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NJ Muslim Woman Assaulted, Called ‘F**king Terrorist’ at NY Rally


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  • techkid90

    Of course they always attack a Muslim if its a girl. I doubt these islamophobes would have the balls to say such utter hatred to my face without pissing themselves when they realize how tall I seem up close. Bigots are cowards, people with a inferiority complex who have to hate on a group, especially one that is targeted by fellow bigots to make up for qualities they lack. They never attack the strong members but seek out the most vulnerable. Their hatred is the only thing that fills the void, which they can never satisfy. Eventually they are consumed by their hatred and reach a stage where they most likely beyond reasoning. Thanks to fascist organizations head by the likes of Gaffney, Geller, Spencer, and Gabriel, these bigots now have an outlet that serves as a buffet to feed their hatred. it’s no surprise the more a individual is overtaken by hate, the more likely they are to commit violence. But when the targets of these organizations grow in strength and fight back and society accepts that group, these hateful coalitions go into a frenzy.

  • Heinz Catsup

    Man WTF is wrong with some people?

  • Talking_fish_head

    They were shouting “Baltagya” which is Egyptian Arabic for Hooligan or Barbarian.

  • mindy1

    Love that clip 😀

  • mindy1

    Jeez what an ass >:(

  • Abdulkarim Tam

    i dont know exactly….lts like “how dare you”

  • Abdulkarim Tam

  • rookie

    What kind of rally was that? And what did the crowd shout after the incident?

  • Jon Diamond

    Yet another wanna be American hero attacking a woman.

    This is the kind of action that the loons try to use against Muslims. They say we are disrespectful and violent of women. What was that?

    What I posted in the story about the woman on the bus, harassed because she is wearing a hijab, also applies here. This loser did not have the courage to pick on a man. Instead he went after a woman.

    He is also very lucky he did not do this in Texas. Because he is such a big guy, his hands can be considered deadly weapons and he could face stiff penalties for assaulting someone.

    Then again, many people in Texas have a concealed handgun licenses. He probably would not have lasted too long down here.

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