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Paris Opera Expels Veiled Woman During Performance


(h/t: Seyma)

via. Al-Arabiya

France’s government is drawing up a new set of rules for theatres after Paris Opera ejected woman for wearing a veil during a performance, the institution’s deputy director said Sunday.

The incident took place when a veiled woman was spotted on the front row of a performance of La Traviata at the Opera Bastille, Jean-Philippe Thiellay told AFP, confirming a media report.

France brought in a law in 2011 banning anyone from wearing clothing that conceals the face in a public space, or face a 150 euro ($190) fine.

The woman was sitting just behind the conductor, visible to monitors, wearing a scarf covering her hair and a veil over her mouth and nose during the performance on October 3.

“I was alerted in the second act,” said Thiellay, adding that “some performers said they did not want to sing” if something was not done.

France’s ministry of culture said a bill was currently being drafted to remind theatres, museums and other public institutions under its supervision of the rules regarding veils.

The spectator and her companion — tourists from the Gulf, according to MetroNews — were asked to leave by an inspector during the interval.

“He told her that in France there is a ban of this nature, asked her to either uncover her face or leave the room. The man asked the woman to get up, they left,” Thiellay said.

“It’s never nice to ask someone to leave… But there was a misunderstanding of the law and the lady either had to respect it or leave,” he said.

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  • Mehdi

    These women are natives too, just as French. They make personal choices that don’t harm anyone, it’s not their fault if many people misinterpret secularism.

  • Capt. Hennessy

    “People are free to do and think what they want as long as it does not lead them to hurt others, physically or emotionally.”

    You won’t know that until they’ve actually hurt someone physically or emotionally, unless you judge their words and actions before they actually do any harm. It’s called setting up a control mechanism. The people who joined ISIL began their journey by their words, what they said and to whom they said it.

  • El Cid

    Were you wearing it too? And think it appropriate? Mandated?

  • Jekyll

    Nice story but women wearing the niqab are still viewed as the other…some sort of Orientalist view…”they were awesome and they were niqabis too wow…”

  • Sam Seed

    Yeah I thought to myself and said ‘Whoa!’

  • Reynardine

    In fact, chickadees are quite excitable.

  • Reynardine

    Perhaps he works at Chippendale’s or the Crazy Horse.

  • El Cid

    I was referring to your genetic trait Jackal.

  • El Cid

    You have no idea. You have been smacked all your grungy life. Take heed dimwit. Do yourself a favor frustrated dirty old man. Stay away lout.
    Now git.

  • Jekyll

    No no, I meant just ask her ‘hey can I see your face’…I bet she would be happy do it. To show you niqabis are normal man.

  • HSkol

    Nope. Her face would be none of my business. 🙂

  • Jekyll

    Son, next time you see a niqabi, just approach her nicely and ask her to let you see her face. Just watch how friendly and nice she will be.

  • Jekyll


  • Jekyll

    I’m not stalking you htero boy…you say insane and dumb things and then get smacked. No body cares what you do in your electrical life, but when you say smack, you gonna get smack delicate.

  • Laila Muhammad

    our religious leaders should ban the niqab even at haj it is banned….some misogynist imam probably took the curtain used in the prophets house so he could meet visitors without his wife having to stay in hijab all day long and decided this must be the case for all women who go outside…..some women bought into it but thankfully most did not

  • Capt. Hennessy

    Well DVDs first came out out in 93′ then DVD player was created in 94′. They weren’t marketed until around 97’/98′.

    However I will answer by saying only in prison.

  • A Muslim Guy

    If veiled women are treated like this in France, maybe tourists from the Gulf (who actually keep their veils on when they leave the Gulf) should spend their petrodollars in a more welcoming country.

  • Reynardine

    When the audience starts hollering, “Put it back on!”, you’re finished in the burleycue.

  • Reynardine

    Minneapolis? What you’re looking at is a balaclava (not terribly common in Florida, where you do see mosquito netting).

  • Reynardine

    Here, maybe this will help.

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