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US Air Strike Killed Woman, Seven Kids in Central Afghanistan


US Air Strike Killed Woman, Seven Kids in Central Afghanistan

By Jason Ditz (

Another US air strike against an Afghan village has ended in tragedy last night, with reports that the attack destroyed a home, killing a woman and seven children, and injuring at least one other civilian.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai confirmed the incident, reiterating his long-standing demands to stop launching strikes in residential areas, and saying the incident further harmed US-Afghan relations.

The Obama Administration has yet to respond to the killings, while NATO said they are “aware” of the civilian deaths, though they also claimed the strike was aimed at “an enemy force.”

NATO went on to issue a statement expressing “regret” for the civilian deaths, but touting the operation as having “disrupted” Taliban fighters in the area.

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  • Sam Seed

    It wasn’t a shit hole until the US made an appearance. The US should mind it’s own business and stop creating shit holes in the world.

  • Christian-Friend

    shithole…Is that what you call your house?

  • Guess

    “honestly, i wish the U.S. would just get out of these shit hole countries all together”

    Oh so what you’re trying to suggest is that it isn’t at all the U.S. terrorist invasion and its divide & conquer strategy that’s responsible for this, but of course Iraq was “a shit hole” country and Iraqis are people that always “kill each other” … right ? And Afghanistan was always “a shit hole” country and Afghans are people that always “killed each other” even before the terrorists invasions of two “western” empires — Soviet & American. … right?

    “let them kill each other, if that’s what they’re hell bent on doing”

    Since hands down the Euro-American regimes are the most hell-bent on loving bloodshed and warmongering of all, thus perhaps they should leave the rest of the world in peace, and should return to and pick-up where they left-off their old habit of killing each other, like that of pre/during “ww2” — in other to fulfill their addiction for shedding blood. That would be a great relief for many of their victims abroad!

  • Guess

    Perhaps it should also be rational to divide the American & the British societies, into camps of “bad guys” — i.e, the terrorists that terrorizes whole host of entire sovereign countries with evil invasions, and the “good guys” — you know, the ones the don’t participate in the terrorist invasions …. Does that sound fair enough for you ?!

  • jacobin777

    Karzai is complicit in this and he gets paid off. He complains only to “look good” end of story.

  • mindy1

    Sad-too bad we cannot invent a drone that can REALLY tell the difference between good guys and bad ones(no disrespect intended)

  • Tanveer Khan

    Oh shut up, Karzai. You clearly know nothing about “collateral damage”.

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