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European election upset for Wilders

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European election upset for Wilders

Geert Wilders came fourth in European elections in the Netherlands on Thursday night, confounding predictions that he would lead a populist and far-Right backlash against the European Union across the continent.

Dutch exit polls put the far-Right and anti-Islam leader on 12.2 per cent of the vote, putting him behind all the pro-EU mainstream political parties. ‘Definitive’ exit polls put him behind the ruling centrist VVD on 12.3 per cent and almost three per cent behind the pro-EU D66 liberals and Christian Democrats, each on over 15 per cent.

Previous opinion polls had put Mr Wilders in the lead but there was widespread controversy over his alliance with the France’s Front National and the exit polls suggested that his share of the vote fell, compared with 2009, by 4.8 percentage points.

The result is a major blow to Mr Wilders who will lose two seats in the European Parliament with his MEPs now reduced to three out a total of 26 Dutch representatives.

After delaying a downbeat post-election party in a tiny sports bar in the suburbs of Scheveningen, a Dutch seaside town on the outskirts of The Hague, Mr Wilders insisted he would fight on “for national sovereignty, for less immigration, for less Brussels”.

“Our people stayed at home. We’ll carry on fighting. We’ll find partners who share our views against the EU across Europe,” he said.

His supporters, wearing customised “Wilders Akbar” football shirts – a provocative play on the Islam chant “Allahu Akbar”, or “God is Great” – had arrived in celebratory mood but hissed as the first exit polls were released by Dutch state broadcaster.

Daily Telegraph, 22 May 2014

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  • Just_Stopping_By

    By my count from this map, there are more muslim-Majority countries with restrictions on wearing the hijab than make it mandatory: . Notes: The map is about the hijab, not he burqa because, as you note, no country mandates wearing the burqa (though the Taliban did in Afghanistan). More details here: .

    Also, contrary to what Shelly Murphy implies, there is strong pushback by Islamic leaders to attempts to impose sharia dress codes on non-Muslims. See, for example, this piece on the legislation (still pending, I believe) on imposing sharia on non-Muslims in the Indonesian province of Aceh: .

  • Shelly Murphy

    You guys will be laughing in about 20 years when your daughters and grandaughters won’t be able to walk down street without a burka covering her. Stupid Muslim apologists. What a bunch of idiots.

  • Laila Muhammad

    people tend to shun hate politics….we in the usa saw this in 2012…..hussein obama was reelected islamaphobes running for congress alan west rabbi shumley joe walsh joe the plumber….joel kaufman….all lost in landslides

  • George Carty

    I think of akbar in Arabic as being equivalent to grandísimo in Spanish…

  • Anonymous

    It’s like they’re not even trying anymore

  • Heinz Catsup

    I think I see where you’re going with this.

  • Heinz Catsup

    Wilders Akbar…bwahahahaha!!!

  • sasboy

    I agree.

  • Takashi

    I wouldn’t say its based on what you’re thinking. Holland isn’t known to be racially or religious tolerant.

  • sasboy

    So reassuring to know the majority of Dutch people chose to not vote for this hatemongerer.

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  • mindy1

    Buh bye, don’t let the door hit on the way out

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