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Blois, France: Sunna Mosque Desecrated


It seems like the pig-parts tossing Islamophobia brigade is back on the beat in France, thinking Muslims will melt from the mere the sight of pig carcasses.

via. Al-Kanz

(Google translation)

Islamophobia . Sunna mosque in the city of Blois (41) was desecrated in the night from Tuesday 11 to Wednesday, February 12. An acronym for the mysterious hour, was tagged on the door of the mosque: “MLE France.”

Mosque Blois sent us photos taken by a faithful this morning.

Blois mosque desecration 4.png

Blois mosque desecration 3.png

Blois mosque desecration 5.png

Blois mosque desecration 1

Blois mosque desecration 6.png

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  • Lynchpin

    Absolute idiots – I wish they could see how counterproductive and utterly pointless this is.

  • rookie

    Well, I know many pigs like yourself, but, do not worry. We make exceptions

  • mindy1

    I think he belongs in what goes in a toliet

  • mindy1

    😀 omg awesome

  • This reminds me of the time some guy in Texas got the great idea to protest the building of a mosque by holding pig races on his property adjacent to the proposed site (already legally purchased and zone approved). Stormfront guys came out and congratulated all of the seemingly racist and Islamophobic crowd of over 100 that attended after the first Friday event, meant to coordinate with the Islamic day of Jummah.

    Who they fail to acknowledge was the handful of Muslim families that took their children to see the pigs race as a non-violent and in fact enjoyable counter protest, in an effort to let the anti-Islamic crowd in on a little secret:

    We don’t eat pigs, or some even camel, but we don’t mind a good ol’ redneck camel race in spite of it, even with modification.

    The mosque congregation, having been praying in the

    Like the presence of pigs was going to dissuade the building of a mosque when the buyers of the property knew it was once part of the adjacent pig farm.

    The logic of the action ceased to exist with its conception.

    Muslims are also forbidden from consuming the flowing blood of any animal, including human, or alcohol.

    How many a person has died in congregational prayer?

    How about the Hagia Sophia? I bet it never saw its share of sacramental wine under the Byzantines before it became an Imperial Mosque of the Ottomans, and then a National Museum under the Republic Of Turkey in 1935.

    That being said: Ignorance Is No Excuse In The Eyes Of The Law. This is a case of hate based vandalism, or an act of political terrorism, about as classic as it gets.

  • Laurent Weppe

    You know, there’s a funny thing about it: at one point, far-rightist tried to give pork stew to homeless people in Nice.
    Of course, their “charity” campaign was a not-subtle-at-all way for them to say “You brown-skinned immigrants should prove your submissiveness to us by forsaking your dietary customs or else you can just starve to death“.
    What so funny about this? Well, virtually all the non-muslim homeless people of the city refused to eat the pork stew, deciding that they’d rather go hungry than be used in fascistic agit-prop. Turns out that bums Do have more honor than self-proclaimed paragons and keepers of Western Virtues.

  • 1DrM

    Spoken like a true inbred EDL pig.

  • Talking_fish_head

    I think he belongs in the toilet

  • Tanveer Khan

    Pigs belong in mosques. You belong in a hole.

  • Tanveer Khan

    May the pig rest in peace.

  • Yausari

    barbaric. That’s what it is

  • rookie

    If they ask me, I would make perpetrators eat the very “meat” they deposited. Raw.

  • mindy1

    Pathetic-what a waste of food and time…

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