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Australia: Neo-Nazi Group Plans “Patriot” Rally Outside Parliament


Members of the United Patriots Front, including Neil Erikson (middle in blue jacket) and Blair Cottrell (to his right) behind the ABC’s offices in Melbourne. Photo: Meredith O’Shea

Neo-Nazism in the guise of “patriotism” doesn’t only effect America, it also has a hold on some Aussies.

White supremacists will be rallying against “Islam” in Australia.

The Age

An anti-Islam nationalist group that has aligned itself with neo-Nazis and other far-right organizations says it will hold Australia’s biggest ever “patriot rally” at Melbourne’s Parliament House next weekend.

The group, United Patriots Front, is a breakaway of the Reclaim Australia movement and includes a man convicted of anti-Semitic harassment among its leaders.

The UPF claims solidarity with the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, which was founded by Holocaust denier Nikos Michaloliakos, who along with other party members is facing charges in his homeland of being a member of a criminal organization.

Police are investigating messages sent on social media that appear to show discussion about members “packing” (slang for bringing a weapon) at Saturday’s rally.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said investigators were checking the veracity of the messages.

About 70 members of the UPF attended a violent anti-Islam rally on the steps of the Richmond Town Hall in May, which saw scuffles break out between members and counter-protesters.

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  • sasboy

    Look at the bright side of it. If neo Nazis were to start targeting Muslims the way they targeted Jews and black in the past, it would help undermine the notion Muslims are sympathetic towards Nazis and vice versa.

    Besides, these protesters do not look too numerous to me.

  • JS

    It certainly prevents Iran from achieving a nuke so it fulfilled the main purpose. The main complaints are coming from people who want Iran to never develop an effective conventional army or support its allies/interests throughout the Middle East. So basically right-wing hawks.

  • mindy1

    I do wish people would stop mixing up hater and patriot. O/T, what do you guys think about Iran nuke deal? I am somewhat skeptical, but I actually hope it works, although releasing some our prisoners would be nice.

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