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Exclusive: The Crusader Sub-Culture in the US Military

Exclusive: The Crusader Sub-Culture in the US Military

Jacob Hausner

The US military’s “Islam problem” captured news headlines even before ‘s 2012 breaking story about a military course teaching soldiers that the USA was at “war with Islam.” Since 2007 the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) and its founder Mikey Weinstein have diligently documented violations of religious freedom within the military. During that time many of MRFF’s documentation of violations have included cases of anti-Islam/Muslim propaganda and activities.

In addition to these very troubling stories reported in the mainstream press and by rights organizations, Islamophobia Today has uncovered facts indicating that the pervasive “Crusader” sub-culture within the ranks of Islamophobes isn’t limited to internet forums and blogs but also exists within the US Military.

Anti-Muslim/Islam and pro-Crusader themes tied to military-use paraphernalia, including: T-Shirts, insignias, bullet coating, rifle scope cases as well as tattoos inscribed “Kafir,” and “Infidel” have become common within a sub-set of the US military.

Many soldiers have expressed deep concern about this Crusader sub-culture. A growing network of e-stores, as well as large chains such as SEARS (online) to this day are selling the aforementioned anti-Muslim/Islam commodities.

Most troubling, Crye Precision, which is under Department of Defense contract for the production of Multicam camouflage for the US Military is also involved in the anti-Muslim/Islam trade with a brand of “Infidel” themed clothing wear and accessories.

Allow me to provide some examples:

USMC Marine with "Kafir"/Infidel Tattoo

USMC Marine with “Kafir”/Infidel Tattoo

Possible Navy SEAL (AOR pattern 1 camouflage- exclusive to Navy SEALS) with a menagerie of patches including “Infidel strong”, “Hadji Don’t Surf”

Possible Navy SEAL (AOR pattern 1 camouflage- exclusive to Navy SEALS) with a menagerie of patches including “Infidel strong”, “Hadji Don’t Surf”
“Infidel strong”

“Infidel strong”

“Hadji Don’t Surf

“Hadji Don’t Surf

U.S. ARMY 3rd infantry division soldier- photo #1

U.S. ARMY 3rd infantry division soldier- photo #1

Army 3rd ID soldier- photo #2 “infidel” tattoo

Army 3rd ID soldier- photo #2 “infidel” tattoo

USAF Helicopter Crewman with “Infidel” patch

USAF Helicopter Crewman with “Infidel” patch

"Infidel Patch"

“Infidel Patch”

U.S. ARMY 10th Mountain Division soldier in Wardak Providence, Afghanistan, 2009. “Kafir” tattoo

U.S. ARMY 10th Mountain Division soldier in Wardak Providence, Afghanistan, 2009. “Kafir” tattoo

Unknown SPEC OPS soldiers (Crye Precision Multicam uniform, OPS-CORE “FAST” ballistic helmet; both products designated to SPEC OPS community) conducting training in northern California. “Hadji Don’t Surf” patch

Unknown SPEC OPS soldiers (Crye Precision Multicam uniform, OPS-CORE “FAST” ballistic helmet; both products designated to SPEC OPS community) conducting training in northern California. “Hadji Don’t Surf” patch

“Hadji Don’t Surf

“Hadji Don’t Surf

German soldier, Afghanistan. Part of the NATO ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) forces. Note that the patch is in Arabic as well as English so that the meaning isn’t obscured.

German soldier, Afghanistan. Part of the NATO ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) forces. Note that the patch is in Arabic as well as English so that the meaning isn’t obscured.

The anti-Islam sub-culture that degrades and dehumanizes the Muslim ‘other’ has given rise to online e-stores that seek to fill the special niche of serving officers with the most dehumanizing representations of Muslims and Islam, as well as selling pro-Crusader images and insignia. Those involved are not only small online retailers, but such large and well know retailers as Crye Percision (manufactures all camoflague for US military) and SEARS.

For a country that has invaded two Muslim nations, continues drone strikes in several more and suffers from a severe deficit of trust with 1.5 billion Muslims, claiming to want to seek to “win hearts and minds” may well be viewed in an altogether different, more cynical light.

There are a number of internet businesses that propagate this culture. Two of the more well known sites to purchase “infidel” clothing and accessories are and is the manufacturer/e-retailer of the: “Infidel,” “Infidel Strong,” “Pork Eating Crusader, and “Hadji Don’t Surf” patches shown in the body of this report. especially caters to military, law enforcement, and aficionados with their infidel t-shirt line:

"Infidel" t-shirt and cap.

“Infidel” t-shirt and cap.

"American Infidel"--Arabic & English

“American Infidel”–Arabic & English

One retailer to take note of is Crye Precision.

What makes them stand out in particular is the fact that Crye is the manufacturer of Multicam, which is the new camouflage for all US armed forces. Crye is also under DOD contract to produce newer camouflage for the Department of Defense as well as (of 2012) to supply uniforms to US forces.

Crye’s side project apart from the Department of Defense contracts is a line of product called the “Major League Infidel” line. The most alarming part of this is that Crye manufactures camouflage and uniforms for the US Military and manufactures this brand of infidel products (which are also aimed towards service personnel). Here are some examples of what one can find at :


One of the most alarming aspects of this cottage industry may be that the “infidel” label is creeping into the mainstream. I came across Kafir/Infidel items for sale at a major retailer, SEARS.

