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Breitbart News’ Pat Dollard Wants to Slaughter Muslims in the Street

OK so this dullard wants to slaughter Muslims in the streets. This is acceptable speech on the Right-Wing regarding Muslims in 2014.

The sad fact is that through its two wars, dirty wars and drone program the US military has been slaughtering Muslims for quite some time now.

Conservative filmmaker Pat Dollard: “Time for Americans to start slaughtering Muslims in the streets”

Some days you feel like Twitter couldn’t get any worse. And then this happens:

The comment came as news swept Twitter of a shooting at the Fort Hood military base in Texas, where former Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 people in 2009. The offending tweeter, Pat Dollard, himself tweeted news of the shooting as it broke, before making the aforementioned hideous statement (which, perhaps surprisingly, he has not deleted at the time of this writing).

Dollard has a long and complicated history in the public spotlight. He originally “made his name as Steven Soderbergh’s agent,” according to a 2007 Vanity Fair profile, although he has since become a self-fashioned conservative firebrand. His Twitter account lists him as a “contributing journalist” at Breitbart — whose founder, Andrew Breitbart, he counted as a personal friend. Strangely, his profile page on the conservative news organization’s website includes no actual articles.

At this moment Dullard hasn’t deleted the tweet and it has received 436 retweets and 132 favorites.:

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  • mindy1

    love the new name for her 🙂

  • LiesYouTell

    Someone should send this to Dr. Drew or the folks at HLN/CNN.
    Pamela Geller advocates banning Islam, demolishing mosques, deporting and killing Muslims

  • jacobin777

    I’m glad many people are denouncing that tweet on the twitter page. There is some humanity left in this world.

  • Anonymous

    Or they’re still looking for the “muslamic ray guns”

  • Anonymous

    That “website” is a breeding ground for potential terrorist and should be banned and the owner arrested for inciting terrorism.


    Add him to the “piece of shit” list

  • mindy1

    The idiots, they walk among us… D:

  • rookie

    That insane woman, Geller, already located and identified the suspect:
    “The shooting comes one day after the U.S. Marine Corps confirmed an FBI search is underway for a former Army recruit, identified as Muhammed.”
    One of few jumps in into comments section and tries to reason with logic:

    Razgovory wildjew•18 hours ago:
    What if it’s not a Muslim? Will you guys say sorry for all the mean things you said?

    But, reason and logic are foreign to these scum:

    “fuk off his name is Muhammad Since when has that been christian?”
    Others are even worse:

    FightIslam-It’sYourDuty badtooth•12 hours ago
    “Ah, so “IF” (hypothetically) he converted his name would still have been Ivan Lopez ? He wouldn’t have to take on an islamic name ?
    Sorry for getting paranoid with you double-tounged, lying and untrustworthy (by word and action) assclowns, but I trust this government would omit this information to be politically correct and not to offend the group they try so desperately to support !!!”

    Even though there is no a single evidence about the perp beign muslim, there are idiots who claim that the guy converted, but did not change his name,

  • Iman

    Another twitter idiot who wants more followers.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Here’s a little experiment I just ran using Google.

    Search hits on “Nidal Hasan” and “Fort Hood” for the period November 5-6, 2009: 4,270.
    Search hits on “Nidal Hasan”, “Fort Hood”, and “Muslim” for November 5-6, 2009: 2,500, or about 60% of the results without the term Muslim.

    Search hits on “Ivan Lopez” and “Fort Hood” for the period April 2-3, 2014: 93,700
    Search hits on “Ivan Lopez” and “Fort Hood” and (Catholic OR Christian OR Latino OR Hispanic OR “Puerto Rican” ): 14,300, or under 20% of the results without any of the final terms.

    This is obviously a very quick and crude comparison, and there are lots of ways it could be refined, etc. But, I found it interesting when looking at the first two calendar days of web coverage and discussion of the two events.

  • mindy1


  • Grendizer

    Geller & Spencer are rather busy studying the motivations & background of the Fort Hood shooter in order to find an Muslim angle to exploit.

  • JD

    Vandals scrawled hate graffiti on a Catholic monastery

    JERUSALEM (AP) — Vandals scrawled hate graffiti on a Catholic monastery in central Israel and slashed the tires of nearby cars weeks before Pope Francis visits the Holy land, Israeli police said Tuesday.Slogans against Mideast peace talks with the Palestinians as well as graffiti disparaging Jesus and Mary were found on the outer walls of the Deir Rafat monastery close to Jerusalem.Israeli police are investigating and searching for suspects, spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.A tiny fringe group of radical Israeli settlers, mostly teenagers and young men, have been carrying out acts of vandalism in recent years to protest what they perceive as the Israeli government’s pro-Palestinian policies and in retaliation for Palestinian attacks.The vandals have targeted mosques, churches, dovish Israeli groups and even Israeli military bases in these so-called “price tag” assaults. The attacks have been widely and vocally condemned by Israeli leaders across the political spectrum. The vandals are widely despised by the vast majority of Israelis. So far police have had little success in stopping them.Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal, the top Catholic clergyman in the region, visited the Monastery and met with the nuns and viewed the damage. “This is bad for the state of Israel, it is bad for us, it is bad for everybody. In this Holy Land we do not need these actions. Especially these actions against a monastery where we have sisters just praying for peace. They are not involved in any politics so this really is a bad sign and we regret it very much,” Twal said.Francis, an Argentine Jesuit, will be the fourth pope to visit the Holy Land. He is set to visit Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan in May.His visit reflects warming relations between the Vatican and Israel in recent decades.

  • mindy1

    Fort Hood was done by a soldier who was mentally ill >:( asses don’t even listen to the news

  • Remarkable how this kind of bigotry doesn’t garner a backlash. If he had said this about Jews or Blacks in America, CNN would pick up the story, many would rush to condemn him, and he’d never get a job again.

  • Yausari

    Ahhahahahaha. good one.

  • Ahmed

    I don’t trust you anymore. Each time you promise us a wonderful article by Spencer and Geller and we don’t get one. 🙁


  • golden izanagi

    well we can be sure that geller and spencer are right now hard at work writing a very thought filled article condemning this mans disgusting tweet.

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