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Muslim groups donate $100K to prevent Detroit water shutoffs


Positive stories about Muslims in the media are few and far between, here is one which hasn’t penetrated national media but local outlets have been covering. In any case, I am sure the Muslims would tell you this isn’t about “hey, come look at how good I am,” but as the story mentions is being done to alleviate suffering with the “hope that this grant will encourage others to come forward with assistance since there is still great need.”

According 9and10news to “More than 31,300 customers have had their water shut off since January 2013.

Muslim organizations donate $100,000 to help prevent water shut-offs for Detroiters

Friday, 01.09.2015, 04:24 AM
DETROIT — The Muslim community of Michigan is stepping forward with a contribution to support Detroit residents who are facing hardship from water shut-offs. The Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC), in partnership with Islamic Relief USA (IR USA) –the largest Muslim charity organizations in the United States – is giving $100,000 to help the people of Detroit. 

More than 60,000 households in Detroit have faced the risk of water shut-off, creating great hardship for many. The grant will be divided evenly between the Detroit Water Fund in partnership with United Way of Southeastern Michigan and Wayne Metro Community Council, to be used in direct assistance to disadvantaged Detroit families struggling to maintain their water utilities or recover from water damage due to recent floods.  

The MMCC and IR USA hope that this grant will encourage others to come forward with assistance since there is still great need. 

The grant is part of a concerted effort by metro-Detroit Muslims to contribute to the city’s revitalization since Detroit has been an important part of American Muslim history and is recovering from difficult economic times. Other initiatives include the Huda clinic, which provides free medical and dental clinic to everybody; Zaman International, which provides food and material assistance to at risk-women and children; DREAM (Detroit Revitalization Engaging American Muslim), which reclaims and renovates homes for disadvantaged families; and the Ramadan Fight Against Hunger Food Drive and Oedhiya project, which distributes several tons of food annually to local food banks and community centers.

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