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‘Blast’ near Tipton mosque treated as ‘terrorist incident’



‘Blast’ near Tipton mosque treated as ‘terrorist incident’

A number of roads around Binfield Street in Tipton have been cordoned off after residents reported hearing a loud bang before finding nails and debris.

There are no reports of any injuries, West Midlands Police said, but streets were evacuated as a precautionary measure.

Tipton councillor Ian Jones said he was “very shocked”.

‘Finding debris’
A force spokesman said: “Police have been called to Binfield Street in Tipton this afternoon following reports of a loud bang.

“Some residents have reported finding debris in the area and finding nails.

“This is being investigated by forensic officers at the scene.”

BBC WM reporter Steve Hermon, who is at the scene, said he had been told by passers-by that prayers at the mosque were usually held there at 13:00 BST but had been moved back an hour on this occasion.

Among the road closures are parts of Sedgley Road East, Dudley Port, Jays Avenue, Tudor Court, Park Lane East, Crompton Road and Victoria Road.

Tipton councillor Mr Jones said he was “very shocked” at what had happened. said: “We have always had a stable relationship between different people in this community.

“This has always been a settled community where everyone lives together peacefully.”

Mr Jones told BBC WM it could not “go unnoticed” that the incident happened on the same day of the funeral of Fusilier Lee Rigby, who was killed in Woolwich in May.

West Midlands Police are still investigating an explosion which occurred near a mosque in Caldmore in Walsall last month.

About 150 people were evacuated from homes near Aisha Mosque and Islamic Centre after a device was found in an nearby alleyway.

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  • Yausari

    hey don’t get me wrong. RT has been a lot of BS lately.

  • JD

    What if they were muslim


    Protestants attack Belfast cops over blocked march

    BELFAST, Northern Ireland (AP) — Protestant hardliners attacked lines
    of Belfast riot police Friday as Northern Ireland’s annual mass marches
    by the Orange Order brotherhood reached a furious, chaotic end with
    running street battles at several conflict zones.

    In north
    Belfast, police in flame-retardant suits and helmets deployed a
    half-dozen armored cars to block a road so that Protestant Orangemen
    could not march past the edge of Ardoyne, a militant Catholic district
    that has become the most bitterly contested spot on the city map.

    jumped on top of the armored barricade and, as hundreds of marchers and
    supporters formed a sea of often alcohol-fueled fury behind them,
    wielded pipes, golf clubs, wood planks and even ceremonial swords to
    vandalize the police vans.

    Emboldened, some threw bottles and
    bricks point-blank into police lines. Many in the mob cheered as one
    policeman, struck and knocked semiconscious, was dragged to safety by

    Officers responded by firing a massive mobile water
    cannon at the rioters, propelling at least one shirtless man sideways
    off the roof of an armored car and on to the pavement, his forehead
    split open.

    But the Protestant crowd kept swelling and hurling
    objects into police lines, forcing officers to respond with volleys of
    snub-nosed plastic bullets in a failed bid to force the crowd to
    disperse or retreat.

    During melees that lasted for hours, police
    said at least 23 officers and several rioters were injured, as was the
    Protestant politician who represents north Belfast in British
    Parliament, Nigel Dodds.

    Dodds was struck in the head with a brick
    and knocked unconscious while talking to Orangemen standing near the
    police barricade. His Democratic Unionist Party, the largest in Northern
    Ireland, later said he had regained consciousness in Belfast’s Royal
    Victoria Hospital.

    Leaders of the Orange Order vowed to keep
    Protestants rallying to the confrontation zone until police caved in and
    permitted the march past Ardoyne.

    The police commander, Chief
    Constable Matt Baggott, said his force would stand its ground and gather
    video evidence against the many hundreds of rioters.

  • JD

    Huntington accounts also closed in Ohio, CAIR says

    Complaints that Huntington Bancshares and other banks are shutting down accounts of Muslims and
    Arab-Americans for no apparent reason aren’t just limited to Michigan, where a lawsuit was filed
    against Huntington this week over the practice.

    An attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Ohio, Romin Iqbal, said yesterday that
    banks, including Huntington and JPMorgan Chase & Co., have taken similar steps in Ohio against
    similar groups.

