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No One Helped A Muslim Teen When A Man Spat On Her, Called Her A Terrorist: Reports


No One Helped A Muslim Teen When A Man Spat On Her, Called Her A Terrorist: Reports

(Huffington Post)

A man on board a New York City bus allegedly spat on a 15-year-old Muslim girl on Tuesday, pushed her, and called her a “terrorist.” DNAinfo reports police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

The teen was wearing a traditional headscarf Tuesday morning while riding the Q88 bus on her way to school in Kew Gardens Hills, Queens. According to The New York Post, she accidentally brushed her bag against the man, sending him into a hate-filled tirade.

The man, who is described as a 5-foot-7 middled-aged white man, allegedly raised his fist at the teen, threatening her. “He kept cursing, ‘terrorist’ and stuff,” she told ABC News, who didn’t identify her at the request of her family. “He kept cursing and ‘Oh, you Muslim piece of s***, you’re a terrorist.'”

According to the Post, the scared teen responded by calling her attacker a “piece of s***,” prompting him to allegedly say, “Do you think I’m afraid to hit you? I will kill you.”

Although the man allegedly pushed the girl, spat on her three times, called her a terrorist, and threatened to kill her, she says no one on the bus helped her.

“They were laughing,” she told ABC of her fellow passengers. “What if that were your daughter? Wouldn’t you stand up for her?”

The man reportedly got off the bus when it stopped along Kissena Boulevard near Queens College.

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  • Leeds Finest

    This is a disgrace what if it was a Muslim doing that to a white girl then it would have been a different story

  • Ahumanbeing

    Ugggh I thought this was about my cousin but read it again and realized the girl in the story was a bit younger! Being a muslim woman living in NYC, it’s a little shocking that someone would spew such hatred in a city so diverse. Now, I’ve dealt with my share of crazy on the bus but never witnessed an incident like this ever! Disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately the same thing happened to American-Japanese during WW2, especially after pearl harbour.

    Its a case of people failing to learn from history and are thus doomed to repeat it.

  • jameyfan

    I can’t believe no one said anything and to make things worse, people actually laughed at this attack?! WTH!

  • Laila Muhammad

    these little punks are cowards

  • mindy1

    Pathetic, but as someone who takes NYC public transportation I would be reluctant to intervene, if only because you never know who will turn on you. That being said, to hear of other passengers laughing is disturbing. Even if you can’t help, don’t make it worse.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Sorry about the language and the anger, but to attack a defenseless child – and that nobody helped her, on the contrary, they laughed…the only thing for evil to happen is that good people do nothing…
    I’m so angry to know that; and the worst part is, I’m actually praying that if I witness such a thing I intervene without hesitation, but…not so sure how well I could stand a fist fight, I’m no longer in my twenties, alas. Yet, how to intervene in such a situation; how to prevent getting slapped in my face as well, should I get myself a taser, or a gun, or what?

    (btw, my daughter does not wear hijab but she definitely is dark-skinned.)

  • Friend of Bosnia

    That twep surely would have liked to rape her if he had had the chance. What he said and did to her was all out of sexual frustration. It’s so typical. II have seen such things before. I said it elsewhere, and I’ll repeat it, I’m not a particularly violent person but if I’m on a bus or subway with my daughter (she’s 12) and anyone dares attack her for what we are, then he will regret it.
    Somebody should have punched that moron idiot dunderhead in his face till it bled. Now what? Should I get my daughter a can of tear gas/peper spray and tell her to use it if she ever has to face such a son of a b

  • LiesYouTell

    The passengers were laughing at her?! SMH!

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