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Great Neck Synagogue Cancels Geller’s Speech For “Security Reasons”


Great Neck Modern Orthodox Synagogue has reluctantly canceled an upcoming speech by Pamela Geller. The cancellation of the event was done in a manner that was apparently designed to 1.) end the flood of growing criticism for hosting a hate group leader and 2.) make it appear as if they were “forced” into canceling the event due to surreptitious “security concerns.” All of this without the clear and unambiguous condemnations that the interfaith community, led by Jewish religious leaders made of Geller. Indeed, Great Neck’s executive board still views Geller as an “important voice.”

Geller will now predictably rail about “Jewish kapos” and “Islamonazis” stifling “free speech” through intimidation, leading to “security concerns.” (This is from the same woman who just this year called for banning AlJazeera English in the USA). Not to worry she already has invitations to speak at Great Neck Chabad and a Synagogue in Edison, NJ:

Controversial activist Pamela Geller has agreed to speak at an Edison, NJ, congregation on Sunday night after the Great Neck Synagogue reluctantly cancelled her forum on radical Islam and what she calls the imposition of Sharia law in the U.S.

“Rabbi Dr. Bernhard H. Rosenberg of Congregation Beth-El extended the invitation to me personally this morning, and I commend him for it,” Geller told The Jewish Week Thursday. “The cancellation by the Great Neck Synagogue was particularly cowardly, as it sends the message that if leftists and Muslims defame those they hate loudly enough and for a long enough time, they will succeed in getting them silenced.”

L.I. Synagogue Cancels Controversial Pamela Geller Speech

GREAT NECK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Long Island synagogue has canceled a controversial speech by conservative firebrand Pamela Geller.

Geller was set to speak Sunday at the Great Neck Synagogue. She had been invited by the men’s club at the synagogue to give a speech on Sharia, the religious and moral code of Islam.

She has gained notoriety for her anti-Islam messages, notably including several series of ads that have appeared in the New York City subway and Metro North transit systems.

One round of ads read, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad.” Another features the twin towers of the World Trade Center burning on Sept. 11, 2001, and a quote attributed to the Quran saying: “Soon shall we cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers.”

Geller was also the force against the Ground Zero mosque, which she called a “victory mosque” marking the site of the 9/11 attacks.

Geller’s most recent group, “Stop Islamization of America,” has been dubbed a hate group by both the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Anti-Defamation League accused the group of “consistently vilifying the Islamic faith.” The SPLC called Geller “the anti-Muslim movement’s most visible and flamboyant figurehead,” and claimed she has “mingled comfortably with European racists and fascists, spoken favorably of South African racists, defended Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic and denied the existence of Serbian concentration camps.”

But she has presented herself as a victim of censorship.

“Whatever your position is, this is free speech, and this is a war on free speech, and the few that speak to these issues are demonized, marginalized, and rendered radioactive,” Geller told CBS 2 Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Geller said the cancellation is “a sad day for freedom-loving people.”

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  • SarahAB

    I read this on her blog – quoting someone else.


    (Are there any non-Jewish synagogues incidentally?) The emails that followed seemed completely bland, just articulating concerns about her views and discussing phoning the officers at the synagogue to leave messages to that effect.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    From what I read it wasn’t related to any sort of threats of violence, as you note there isn’t any evidence of such threats. Instead the “security concerns” had to do with the Synagogue’s inability to accommodate Geller’s “security” needs.

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    Yup everyone has the right to listen to hate filled lies but if you invite them into your house they become your hate filled lies too .
    Sir David

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    Nice one JSB ! Very simple very effective, the Truth trumps lies
    Sir David

  • “Too bad you left wing loons aren’t worried as much about the enslavement of Black people in Mauritania, Senegal, Niger, the Maldives, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia.”

    As opposed to, what, slave trafficking around the world in general? Human rights organizations estimate that it’s probably a $32 billion dollar industry. Modern slavery is not limited to black people in any of those places; the torrid conditions of Mexicans in many parts of the United States (for some, practically become de facto serfs), eastern Europe’s sex slavery and the grueling conditions of the sweatshops of eastern Asia is a testament that one of our oldest institutions is alive, well and colorblind.

