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Warsi plots Islamification of UK government, NSS warns

Warsi plots Islamification of UK government, NSS warns

Yesterday the Huffington Post published an interesting and wide-ranging interview by Mehdi Hasan with Tory politician and government minister Sayeeda Warsi.

The interview opens with Warsi, who was in the middle of chairing a high-level international meeting of the prime minister’s Global Islamic Finance and Investment Group, explaining how she has persuaded David Cameron that it makes good business sense for the UK to become a world centre for sharia-compliant finance. This is the only reference to sharia in the entire article.

The National Secular Society website features a daily news round-up compiled by NSS president Terry Sanderson. Here is how Sanderson reports the HuffPo interview with Warsi:


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  • SarahAB

    I like a lot of the Nat Sec Soc stuff, but I take your point. I remember observing to someone that it seemed unhelpful and ill judged to campaign against Sharia finance just because one might not like other aspects of (some readings of) Sharia. He disagreed, and said it was the thin end of the wedge even if it wasn’t inherently problematic. That just seems daft – and hugely counterproductive if one wants to persuade people that concerns about, for example, some Sharia courts in the UK aren’t just a symptom of bigotry towards Islam/Muslims.

  • Alejandro Rodríguez

    For secularist fanatics, every act by a Muslim of Christian, no matter how small it is, is an intrusion in the “perfect” godless secular state.

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