From rifle scope covers to t-shirts and more, SEARS is selling all the aforementioned on their website:


Sold at SEARS: Eotec rifle scope case with Kafir/Infidel embedded in it


Sold at SEARS: Kafir/Infidel t-shirt

“Alarming” may be an understatement:  American military personnel are purchasing these goods and are displaying them in theater. One wonders what the indigenous Afghani and Iraqi citizens, police, contractors, and military personnel feel/felt when they see/saw US soldiers wearing these items?

Another extremely concerning aspect within this industry of hate is a product called Silver Bullet Gun Oil (, or SBGO.

It is quite clear what Silver Bullet Gun Oil is used for by the rhetoric on their websites blog:


SBGO claims that it sends Muslims ‘straight to hell’ if a shooter uses the product in their weaponry. I should point out that the gun oil contains 13% liquified pork fat and that it is directly marketed towards coalition soldiers and law enforcement in Western nations:




This product is symptomatic of a greater Islamophobia that permeates deeper than clothing and tattoos. Because the product (reportedly) sends “Allahs’ followers to HELL”, or at least– that is the language employed by it’s manufacturer– one can say that it is actively pushing an agenda of Holy War against Muslims, as that is the language employed throughout the website:


While the US Military took action against Sgt. Dooley, suspending him for teaching courses that discussed “total war on Islam,” it is vital that the military also address the Crusader sub-culture within its midst.

A corrective course of action that both acknowledges the existing sub-culture and makes amends where it can is the only way to nip such sentiments in the bud. The belief that the USA’s “War on Terror” is really a “War Against Islam” is widespread in Muslim nations, by not addressing these issues the military will provide AlQaeda and its affiliates with a propaganda coup.

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    And Muslims throwing acid in women’s faces, their constant beheading’s, stoning’s, suicide bombing’s etc., etc., aren’t sick?

  • Jaxon Vindictus

    Being a Muslim is OK as long as you’re not a woman. Then you’re just a piece of property one step below a goat. When’s the last time a Muslim has done ANYTHING positive for America? The entire “religion” is based on violence. The Medieval European Crusades weren’t foundational to Christianity so pointing to those is akin to beating a dead horse. (Or your wife. You choose.) You can belly-ache and get butt-hurt all you want but the fact remains that Islam is a joke.


    Say what you will about these people. Personally, I would hire any ex military sporting a infidel tat before a liberal.

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    Ezra Pound was the man and he knew Judiasm was the problem. We ALL know the deal now.

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    I’m guessing everyone else that if your argument is prefaced with “OMG” here, it’s probably best if you show yourself the door on your own.

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    No, the US military is not “mostly Evangelical.” No, the US military is not the most ardent supporter of Israel. No, Hashem does nothing of the sort. No, the American “super Zionists” do not number 100 million. And no, exaggerations and outright lies arguments do not make.

    But I tell you one thing: it should be a serious moral challenge for any reasoning mind -and you may be one, I can’t tell – that a certain religious group supports a certain other religious group’s state solely because that state must exist until a set time, only to be obliterated when that time comes. On top of which the group to be obliterated doesn’t even accept as a matter faith what the predictors of obliteration hold dear.

    So that my words don’t remain minced, I am saying the Evangelicals who unequivocally support the state of Israel and its actions do so largely for a purpose, one that includes the grand finale of Armageddon and obliteration of the state of Israel and its people. One could go crazy thinking in circles about this whole thing.

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    You really need some new material, Fat Rat. Your HasbaRat marketing dept. is feeding you some very stale propaganda. When you reassert via an article link that “Evangelical Leaders Still Support Iraq War”, it might actually help your case if this information were not SIX YEARS OLD and cited more than ZERO PRO-ISRAEL REASONS for this support! That is one messed up definition of “Still”, and absolutely no “Support” for your racist cause whatsoever. Your other article is approaching four years old, and it was just an opinion piece by some lone Texas pastor. Moreover, you flagrantly plagiarized your entire last paragraph from this article.

    That paragraph and both of your citations in general emphasize one very salient point though: it is not so much that some Christians are for a racist, Nazi-style, state of Israel, as it exists today, but rather they are against an alleged “hatred of America” by a personified bogeyman called “Islam”, which academic research, worldwide polling, statistics on terrorism, AND textual analysis of Islamic doctrine have ALL thoroughly debunked as utter nonsense. By contrast, this “pastor” is merely parroting the same fact-free propaganda about this “Islam person” “hating America” and “hating our freedoms” that you and your HasbaRat colleagues are constantly ranting about, as if repetition will somehow make it true. This is not Yahoo, moron. On Loonwatch, that kind of howling idiocy is just making you look like a certifiable loon. Thanks again for the entertainment though.

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    I don’t hate sinners, I hate their sins. Judaism was and still is the original crime against humanity.

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    I understand your perspective, just to be clear, I don’t think that people should choose sides, there are lots of issues, mostly historic, where there has been a historical divide and this will not change. Hardcore leftist are the ones who decide to choose their side on all issues, and vice versa for hardcore rightist, whereas most people pick and choose, this is your case, I’m not that different, I disagree with the left with its anti-religious approach, but I’m 95% leftie when it comes to economics and state involvement, this is mostly it.
    Regarding the US, I think there is a general trend where I think its political system is very right wing oriented, the republicans are clearly on that end, whereas the democrats would be classified as center right in Europe, and the Obamacare debate illustrated that, this debate would have never taken place in that way in any country, and Fox news demonize anyone who is not as crazy as they are.
    Agreed on the lefties who become all indulgent with Obama.

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