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Islamophobic Sun News Network’s Failure


I couldn’t let this good news pass without comment.

The Sun News Network, geared toward a Canadian audience was forced to shut down its operations due to financial loss and poor viewership. Sun was known for being an Islamophobic propaganda outlet with programs led by the likes of Michael Coren and Ezra Levant consistently promoting Islamophobes such as Rev. Deacon Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller.

This wasn’t very popular among a Canadian audience that saw through the cheap propaganda and voted to just watch something else.

CBC News

“Over the past four years, we tried everything we could to achieve sufficient market penetration to generate the profits needed to operate a national news channel. Sadly, the numerous obstacles to carriage that we encountered spelled the end of this venture,” Tremblay said in a statement

The network’s website featured only a Sun News logo on Friday morning.

The network began broadcasting in April 2011, launching a right-of-centre programming schedule, but it has had a constant challenge attracting viewers.

Its supporters blamed the CRTC for not giving it the same access enjoyed by news channels operated by CBC and CTV.

The federal broadcast regulator denied Sun News a guaranteed spot on basic cable TV packages in August  2013.

Data released as part of that application showed that while the network was available to 5.1 million households, it was only attracting, on average, 8,000 viewers at any given time.

That number was far lower than what well-established all-news networks operated by CTV and CBC were reporting. CBC, for example, said it had eight times as many viewers as Sun News.

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  • Trimmercastle42

    That’s what they want you to think to cover their alliance with the mole empire. 🙂

  • Trimmercastle42

    Think about it, the muslamic empire is working with molemen who live underground to smuggle halal turkey’s to unsuspecting people

  • I hope it doesn’t come to war although Netanyahu’s backside is itching to create an excuse to attack Iran.

  • Cengiz_K

  • moraka

    The sun stopped shining on the Sun News. The Sun News are having a permanent Sunday. The prodigal Sun has left. The Sun has stopped shining on Sun News. The Sun has set on Sun News. Sun News will encounter sunless days.

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    I am cautiously optimistic but then I remembered we also reelected Harper. I will wait and see how things unfold.

  • sasboy

    Well good riddance.

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    That was major lols.

  • Trimmercastle42

  • cmyfe .

    They tried to follow the easiest and most effective way of getting rich and famous yet it didn’t help. Other news agencies better not hire these poisonous vermin.

  • Reynardine

    There’s no sound!

  • JD

    Come on people sing it with me….

  • Trimmercastle42

    I think 99% of humans know the Netanyahu is a liar and a warmonger even without the cables ever since the war in Lebanon in 2006

  • Trimmercastle42

    And nothing of value was lost

  • Reynardine

    The Sun has set on their empire.

  • Are we covering the certified loon/war-monger Netanyahu who planned to create havoc for Iran and has just been proven to be a liar due to the cables leaked by Mossad? I think all the Zionist loons such as Geller are exacerbated by the actions of loon Bibi.

  • Ali

    Thank God. This is a major setback for the right wing anti-muslim idiots.

  • mindy1

    Buh bye 😀

  • HSkol

    Apparently, some Suns deserve to set only to never rise again.

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