    In central Ohio, the group has received about a dozen complaints over the past six months, he
    said. They are primarily from Arabs and Pakistanis who own gas stations, grocery stores and other
    small businesses, he said.

    More complaints have been received in the Cleveland area, where Hindus from India also have been
    targets, he said.

    Iqbal said the Ohio council won’t join the Michigan lawsuit, because the group is based in Ohio,
    but it is reviewing information for possible action in the state.

    The actions have disrupted these businesses and, in some cases, essentially made them bankless
    because they have had trouble getting accounts at other banks, he said.“They’ve been asked en masse
    to take their business elsewhere,” he said. “These are people running legitimate businesses.”

  • JD

    Spectators who lined the July 4 route through downtown were treated
    to a wide variety of sights and sounds, among the approximately 110
    entrants in Round Rock Sertoma Club’s annual Independence Day parade.

    They saw soldiers in uniform, combat veterans on motorcycles and roller derby women on skates.

    They saw kids on bicycles and on horseback, Star Wars characters and men driving vintage cars.

    saw floats full of Republicans, Democrats and Vacation Bible Schoolers.
    They saw tumbling gymnasts, beauty queens in their tiaras and a high
    school marching band – plus Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, martial artists,
    Masons and the Knights of Columbus.

    They saw Maggie Moo and Uncle Sam.

    they did not see, however, was an entry from Bait-ul-Muqeet Mosque.
    Representatives from the Deepwood Drive house of worship had their
    parade application denied, with a Sertoma Club organizer citing what he
    called “safety reasons.”

    Members of the mosque said they don’t know why their presence in a July 4 parade would be considered disruptive.

    as a group feel we were denied an opportunity,” Yasir Mirza said one
    day before the July 4 parade. “We as Muslims feel we should be loyal to
    our country.”

    “I’m the one they approached,” said Will Williams,
    who’s been in charge of organizing the Sertoma Club’s July 4 parade for
    the past several years. “They had questions about why they were
    disapproved. They thought it was because they were Muslims. They were
    denied for safety reasons.”

    In separate interviews with the
    Leader, Mirza and Williams each agreed representatives from the mosque
    did not immediately have a copy or other representation of the banner
    they would be carrying, to be turned in with their application.

    said it would say [something like] ‘Muslims are peaceful and you should
    honor Muslims,’ Williams said in a July 3 interview. “It was all about
    Muslims. It isn’t what the July 4 parade is all about. I don’t want a
    controversy to ruin what we have worked so hard for.”

    Via email,
    Mirza provided the Leader with photographs of what he said would have
    been the two actual banners that would have been carried – had
    discussions with Sertoma gotten that far.

    One banner, decorated with a picture of an American flag, reads: “Muslims for Loyalty. Love for all – Hatred for none.”

    The other banner attributes a quote to the prophet Muhammad: “Love of one’s country of residence is part of faith.”

    Mirza said he wants to stress he did not contact the Leader about the parade issue – the Leader contacted him.

    Mirza then supplied electronic correspondence, between himself and Williams.

    June 14 Gmail from Williams to Mirza reads as follows: “Sir due to some
    safety issues for your group, and others I have given this a lot of
    thought and I have denied your app I would be happy to help you develop a
    relationship with the community of all Round Rock and we can talk about
    this for next year’s event. If you would like to talk more feel free to
    call me.”

    Mirza wrote back: “Can you explain the safety issues?”

    responded: “There is a lot of talk, of what people would do at the
    parade as the Chairman of the Parade, SAFETY IS FIRST, I understand what
    you want but I [have] got to think of everyone. Please put yourself in
    my place.”

    Rumors fly

    On July 1, Richard
    Ehrlich – a Vietnam veteran and former Round Rock resident – contacted
    the Leader, stating there was a rumor making the rounds.

    rumor, Ehrlich said, was that “a Muslim group” had been denied entry
    into the parade because they wanted to carry a banner promoting “jihad.”
    The word literally means “struggle,” but in the context of 21st century
    events often refers to “holy war” waged on behalf of Islam.

    rumor, Ehrlich said, was that the “Muslim group” might make trouble for a
    parade entry consisting of Gold Star Mothers who had lost children in

    Ehrlich said his first reaction was: “Over my dead body.”

    But then Ehrlich – who served as a Green Beret – said maybe the fears were part of an inaccurate rumor mill.

