And you think I was ?
    I know I am old but not that old . Film and recordings of a Mr A Hitler are available and its the sort of thing he did say , at length and vary loudly to much cheering .
    Sir David

  • Stoned Gremlin

    Silly greenmantle, I wasn’t alive back then.

  • The greenmantle

    Berlin 1931 ?

  • Stoned Gremlin

    Wait… haven’t I heard this before?

  • The greenmantle

    In my opinion you are an ignorant fool . Check out your history young man
    Sir David

  • James Mayer

    Not really; Islam is a pitifully inferior and barbaric culture which does not belong in Europe. More power to European Nationalists in my opinion…

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    Sometimes I wonder why hateful bigots like him and Dawkins are taken seriously by mainstream media and even the Young Turks speak positively about Hersi and Dawkins

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    These are the same clowns Sam Harris believes “speak most sensibly about Islam.”

  • mindy1

    People cheering the destruction of other people-I do not like where this is headed 🙁

  • All under the influence of Dutch right wing party of MP Geert Wilders, a bunch of fascists and racists! Shame on that lot!

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