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Vandals splatter mosque in Quebec’s Saguenay, region with possible pig blood


Vandals splatter mosque in Quebec’s Saguenay, region with possible pig blood

The Canadian Press

CHICOUTIMI, Que. – Police in Quebec’s Saguenay region have been called in after a local mosque was vandalized over the weekend — splattered with what could be pig blood.

Representatives of the area’s small Muslim community say they believe it to be an isolated incident, and Saguenay Mayor Jean Tremblay agrees.

Contacted by The Canadian Press Sunday, Tremblay said he was shocked by what he termed an “isolated and stupid” act of intolerance against a place of worship.

The mayor insisted that most local residents would also be appalled by the attack.

“That’s not the mentality people in the region have… All it takes is one or two stupid people for something like this to happen,” he said in an interview.

He said the incident undermines the community’s efforts to welcome diversity.

“This isn’t the way to show we have an open mind,” he said.

A letter was also sent to the mosque and to the local Radio-Canada station spouting anti-Islamic rhetoric.

Hussein Hassan, co-founder of the mosque, said he believes the actions are the work of “fanatics” and “unbalanced people” or “jokers,” who are not representative of the citizens of Saguenay.

Denis Harvey, lieutenant in the Saguenay police service, said inciting hatred against a religious group is prohibited by the Criminal Code — and this incident will be investigated.

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  • 1DrM

    How can I read your mind when it’s not there? Don’t have to be a mind reader to read between the lines.

  • Treaclebeak

    “You’re just trying to justify attacks on mosques.” So you think that you can read my mind? Is that when you wear your magic hat or all the time?

  • 1DrM

    I’d characterize your reply as disingenuous and moronic at best. What does Egypt have to do with this? NOTHING. You’re just trying to justify attacks on mosques.

  • Treaclebeak

    I’d characterize your reply as ad hominem.

    What’s your opinion on the degree of criminality involved in burning down a church in Egypt compared with spraying a mosque with pig’s(?) blood in Canada. Do you have one?

  • Christian-Friend

    It may not have been violent, but it was still uncalled for.

  • Treaclebeak


    “Loon violence”, “violence”? Very amusing, how would you categorise the burning of Coptic churches in Egypt?

  • alexandre

    the separation question has never been about being more french but about having a completely different culture than the ROC and trying to protect it. Some people feel it is about rectifying history by quitting the country that was made to control the Quebecker. Others believe the question is about a more sane management of quebec’s finances, so there won’t be the need of Quebeckers to pay double the price for
    some ministries that Quebec has decided the ROC is mismanaging (nature
    and fauna, arts…). More and more people now believe that separation
    is about getting away from the growing number of people like you through
    the ROC, accusing Quebec of everything, bashing the culture and doing broad generalization.

  • Jon Diamond

    There are people in Quebec that feel their state should secede from Canada. They say they are more French than Canadian. With actions like these, I do not doubt them.

  • Reynardine

    Let’s hope it’s no worse kind of blood.

  • Talking_fish_head

    People should contact PETA about this

  • mindy1

    All the effort people put into hate, too bad it can’t be harnessed for good

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