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Geller: Oppose Resolution Condemning Ethnic Cleansing In Burma


Geller: Oppose Resolution Condemning Ethnic Cleansing In Burma

Pamela Geller is telling her fellow anti-Muslim activists to convince Congress to reject a resolution “urging the Government of Burma to end the persecution of the Rohingya people and respect internationally recognized human rights for all ethnic and religious minority groups within Burma.”

The Rohingya minority have faced vicious persecution in Burma, but Geller accuses them of “waging jihad in Burma.”

Various human rights groups and media outlets, along with groups from the Heritage Foundation to the Brookings Institute, have described the persecution of the Rohingya in Burma as ethnic cleansing.

But not Geller.

She claims that the Rohingya are to blame for the atrocities against them because of a bombing at a Buddhist shrine in India by the Islamic [sic] extremist Indian Mujahideen, and is demanding activists stop the resolution from turning into a “battering ram to impose Islam on small, defenseless countries.”

Anytime Buddhist monks have to carry guns for self-defense, it’s a good bet that the Religion of Peace is involved.

Muslims are waging jihad in Burma. But the Buddhists aren’t having it. Muslim Brotherhood groups in the US are agitating for UN intervention. Scroll and read Hamas-CAIR’s call for support of US resolution 418 calling for intervention. Please contact your Congressmen and Senators and tell them to VOTE NO on resolution 418. We have seen this before. It led to President Clinton sending US troops to fight for the Bosnian Muslims against the Christian Serbs, leading to the establishment of the first Islamic state in Europe (Kosovo).

Support the Buddhists in Burma. Seriously. Do this. I am in Boston, as our free speech lawsuit is being heard today, but I will be working the phones, and so should you. Burma is 90% Buddhist. These are a peaceful people. The Muslims have brought war to Burma. Bodh Gaya, the holiest site for the Buddhists the world over, was bombed in a series of Islamic terror attacks. Hamas-CAIR must be stopped from using the most powerful government in the world as its battering ram to impose Islam on small, defenseless countries.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    Beware, they are just preparing that grim fate for you.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Exclude this half-Serb/half Kukluxer, 100% cetnik genocidal crusader fiend from here

  • Friend of Bosnia

    100 Serbian youth standing side by side with the Republika Srpska Police in Bjeljina.Yeah. Who organzed a pro-Mladic demonstration. Some resistance. Soem defense. Actually most Serbs face the same problems as the people in the Federacija but are too much afraid to speak out because of course in “RS” the “Putinization” of Bosnia is sadly much more in advance. But they will speak out. YOU will see.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yeah, shout…

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Like I said, I wis you Godspeed. More and more people must join in now to revbverse the “Putinization” of Bosnia-Herzegovina which has been going on for much too long.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    I was just talking about their solidarity you evil manipulator.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Not only that. Greater serbo fascism with its 19th century and medieval ideas of racial and religious purity too.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Well, just like that Jacob R. character. No matter how often he says he wants Muslims to thrive. He doesn’t fool me. They should forbid him to post here.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    That is what evil manipulators like Jacob R. would like to see. So that they can have a pretext to embark on a new round of anti-Bosniak crusade and get rid of the Bosniaks for good…

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Beware of that evil manipulator.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    So now what, you islamophobic fiend? Since you have taken your time and effort to track me here, and going by your statements so far, I must assume that if we ever met across the dividing line in Bosnia, you would, if you could, shoot me without even blinking. What next, will you try to find out my real name and address, so you or some thugs sent by you can come and beat me up, or worse? Should I get myself a gun?
    Fortunately, where live we still have law and order, and a functioning police, so I would very well advise nobody to try, the penalty for assault can be up to 15 years in prison here.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    That you dare show up here. With all your malice and your Greater Serb bile. With your inhuman notiontha the Bosniaks must be erduced to the Palestinians of Europe.

  • Jacob R.

    Actually, there was a protest in Banja Luka where literally 30 people came. More people in the streets were walking by and laughing at them. Then in Bjeljina a bus full of Bosniaks from the neighbouring Federation crossed into Republika Srpska to incite violence. This was met by 100 Serbian youth standing side by side with the Republika Srpska Police in Bjeljina. After an hour and a half of seeing there was nothing they could do, the Bosniaks got back on there bus and went back to their homeland.

