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Mehdi Hasan Owns David Starkey On BBC Question Time


A funny video clip produced by aKam productions in which Mehdi Hasan ridicules the bigoted David “ding dong” Starkey on “Question Time.” (h/t: H. Shaikh)

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David Starkey Sparks Outrage After Calling Mehdi Hasan ‘Ahmed’ On Question Time

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  • Guess – BDS

    True story, this time finally Khamas was granted a right of return in the form of Achmed The Dead Terrorist, terrorizing via laughs and applauds — not rockets 🙂

  • cmyfe .

    Don’t prolong the “AAAA” too much or there will be a bomb alert.

  • cmyfe .

    Yekh somekhing likhe khat.

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    Like how Hamas is actually pronounced “Khamas”?

  • Yakoub Islam

    Starkey is a right-wing ogre whom the BBC continue to invite onto its political programmes. He also still gets to make history programmes for the corporation (he’s a historian, allegedly). His presence in British public broadcasting is as difficult to explain as Jeremy Clarkson’s, and just as embarrassing.

  • Cengiz_K

    The title in the cross-linked article reads “Medhi”.. Seems the express is somewhat more knowledgable, and so does the photo legend..

  • mindy1

    Heh 😛

  • JS

    Either the man is going senile or purposely said Ahmed to be mocking… either way he got crushed by Mehdi.

  • cmyfe .

    How dare he say Ahmed. Everyone knows it’s pronounced “AAKHMEHD”

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan


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