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Marine Le Pen: France’s Palin Has Been Watching Too Much “Homeland”


The Front National has been enjoying a surge in popularity with a poll suggesting 24% of the French populace backs the fascist party.

That may change however after the leader of the FN, Marine Le Pen, remarked that a group of freed French hostages have “astonishing beards” and could have “Stockholm syndrome,” i.e. they may be secret Muslims.

Clearly she’s been watching too much Homeland, a show that paints every Muslim as a “fifth columnist” and terrorist threat.

Le Pen hints at ‘Homeland’ radicalisation of French hostages


Thierry Dol, Daniel Larribe, Pierre Legrand and Marc Féret were given a heroes’ welcome when they returned to France on Wednesday after being freed from a three-year hostage ordeal at the hands of al Qaeda-linked militants in Africa’s desert Sahel region.

President François Hollande was on hand to greet the four men, kidnapped in Niger in 2010, as they arrived at Villacoublay military airfield near Paris.

But it seems not all French politicians were so eager to welcome the freed hostages back to France.

In an interview with French radio on Thursday, Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right National Front party, appeared to hint that she fears the men may have become radicalised by their captors while in Africa, in a theory reminiscent of the plot of the US TV series Homeland.

Beards, clothes ’require some explanation’

Le Pen said the men’s manner and appearance – including their clothing and facial hair – had left her “sceptical”.

“I felt uncomfortable seeing those images,” she told Europe 1. “I think I wasn’t the only one. I found their extremely reserved manner astonishing, I found their clothing astonishing.”

Pressed to explain, she continued: “They seemed to be images of men who were very reserved, two with beards cut in an astonishing manner, the clothing was strange. And the hostage with the scarf on his face … All this requires some explanation on their part.”

The interviewer then asks if she is suggesting the men may have been Islamicised during their three years as hostages.

“I’m not a psychiatrist,” she replied. “I am expressing the feelings I had, which I think were shared by a lot of the French public. I’m not going to make theories, it would not be my place.”

All four men were working at a uranium mine in Arlit, in the north of Niger, when they were taken hostage. Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claimed responsibility for their kidnapping.

Another two French citizens are still being held hostage in the Sahel.

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  • giltedged

    It is amazing that Marine le Pen who heads a party without any funds is the most popular politician in France.

    It is also amazing that left wing and right wing parties in many countries ( the local liblabcons) in Europe together with the media are combining in a futile attempt to stop populist parties

  • The greenmantle

    I was reading Le Point today ( nô I did not buy such a rightwing rag) And I was amused to read a whole page on this issue under the heading ” the mask slips ” suggesting that the carefully constucted public mask of the Nice reasonable mummy figure of Marine slipped to reveal the racist underneath.
    Hard words indeed .
    My goodness if Le Point notices you are racist then it would have to be really out there!

    Sir David

  • Ummer

    And believes it like Alex Jones mentions how cops tear after watching those types of pro-government Homelandesque movies literally believing it. In fact I caught my sister tearing up at TV pro school propaganda.

  • Tanveer Khan

    I never thought it was right. I was just saying how, even though I knew from the very start it was wrong, hearing other people talk about it made me extremely curious and before long my curiosity and desire to watch it reached its peak. But yes, I agree with you, popularity doesn’t make a thing “right”.

  • The greenmantle

    Never be confused by things being popular being “right ” being popular is only being popular.
    Cock fighting, bear baiting , public hanging , wife beating , burning witches and slavery were all once popular it never made it right .
    Sir David

  • Tanveer Khan

    Curiosity. So many people around me talking about it that I just had to watch it, even though I know it’s wrong.

  • Seeker

    Why would you do that ? I’m just glad you didn’t share the video.

  • The greenmantle

    I have to disagree with your statement

    just like her father was

    It should read
    just like her father is
    The holocaust denying homophobic racist is still alive
    Sir David

  • Mehdi

    What an idiot she is, the post reactions were pathetic, the FN leaders said “No she didn’t mean that”, “No she meant what she said”, etc. etc.
    The worst thing in French politics is not that the FN is popular (mostly because of the economic crisis), but the fact that mainstream parties (especially on the right) are emulating their ideas and program.

  • Jon Diamond

    No wonder she would say something so ignorant. She watches that idiotic show.

  • Tanveer Khan

    I know right? I don’t know when they were released but they could have at least complimented some nice evening they experienced sometime before they were abducted.

    Le Soir

    La lune est rouge au brumeux horizon;
    Dans un brouillard qui danse, la prairie
    S’endort fumeuse et la grenouille crie
    Par les joncs verts ou circule un frisson.

    Les fleurs des eaux referment leurs corolles;
    Des peupliers défilent aux lointains
    Droits et serrés, leurs spectres incertains ;
    Vers les buissons errent les lucioles ;

    Les chats-huants s’eveillent, et sans bruit
    Rament l’air noir avec leurs ailes lourdes,
    Et le zénith s’emplit de lueurs sourdes.
    Blanche, Venus émerge, et c’est la nuit.

    See? I just copy and pasted a poem and I just watched a video of a woman being beheaded (smh).

  • Talking_fish_head

    Its the lack of brain cells and hate of anything different
    thats why I classify racism as a mental illness

  • Seeker

    ” I’m not going to make theories, it would not be my place.” Er, right.
    What a pity the released hostages were ” reserved ” instead of spouting French poetry.

  • moraka

    Lets hope this bites her hard! in the ass.

  • mindy1

    Uh maybe they looked that way because they were given the bare minimum of care and could not groom properly?? WTF is with these people

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    “Directly asked if she was likening the men’s plots to that of Nicholas
    Brody in the smash-hit TV thriller Homeland, she said she was not a
    psychiatrist but added that people taking captive can suffer ‘Stockholm

    Read more:

  • Jon Diamond

    I can explain. When they were held hostage, the last thing on their mind was shaving. They had more pressing concerns.

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