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Kenyan police using ‘death squads’ against ‘Radical’ Muslims


Kenyan police have been using ‘death squads’ to kill suspected radicals. They may even plant evidence to justify their killings. There are fears this may be further radicalizing some in the Muslim population in Kenya and making them more vulnerable to extreme views. This is similar to a situation in Somalia,  Jeremy Scahill highlighted the role of death squads in Somalia in his film Dirty Wars. The death squads in Somalia seem to be heavily connected to the US. The following AlJazeera investigations discuss the nexus between radicalism, state sponsored ‘death squads,’ US involvement and extremism.:

Kenyan minister denies police ‘death squads’

Government spokesman rejects Al Jazeera investigation into extrajudicial killings of suspected “Muslim radicals”.

Kenya’s information minister has denied the existence of “death squads” within the country’s police force.

Counter-terrorism officers told Al Jazeera’s investigative unit that extrajudicial killings were sanctioned by the Kenyan government, and the chain of command reached all the way to the president’s office.

Officers confessed to being behind hundreds of extrajudicial killings a year, targeting what they referred to as “Muslim radicals”, and planting evidence to make victims appear like terror suspects.
Al Jazeera Investigates – Inside Kenya’s Death Squads

But speaking to Inside Story, Kenya’s Information Minister Fred Matiangi said: “The accusations of the police being involved in the killing of Muslim clerics and so on is just gossip, rumour and innuendo, pedalled by people who have a different kind of agenda.”

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Inside Kenya’s Death Squads

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  • golden izanagi

    when I read about a story on yahoo news about a burned down orphanage and mosque somewhere in Burma being burnt down with most of the comments I read were cheering about it, it was honestly quite disgusting to read.

  • John Smith

    We should think of it as a blessing that the type of hate speech against Muslims being spewed by those trolls has been relegated to comment sections. It just means they can’t express those hate views in mainstream society.

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    Every cloud has a silver lining. Whenever anyone claims that Muslims are against Free Speech we van just show them AJE comment threads on topics which include Muslims.

  • Trimmercastle42

    All news site comment sections are trash and overrun by moronic trolls and white nationalist assholes.

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    I honestly can’t tell the difference it’s like taking the worst Islamophobic YouTube trolls and sicking them on the AlJazeera website.

  • Trimmercastle42

    I know this is out of topic, but can the mods please add this website to the sidebar, i found this website to be very informative and helpful.

  • The greenmantle

    I dont think Muslims should think themselves singled out by this as its standard police practice in Kenya and has been for some time . Usually its based on tribal not religious reasons

    Sir David

    I’m being ironic by the way

  • Trimmercastle42

    Ah, The Aljazeera comment section, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss


  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    You know, learning about all this shite is a blessing and a curse.

  • Yausari

    “Officers confessed to being behind hundreds of extrajudicial killings a year, targeting what they referred to as “Muslim radicals”, and planting evidence to make victims appear like terror suspects.”
    How do Islamophobe define radical? They have the same Idea as the FBI.
    But more importantly, who are the ones truly radicalized?

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    That’s the scary part once you start an apparatus like this it doesn’t stop growing.

  • mindy1

    How will they define radical :/

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