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Why are Christian Militias never “Christian Extremists”?

Christian mobs attack Muslims in Central African Republic

A Christian man chases a Muslim with a dagger.

Why are Christian Militias never “Christian Extremists”?

By Juan Cole (Informed Comment)

The dramatic events in the Central African Republic no doubt seem distant and complex for a North American audience. CAR is geographically as large as France, but with a population of only 4.5 million (similar to Lebanon or Costa Rica). It consists roughly of 25% Muslim, 25% Protestant Christian, 25% Catholic Christian, and 25% adherents of African faiths.

Last spring, the Seleka coalition of Muslim clans made a coup, which has provoked Christian-Muslim faction-fighting. Christians have organized militias, which they maintain are self-defense forces aimed at expelling Seleka goons from their villages or neighborhoods. In the fighting, some 440,000 people have been displaced.

The anti-Balaka Christian militia massacred 24 Muslims this week. Whereas Selaka is often called extremists in the US press, the Christian militias are almost never called “extremist Christians.” Moreover, Western press reports imply that the massacre is understandable since these Seleka members are connected to high-ranking Seleka coup-makers.

While Western press reports do speak of Christian militia members, on the American side the E-word was little applied. But surely massacring 24 non-combatant people is extreme.

The BBC reports:

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Christian Mobs Attack Muslims in CAR

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  • Guess

    The “9-11” terrorist-call pays far and wide!

  • Reynardine

    Our Christian extremists are called “congressmen. “

  • Amie

    Mentioning militant atheists is a taboo in the modern world. They call them modernists, secularists, humanists and those who advocate human rights. Of course, there are atheists who fit those descriptions, but militant atheists certainly do not. Yet, no one is allowed to say so without being called an extremist, backward or similar.

  • Yes, I know the death penalty is justified by New Testament interpretations. Some of us believe something different that does not justify the death penalty.

    Also – I’m wondering how much more militant atheist-humanists play in whipping up Islamophobia that so-called Christians. I understand that there was an atheist student group connected to the “gender segregation” controversy.

    The atheists are the usual suspects forcing secularism on us all.

  • Amie

    The only time Christians are called “extremists” is if they support ideas that are not of secular nature such as: homosexual marriages, keeping ten commandments in schools or courts, etc. When there is violence committed by Christians, then these are publicly denounced by the leadership as anti-Christian because the Christian world publicly states that violence is not of their religion, frequently citing various New Testament interpretations to support their ideas. However, the military jihad is viewed as part of the Islamic faith in general, both by many Muslims and non-Muslims.That is why islamophobes enjoy pointing to any Christian violence toward Muslims as self-defense.

  • AvidReader

    Because they are not Muslim!

  • Chameleon_X

    I agree with your point 100% about calling “terrorism” as it is, no matter who does it. We should not be politically correct about that. We (including the media) should not be using politically correct euphemisms, weasel-words, or innuendos, such as “extremist” or “fundamentalist”; let alone vulgarizations of sacred words, such as “jihadist” or “Islamist”.

    My point above was focused instead on the qualifiers attached to these words. Such qualifiers obtrusively highlight the religious identity of terrorists, which incorrectly implies that religion was the motivation for that terrorism. It also implies that religion can somehow be compatible with such terrorism when, in fact, it cannot.

  • As I stated above this is political correctness…we need to start calling it that…

  • So – not even the Salvation Army is immune to accusation of “warring on Christmas?”

  • We need to start using the phrase POLITICAL CORRECTNESS !

    What we have he is politically correct religious and political violence. A violent crime perpetrated by a criminal of a Muslim background (“terrorist”) is always a “terrorism” and a “national security threat.” This is where the REAL political correctness lies .

  • JD

    What if They were Muslim?

    Anyone want to guess how much out of proportion they would make this. That punch would become a KO punch and this story example of sharia law muslim extremists or Alien probes or something.


    Kristina Vindiola Gets Punched For Saying ‘Happy Holidays:’ Salvation Army Volunteer Harassed For Not Saying ‘Merry Christmas

    The so-called “War On Christmas” is getting out of hand, as Salvation Army bell-ringer
    Kristina Vindiola found out recently in Phoenix, Ariz. She wished a
    woman “Happy Holidays” as she stood outside Wal-Mart collecting funds
    for the charity. The stranger responded, “Do you believe in God? You’re
    supposed to say Merry Christmas,” and punched her in the arm, reported ABC 15.

    The Wal-Mart manager called the police after Vindiola reported the
    incident, though there was not enough evidence to arrest the accused

    Vindiola told ABC 15, “She should’ve just been happy I said ‘Happy
    Holidays,’ but I got hit because I didn’t say ‘Merry Christmas.'”

    The Salvation Army said that it does not specify a greeting for its volunteers to use.

    Apparently for some, good holiday wishes just simply aren’t good enough. Check out this chart for the answer to all holiday greeting etiquette

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    This is what happens when you ‘weaponise’ a religion, and use it to ‘assiminlate’ a people in their own land, rather than allowing the people to customize it and blend it into their culture.

    This destruction of culture didn’t start here with Islam, it started with Colonalists. As with the South Asian cutlures, Islam is the only thing between some people, and the total destruction of their language, culture, and sometimes themselves.

  • Zato Pythagora

    The globalist West have been planning chaos everywhere using ethnic, religious, social, racial difference. Once you invite these White Devils in your house expect all hell.

  • yusuf islam
    i don’t get it. you want the word extremists dropped when talking about muslim commited atrocities? you would prefer them to be called what? everday muslims riot? mainstream muslims kill scores in cartoon protest? group of devout, rightous muslim destroy coptic church?
    or you want the christians described as extremist? well not calling them extremist paints all of christianity in a worse light, does it not? average christian mob kills 24.

  • Tanveer Khan

    Marvelous. Good guys French Paratroopers 😉

  • The greenmantle

    This incident was covered here in France hé was saved by French Paratroopers

    Sir David

  • Tanveer Khan

    I wouldn’t want to be that man right now…

  • mindy1

    Shades of rwanda again :((((

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