    Do you contribute regularly to anti-trafficking programs, Mr. Sobel? Because if not, then you’re just as guilty of silent assent as the rest of us usually are.

    “Or for that matter the hanging of gay people for the mere crime of being gay.”

    A terrible tragedy – just as the above is – but it’s ultimately not the point of LoonWatch. There are many LBGT sites dedicated to fighting against such things around the Web. Again: what’ve you done lately in the crusade to end such things? To raise awareness of their plight? Or even disregarding that, in the United States?

    “What about the heinous, dastardly practice of female genital circumcision so prevalent throughout Islamic Africa.”

    …Which is a cultural, not religious, practice. Try again.

    “But a woman speaking her mind with nothing more lethal than words sets your panties on fire.”

    Not really, no. She does a good job all by herself bumbling around and looking like a tool without our help. Freedom of speech does not mean you’re free from criticism.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Rabbi Rosenberg:

    I hope that you take the opportunity to reprimand Ms. Geller for her comments about “consuming meat slaughtered in a barbaric, torturous and inhuman method …by cutting the trachea, the esophagus, and the jugular vein, letting the blood drain out…” (A September 26, 2010 entry on her blog.)

    Since you will never be accused of refusing to stand up for your principles, and since Beth-El has a kosher kitchen, I trust that you will strongly and publicly admonish Ms. Geller for attacking one of the foundations of kashrut as inhuman (or inhumane). If you do not wish to be accused of refusing to stand up for your principles, you must do so, as one of those principles, found in the shmonah esrei, condemns such slander: v’lamalshinim al t’hi tikvah.

    And, in a post less than a week ago, on April 7, Ms. Geller condemned a Middle East based airline for refusing to serve pork. I trust that you will condemn that post as well, as there is another Middle East airline that flies to the skies without pork meals. Are you aware that Ms. Geller considers this an example of “the imposition of sharia,” the topic on which she will be speaking?

    Yes, Rabbi Rosenberg, please uphold our Jewish values by informing your congregation of how Ms. Geller repeatedly attacks Jewish practices. If not, this Jew will accuse you of refusing to stand up for our principles. How can we support someone who finds the sale of meat slaughtered by the principles of schita to be an imposition of religion on the country? That would be a shanda!

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Way to speak in the 3rd person Rabbi Rosenberg!

    “Controversial?” There’s nothing controversial about anyone who advocates nuking Tehran, Mecca and Medina. There’s nothing “controversial” about giving a platform to someone who wants to destroy the “Golden Dome” and build the 3rd Jewish Temple in its place. There’s nothing “controversial” about a racist who believes Pres. Obama is a secret Muslim practicing stealth jihad and is sired from the union of Malcolm X and Stanley Ann Dunham. Unless of course you support and agree with her positions on all those things? Will you unambiguously and clearly condemn such views? Or do you agree with Geller?

    Would you likewise extend an invitation to the “controversial” antisemite David Duke to speak to your congregation, in the name of standing up for your principles?

  • Sam Seed

    No, we are more worried about loons such as yourself. While you’re here, educate yourself with the plethora of articles contributed by the wonderful guys here at Loonwatch on the number of issues burning you namely FGM, Slavery and Homophobia, you might learn something. I don’t have the time to educate you so do some digging yourself.

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    Only a propaganda media whore like Pam “MacBeth ” Geller could claim this is an attack on free speach .
    When her free speach is an attack on the sanity of normal people .
    Sir David

  • Emperor

    By the way, I’m viewing all the latest stories on your front page now, after I reloaded it. Hopefully the problem I was having is solved.

  • Emperor

    I have a feeling it had more to do with fear of what people would think of them, than security. I doubt she gets anywhere near as many death threats as she claims.

  • mindy1

    Wee are the champions my friennnds and weee’ll keep on fighting till the end 😛

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