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Britain First ‘invasion’ FAIL


Britain First ‘invasion’ FAIL

Britain First, the fringe far-right, Muslim-hating group, made a second visit to the East London Mosque today (apparently an “invasion” which involved four people).

They left pretty quickly, after a local Community Support Officer spotted their car on zig-zag traffic lines, and run a red light as they made their “getaway”.

Britain First’s previous visit, as part of their misnamed ‘Christian Patrol’, showed them bravely swigging lager and unfurling a banner on the street outside … before again running off quickly.

Of course, members of the public are welcome to attend the mosque and, with a booking, take a tour of the facilities (perhaps Britain First had trouble writing down the number).

Britain First is, of course, a tiny hate group whose members were booted out of the far-right British National Party (BNP). The mother of murdered soldier Lee Rigby has recently asked Britain First leader Paul Golding (a former BNP councillor in Kent and the party’s ex-publicity officer) to stop using her son’s name – something Golding has pointedly refused to do – claiming she is, understandably, ‘heartbroken’. Golding also had to admit to Andrew Neil on the BBC’s Daily Politics show that money his organisation claimed to be collecting for British soldiers was, in fact, going to the party itself.

The party has recently boasted of guarding UKIP venues, though as anti-fascist groups have noted, its leader Jim Dowson has strong links to Northern Ireland, where he has been involved in the ‘flag protests’ in Belfast, as well as having a long history in an anti-abortion extremism.

You can see Britain First leader Paul Golding under interview from Andrew Neil on the BBC Daily Politics show here.

HOPE not hate’s background research on Britain First can be read here.

East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre press release, 19 May 2014

Update:  See also “Far right Britain First party ‘invade’ East London Mosque”, International Business Times, 19 May 2014

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  • Anonymous

    You know, you can replace what boris said about muslims with jews and he would fit snuggly in Nazi Germany and fascist Italy

  • Anonymous

    WTF kind of drugs are you on?

    Muslims in the entire European continent BARELY reach 3%

    So if they took over Europe, well they did a shitty job as muslims in the UK are harassed by kindergarten drop outs such as UKIP and the EDL.


    Grow a pair, a few brown people immigrating=/= Invasion
    And also, there are white european born and raised who Identify them selves as muslim, what do you propose you do with them?

  • Anonymous

    To him, I think he wants the latter

  • Reynardine

    Not always a good idea. Some of these guys look up to Hitler.

  • Anonymous

    A universe where idiots like him are respected

    I pray to never go to such a universe

  • Reynardine

    I believe these people intend the latter. Just to show they can’t stand “intolerance”, you know.

  • Reynardine

    I was already living the last time any countries in Europe were invaded, and though it was a long time ago, I am clear it wasn’t by Muslims.

  • Reynardine

    You mean you think they’re no more tolerant than you.

  • moraka

    Liar liar! You pretty much sound like a typical islamophobe.

  • golden izanagi

    “islam cannot be tolerant” hmmm very interesting oh sorry I was just reading about these stories of muslims being “intolerant”

  • OldBoris

    “You WILL tolerate Islam because you quite simply don’t have a choice. Muslims are not going anywhere–they will not only stay in Europe, but will continue to come as immigrants.”

    They won’t be able to keep coming forever. At some point we will snap. And when Europeans snap after being humiliated and invaded for decades, the result is not pretty for those who have been invading.

    “You’re greedy elites are not going to stop destroying and plundering whole countries, and importing labor. Try to get them to stop and see how far you get.”

    I’ll do my part. I’ll vote for the PVV in tomorrow’s European Parliament elections.

  • OldBoris

    I’m not in favour of any ideology. I’m a nationalist, plain and simple, and that’s why I think Islam has no place in Europe. That, and the fact that Islam cannot be tolerant.

  • moraka

    What are you sad that your ideological bedfellows failed?

  • Tanveer Khan

    It’s pathetic that some Muslims act like idiots like westerners like you.

  • Tanveer Khan

    Another pathetic pseudo militia.

  • Anonymous

    >Of course, members of the public are welcome to attend the mosque and, with a booking, take a tour of the facilities (perhaps Britain First had trouble writing down the number).

    I highly doubt they could even count to ten let alone write a number.

  • mindy1

    How brave, handing out bibles /sarcasm

  • Reynardine

    Well, well, well. Let’s just call it Operation Sea Lion. That didn’t work either.

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