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Midlands Mosque Bombs ‘were anti-Muslim terrorist campaign bid’


If it was reported that police believed Muslims were behind such a campaign of terrorism and bomb attacks you can be assured that this would be front page news across media outlets on both sides of the Atlantic. However when it is reported as an ‘anti-Muslim terror campaign’ there is considerably less attention.

What are the chances that these terrorist attacks are a direct consequence of the anti-Muslim campaign by Islamophobes and their enablers? The same individuals who inspired Anders Breivik?

Midlands mosque bombs ‘were anti-Muslim campaign bid’, police believe

(The Times UK)

Three bomb attacks at mosques in the West Midlands were an attempt to launch an anti-Muslim terrorist campaign, detectives believe.

The team investigating the attacks is linking all three devices which exploded in Walsall, Wolverhampton and Tipton in the run up to and during the early days of Ramadan.

The two individuals who have been arrested in the terrorist plot are originally from the Ukraine. While all the details and facts are not yet clear, such as what their background is or their motivations, the information that we are receiving is increasingly disturbing.

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