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Toronto: Pamela Geller Lies About York Regional Police


The National Post covers the story about York Regional Police taking a firm stand against one of their chaplains hosting a hate-preacher.

Jewish activists say a Toronto-area rabbi has been pressured by an area police force to change plans to host a controversial anti-Islamist speaker, prompting accusations the force is squelching free speech.

By “Jewish activists” what they mean to say is a small cadre of unrepresentative extremists, i.e. Geller-followers who hit the internet and contact media claiming their “free speech” rights have been violated by Islamic extremists.

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, of the Chabad @ Flamingo Synagogue, cancelled plans to host a talk by Pamela Geller, an American blogger known for her criticism of Islam. She is co-founder of Stop Islamification of America, a group that opposes the proposed building of a mosque at Ground Zero and sponsors anti-Islamic ads in U.S. cities.

Police dispute allegations that there were any threats of intimidation, saying instead that “a discussion” took place Tuesday between Insp. Ricky Veerappan, leader of the York Regional Police force’s diversity, equity and inclusion bureau, and Rabbi Kaplan, who is also a volunteer chaplain with the force. Insp. Veerappan said that during their discussion, the rabbi was presented with more information and a decision.

“If he had not cancelled the event – and again, that was his decision – then we would have had to re-evaluate his relationship with York Regional Police because it would be clearly be in contravention of the values of our organization,” said Insp. Veerappan.

“Our concern is that Rabbi Kaplan is also a representative of the police, he wears a police uniform, and some of the comments that have been attributed to Ms. Geller really posed a conflict situation for us at York Regional Police.”

Here is the full statement of York Police:

York Regional Police wishes to clarify information that has appeared in the media regarding the appearance of Ms. Pamela Geller at a York Region synagogue led by one of the York Regional Police chaplains.

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan is one of eight volunteer chaplains at York Regional Police who serves the needs of our members and their families through religious and spiritual support. He is also the founder and spiritual leader of the Chabad@Flamingo synagogue in Thornhill.

Free speech is the right of every citizen and York Regional Police recognizes that. However, some of Ms. Geller’s previous comments clearly conflict with the values of our organization and our continuous work to enhance relationships in all our diverse communities.

Rabbi Kaplan’s connection to Ms. Geller’s event posed a concern for York Regional Police as it would put our organization in conflict with our long-held position of inclusivity.

As a result, Rabbi Kaplan, a volunteer member of our service, was provided with additional information regarding the proposed guest speaker by Inspector Ricky Veerappan, the officer in charge of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bureau.

Subsequently, Rabbi Kaplan decided to cancel Ms. Geller’s appearance as it would place him in conflict with the values of our organization which support a safe, welcoming and inclusive community for all.

Reports that Rabbi Kaplan was ‘threatened’ by York Regional Police are a flagrant misrepresentation of the facts.

While York Regional Police supports Ms. Geller’s right to free speech, there is an expectation of all members of our organization to act in accordance with our values and the expectations of our community.

For more information contact Inspector Ricky Veerappan at 1-866-876-5423 ext. 6089.
May 2, 2013

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  • Géji

    Canadian immigrants? and you are??

  • Géji


    People like Geller, Spencer and co with their loudly speaking records to date for sure tell us they knows how to lie, when to lie and when it suits an quelconque agenda to lie. Example, lets say when we all established what the color green looks like and then one of us is shouting its red, KNOWING that red is different from green but still keeps on insisting without the substantial needed proof to claim contrary, I would say its trying to blinds us knowingly & purposely. And I would add that in Islamic language this may be the closest definition of what the term kufur means, meaning that of deliberate mislead.

  • Sam Seed

    Pfft! I like the truth, can’t stand lies. You want to believe she is telling the truth as it plays nicely to your mindset and preconceived notions about the Muslims and Islam, but I know she is lying. The fact is you are afraid of the truth and even if we produced proof that she is lying you would not want to believe it. If you had taken a neutral position you would know (from the ample documented facts on Loonwatch where she is shown to be lying) that she is lying and making big buck$. Islamophobia is a multi-million $ industry in the USA where ordinary no-hopers can become millionaires overnight, its is after all the ‘land of dreams’.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    “Arab nation flags?” You’re babbling Daniel. Take a breather.

    Really? What facts?

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  • It is hateful to promote lies that demonize a minority, even if we assume that Geller herself actually believes everything thing she says, ( which we have reason to doubt ) the over whelming major of what she says is based on paranoia and bigotry. The overwhelming majority of what she says is a gross exaggeration, if not a ridiculous conspiracy theory or out right lie.

  • Again with the Agenda 21 nonsense. Not surprised Lipkin still hasn’t given up that conspiracy.

  • golden izanagi

    speaking of crazy apparently there is a muslim plot to take over national parks

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Geller is not a truth teller, she’s a loon and hate preaching demagogue.

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    Maybe it’s some kind of equilibrium in a delicate balance of misinformation and believing her madness

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss
  • Reynardine

    I doubt there’s even that much cogency to it.

  • eslaporte

    Good for the York Police! Police cannot be seen to be biased toward any members of the community they serve. Police need legitimacy from the community they serve to make their job of public safety easier.

    Also – no mention of the hate group connections of “Ms. Geller?”

  • So isn’t this situation the same? A nutball trying to tell everyone that the “others” are ought to pay for what happened in the past?

  • Reynardine


  • Reynardine

    Another face lift, and she’ll die of hanging

  • Reynardine

    He was, if memory serves me, told to either sit down and behave, or hit the road, and he did the latter.

  • With people like Geller its often hard to tell if she’s lying or she actually believes the nonsense she’s spreading.

  • A Logical Response

    Like as if she’s ever said something that’s true. Honestly…

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the Boston bomber quicked out of his local Mosque for his insane views?

  • mindy1

    Glad she was kicked to the curb 😀

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