    Republika Srpska was defended today. And the Bosniak expansionists were defeated.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    has the revolution started? Will it succeed?
    Anyway, it seems that even people in “RS” show the protesters their solidarity. Are they finally coming to their senses?
    Ah, if I could hear them say, as they did during the revolution in East Germany, “We are the people! We are one people!”
    But it’s terrible that someone has destroyed the National Archives which had survived the war. If it hasn’t been copied to microfilm or digitalized, or if there aren’t copies of documents in Istanbul or Vienna then another irreplaceable part of your past is lost…

    Why didn’t they store such important things in Tito’s old nuclear-bomb proof shelter near Konjic, out of harm’s way?
    As for the serbofascist commenters on BI, I can’t unfortunately rebuke them any more. Unless I get a new account. I’m not very much in a hurry to do that. Anyway, let them shout all they want…
    You are the people, they are not.
    May Allah (swt) bless you all. You have just Him over you. But you all know, you can’t expect of Him to fill out the tactical details for you. That’s YOUR job. The All-Merciful will have done all a human being can expect if He restores confidence to your hearts and keeps the fear down in your hearts and out of your voices (because you all will feel great fear, it’s a cinch that you are in bad trouble, it’s natural to feel fear in such a situation, keep it under control, don’t let your fear overwhelm you) This is maybe the only chance you’ve got. Make the most of it. I wish you all success in the world.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Dear Suada,
    It’s been good to have known a kindred spirit.
    I won’t be coming back to BI anytime soon. That twerp (you know which ome) has managed to utterly infuriate me. I have tried to give him back his hatred and disdain. Whenever I read that person, the word “bastard” comes to mind. Someday it was inevitable that I said it. So, now these idiots have banned me from posting on BI. Oh, they always had a a certain pro-Greater Serb bias. I can’t think much of a web site that allows such a massive amount of Bosniak-baiting and anti-Bosnia hate speech. Anyway, from here I can’t help.
    When I think of the events in Tuzla right now, I can only say I hope this will spread. If only the people who are now in “repluka Srpska” would finally wake up too and realize how they have been deceived …

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes. That’s very very right. Like always, it’s very encouraging to read you.

    Please forgive me. Your suffering is far, far greater than mine. Like Ezmana’s too. Even though I have lost my wife, if not in war (even though to me it’s the same).

    Anyway, I should not bellyache to you, but instead thank Allah (swt) that so far I have been spared of real pain and evil.

    I hope, next time around I can tell you only good news; or something to disaqualify and ridicule the enemies of the Bosnian people further. You know they are dear to my heart. Don’t ask me why, it is so.

    Of course I’m angry because I never hear a voice of dissent from the Serb side. Then it’s easy to think of them as spiteful and callously disdainful if not outright hateful.

    Maybe it’s not even out of spite.

    Many ordinary people just have shut their hearts to their fomer neighbors’ suffering, most probably because if they looked for the truth they would recoil in horror and be overwhelmed with shame and feelings of guilt. Difficult to decide if one should despise or just pity them. Maybe both.

    How will this all come together?

    Maybe some day your efforts will be crowned by success (please note I’m not telling you what you should do; you have had enough of that; besides that most of your people, if they have at least a modicum of common sense will know what needs to be done) Then it can be that the leadership of “RS” will see no othe way than resort to violence. Of course it will be very difficult for them to repeat what they did under Milosevic, and try to crush the Bosnians for good. You have already told me why, no need to go into it again. Only, be prepared for it. You told me you could beat them; hopefully it will not have to come to that. You must know. If there is any way I can help, just let me know.

    I have read your other posts, I see you’re very smart and knowledgeable. And witty; I have never heard you express hate or anger. I wish I could do likewise.

    May Allah (swt) bless you, and all those who think like you. You are good people.

  • Oh come on, I read anti-Muslim and anti-Bosnian diatribes from Chetniks on the internet all the time. Yes, it causes me hurt (I lost several members of my family, my home and my dignity), but one simple has to learn to ignore it. It is after all, the internet ;), people like Jacob R. are a fringe minority.

