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Britain: Norwich Mosque Attacked


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NORWICH – A mosque in Norwich city in the British central county of Norfolk was vandalized on Saturday, February 7, sending a shock wave among the Muslim community who vehemently condemned the Islamophobic attack.

“When I heard the glass being smashed I thought we were under attack,” Rashid, who was at the mosque during the attack, told EDP 24.

“It is not nice to feel scared in a place of peace.”

Norwich Ihsan mosque, in Chapelfield East, came under attack on Saturday at about 6:30am.

With 11 panes of mosque glass damaged, hundreds of dollars are needed to replace to glass and leading, according to the mosque board.

The attack, that comes almost a month after Paris attacks, has alarmed Norwich Muslim community who has been living in peace for decades.

According to Rashid, Saturdays’ attack was the first of its kind against Ihsan mosque.

“With what has been going on in the world lately I would not be surprised if it was a deliberate attack against us,” Rashid said.

Muslims in Europe have been facing an increasing resentment after Paris attacks that left 17 killed, including two Muslims.

The National Observatory Against Islamophobia said over one hundred incidents have been reported to the police since Charlie Hebdo attacks of January 7-9.

The rise in attacks over the last two weeks represents an increase of 110 percent over the whole of January 2014, the organization said.

Moreover, a Muslim father was stabbed to death in his own home in southern France this week by a neighbor who claimed to be avenging Charlie Hebdo.

Another Eritrean immigrant has been murdered in Germany’s Dresden.

Mosques in Sweden and Germany were also attacked following the attacks.

Mixed Reactions

Saturday’s Islamopobic attack against Norwich mosque has sparked mixed reactions from residents.

Many have condemned the attack, considering it “terrible”.

“Terrible news terrible,” one Facebook user said.

Another one wrote: “Mindless vandalism by louts, people need to realize and drop the hate you cannot blame a whole community for the actions of few.

“I have many friends at the Isher Mosque and have been there many times they are a peaceful community.”

On the other hand, that attack has fanned hate comments.

“Muslims behead, we smash windows!!! Sounds about right,” a Facebook user posted.

Other comments were more neutral. “When will people realize it’s not the Muslims that are the problem but the 0.1% of them that are extremists,” one wrote on Facebook.

Appealing for witnesses, Norwich police urged anybody with information to contact Sgt Dan Cocks at Bethel Street Police Station.

Britain is home to a sizable Muslim minority of nearly 2.7 million.

A Financial Times opinion poll showed that Britain is the most suspicious nation about Muslims.

A poll of the Evening Standard found that a sizable section of London residents harbor negative opinions about Muslims.

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  • Trimmercastle42

    Last I checked, there are churches in many Muslim countries

    For example:

    Here are a list of churches in Dubai (

    Here are also churches in Bahrain (

    See, even a simple google search can give you answers, I found these links in less than a minute of search in google

  • The greenmantle

    So you believe that everyone will become muslim then ? better get in early to beat the rush I say. Friday is probably the best time to start 🙂
    Sir David

  • The greenmantle

    Who is this us you speak so glibly about ?
    I think if you assume you are in the majority you may be in for a shock
    Sir David

  • Trimmercastle42

    >”I think they get enough help, it is us that will need the security when they all rise up against us. Who will defend us, not our lily livered government for sure.”

    Oh man, this is hilarious, are you a comedian?

  • Trimmercastle42
  • Sandy

    Terrible as that was and should in no way be condoned. You say do not stand for it, but we have had to stand for things that should not be happening .

  • Sandy

    That’s what will happen we will have no churches left one day, they will all be mosques.

  • Sandy

    I think they get enough help, it is us that will need the security when they all rise up against us. Who will defend us, not our lily livered government for sure.

  • Reynardine

    If it’s an old lady, you can’t do it and be a gentleman. But I can.

    (Save me some chicken tika, though.)

  • Reynardine

    Don’t waste it on him! Me! Me! Me!

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan
  • cmyfe .

    Filthy vermin. They always leave the dna sample of their ilk on the crime scene.

  • Trimmercastle42

    What kind of sick, depraved sub-human scum would do that?
    I hope they catch that asshole and smother him with halal chicken tikka

  • Trimmercastle42

    This is why mosques need extra security, to prevent barbarians from further damaging houses of worship.
    I would advise the British muslim counsel to issue a complaint to their city counsels or to the government

  • mindy1

    oh that’s just wrong >:(

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    I know. I decided to be more graphic in my description.

  • Omar_The_Egyptian

    “dispense justice pronto” was a euphemism for that 🙂

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    Desecrating a body is too far. Beat them to a bloody pulp.

  • Omar_The_Egyptian

    It was obviously someone working there.That or some one lied saying they were a family friend to gain access.Either way grill everyone of workers working there and find some answers as soon as the culprit is his/her way to court have a group of young Muslim men intercept him/her and dispense justice pronto. Do not stand for this one bit.

  • Omar_The_Egyptian

    Nothing packing heat can not fix.

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    These filth know no bounds.
    Muslim woman’s body desecrated
    Police have offered a £5,000 reward after the body of a Muslim woman was found in a hospital mortuary, covered with rashers of bacon.

    The desecration was discovered when the family of the 65-year-old grandmother was waiting to see her body after she lost her fight with cancer.

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