    “Maybe these are good Muslims trying to show their support for our country,” he said.

    any event, Ehrlich said, he and other members of the Combat Veterans
    Motorcycle Association would be out in force at the July 4 parade,
    protecting the Gold Star Mothers.

  • JD

    Protesters of Zimmerman acquittal march in Calif.

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Protesters angered by the acquittal of George Zimmerman held largely peaceful demonstrations in three California cities, but broke windows and started small street fires Oakland, police said.

    The gatherings Saturday night ranged from a few dozen to a couple hundred people turning out to protest the verdict in the Florida courtroom over the death of Trayvon Martin, and police said some of the demonstrations continued into the early hours Sunday.

    The Oakland police dispatch office said about 100 people protested, with some in the crowd breaking windows on businesses and starting small fires in the streets. As the protest wound down with the crowd dispersing, the office said that as of 2 a.m. PDT it had no word of any arrests.

    Local media reports said some Oakland marchers vandalized a police squad car and police formed a line to block the protesters’ path.

    The Oakland Tribune said some windows on the newspaper’s downtown offices were broken, and footage from a television helicopter show people attempting to start fires in the street and spray painting anti-police graffiti.

    Protesters also reportedly burned an American and a California state flag and spray painted Alameda County’s
    Davidson courthouse.

    because anger and riots over things are only going on in Muslim country

  • And also a “NATO conspiracy to commit genocide against the Serbs.”

  • Nisr Dimashq

    RT also tried to justify the genocide of Bosnian Muslims. While the Serbs were committing genocide, the Russians were supporting them. Look up articles about Bosnian Muslims raising a Bill Clinton statue, RT portrays Clinton as a “terrorist” and the Serbs as the victims, which is the most ridiculous thing ever.

  • Tighe McCandless

    Indeed. I once read someone describe it like this:

    “If Fox News were to tell you you only need the right wing of a plane to fly, then Russia Times would tell you you don’t need any at all.”

  • Oh – yes – “revenge attacks” and “reprisal attacks” – as if Muslims somehow are collectively responsible for Rigby’s murder?

    RT promoting “clash of civilizations” now? That then means Russia (Orthodox civilization) will be permanently OUT of Europe and in constant conflict with “the West.” This also means Greece and Serbia out of Europe as well, lol! Does RT want Russia (Orthodox civilization) to be in conflict with “the West?!”

    Also note that it’s also mass media, especially in Europe, promoting “clash” ideology.

  • I’m also going to check out if RT is and has been calling the brave men fighting in Syria “jihadists” just as the Dutch (surprise!, surprise!) are calling them “jihad tourists.” Some might be on al-Qaeda’s side — but not the majority – and some fighting in Syria have returned home to their European homes to face prosecution and jail. “Jihad tourism” is yet another way to demonize Muslims, especially those who have received any kind of combat training. Demonizing and criminalizing Muslims who have served in the military andor received any kind of combat training is the next frontier in Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate politics.

  • Well – that’s nice – but let’s see RT call those who did this bombing “terrorists” — and let’s see them continue to call these people terrorists in the future. RT is one of the main European purveyors of Islamophobic propaganda and conspiracy theories.

    If this bombing leads to the English Defense League – let’s see the European mass media — along with Europol and European police and intelligence services – call the EDL “a terrorist group” and continue to call it that in the future!!!

    The European mass media – like European police and security services – have a hard time thinking of Anders Breivik as a “terrorist.” I’d like to see RT call Breivik a “terrorist” – along with European police and security – a and start both radicalization and radical right terrorism seriously before anybody gets killed!

  • Use to also watch RT until they started getting into conspiracy theory mongering. They are also get into the notion that “Muslims are terrorists” and help spread Islamophobia just as bad as other European media outlets.

  • CriticalDragon1177

    I think just about everyone here feels the same way. Its upsetting when stuff like this happens.

  • Yausari

    RT called it terrorist attack.

  • Yausari

    Yeah heard the news. Thank God no one was hurt.

  • mindy1


  • Oh, of course, it will never be accepted as a “terrorist attack,” especially by the British government. “Terrorism,” after all, is something only Muslims do and “terrorists” can only be Muslims. This is only a “hate crime” and not a threat to national security.

    Nope, just like the EDL is just an “anti-Islam protest group” and nothing more …

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