    It’s highly telling that even Spencer has distanced himself from the denialist position on Srebrenica advanced by Geller and co, and is reluctant to openly identify with such a rotten cause. Whereas Geller denies the massacre, openly referring to it as a ‘hoax’ among other things, Spencer has on Twitter accused people of being ‘smear artists’ and liars for attributing such views to him, and has posted a ‘rebuttal’ to the charge on his website where he claims he never denied the massacre. Of course, Spencer
    has vacillated over what his own view on Srebrenica is, and has bought into a lot of the denialist case – denying the fact of genocide, blaming the victims and casting doubt on the death toll, But it is indicative that even the guru of ‘counter-jihadism’ himself is embarrassed to have the denialist position attributed to him outright.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    I don’t think I can stand the anti-Bosnia and anti-Muslim diatribe and manipulation of that Jacob R. or Heinrich Myersen and other such much longer. It really gets on my nerves. It actually causes me physical pain. It makes me feel sick and my heart seizes up. If I had the misfortune to meet such and individual face to face I have the very strong notion of killing kim. Because these individuals are beyond good and evil. They are the Nazis of our time but on BI I can’t say that (that they are Nazis of course.)

  • Friend of Bosnia

    May Allah have mercy on the Palestinians, Burmese and Sri Lankan Muslims, Bosniaks, Syrians, etc., they really have a miserable life living with these anti-Muslim lunatics and their fantasy world.

    Patience,for Allah is the one who knows and hears, so I’ve been told.
    But maybe the only hope and reward is really in Dzennet, for those who were slain by the enemies of Muslims. No longer in this life on this Earth. For the Palestinians, Burmese, Sri Lankan, Bosniann and Syrian Muslims there is only oppression, discrimination, destruction, misery, despair and death.

    (And thank you for the up-check Suada, I really appreciate that you took your time to read)

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Dear Suada, please read Marko Attila Hoare’s latest interview with Dnevni Avaz (I don’t know how far this is to be trusted but I do see Marko Attila Hoare as a friend of Bosnia) and weep.
    It can happen to you. Grassroots activism is not enough. Trying to convince part of the Bosnian Serbs is basically OK, but I think the proportion of Jovan Divjaks (or Oskar Schindlers) among the is tiny. Besides that you haven’t got the time. Marko has outlined quite clearly and plausibly how the enemies of Bosnia could triumph and turn it into a Gaza Strip and in the end finish it off in the same way as the Castilians finished off the Kingdom of Granada and ethnically cleansed Spain of Muslims. History repeats itself. You’ve got five years at most. Then the fate of Bosnia-Herzegovina will be decided.
    Tell your friend Link not to give himself to illusions. You will need a very large army, maybe every Bosniak man and woman who is physically able. And even so you may be defeated but if this is so at least take down with you as many of them as you can.
    I’m no longer young and strong. Yet, I will come to be at your side when it happens. Maybe I will be killed as the 8,347 victims of Srebrenica were. But if mankind lets such a monstrosity as the Greater Serb project happen and just shrugs it off, if Milosevic, Karadzic and Mladic are allowed to triumph out of the grave or jail, if Assad, Putin and Yanukovych and the likes are let to triumph, then this world is no longer worth living in it and to qoute Douglas Adams “life is wasted on the living.” Why? just look what most people make of it.

    Nobody should seek death. But I could not stand living to see the fate of the Spanish Muslims repeated in your people. You are convinced that you can stand your ground. Ah, if we only knew. Let me join you in your fight. Actually I’m not particularly good at it and very much afraid of dying but if you will take me as a friend it will at least not be that lonely. And may Allah forgive me.
    And disregard my message below. Europe will be so foolish to tolerate a Gaza Strip in its backyard. Out of Islamophobia and shortsighted foolishness.
    And please reply….I’m counting on you.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    You are from Zvornik? Incidentally, the girl I loved in 1993-95 (and would have married too if I had had the means) happens to be from Zvornik or from Divic. Her maiden name is Hadziavdic; oh, sure there were many people with that name around; today who knows … it was two young girls and their mother; they said the Serbs had killed all or most of their male relatives… what may have become of them…
    Anyway, to see the same thing happening elsewhere as mentioned here in Burma; to see a helpless population being trampled and its cultural heritage destroyed by a ruthless tyrant’s minions and blind crazy fanatics as is being done in Syria today; a devastation not seen since the days of the Mongol invasion, is almost too much to bear for me.
    It’s so true what you said; the Serbs really fought a coward’s war in Bosnia and when faced with opponents who fought back they ran like rabbits; maybe they’ll think twice before they try that again; as you have so often said they’re no longer the only ones to have gubs; hopefully also no longer the only ones to have heavier equipment.
    Again, thank you very much for the good advice about serbo fascist comments on BI. As long as you don’t see them in official Serb media it’s all right. But if they start appearing there, better get ready, and better than last time too. If you say you can do it, I will from now believe you can and try to keep that in mind whenever I stumble over another piece of Greater Serb psychological warfare.

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