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Fox News Report Leads To Rage-Filled Right-Wingers Calling For Dearborn To Be Bombed

A screenshot from the Fox News video

In the imaginary world of Islamophobes certain regions of the USA, especially Dearborn, are under the control of Muslims who are stoning adulterers and enforcing classical Shari’ah law.

Here is Fox News doing what it does best, fear-mongering and fanning the flames of racism:

By Ali Harb, Arab American News

DEARBORN — A woman was stoned in Dearborn last year, an unidentified man said on Fox News’ top rated show. If you did not hear about the incident, it is because it never happened. The claim was one of many false allegations in a Fox report on Arabs and Muslims in the city.

The video segment aired on the O’Reilly Factor Monday night; a day later, close to a dozen calls for bombing Dearborn surfaced on Fox News’s Facebook page. City officials and community activists condemned the news network for its inaccurate portrayal of the city.

Calling Dearborn the “Arabic capitol” of North America, Fox reporter Jesse Watters falsely alleges Muslims control the city council and the police chief is Muslim. Chief Ronald Haddad is Christian, and only two out of Dearborn’s seven-member city council identify as Muslim.

In the report, Watters interviews several Arab American residents asking short, insolentquestions with a broad smile, quickly moving the microphone, as to appear funny.
His hard-hitting journalism included questions like:
“Do you like Christmas?”
“Which way is Mecca?”
“Do you miss the desert?”
However, the humorous tone turns serious when a White interviewee says that Dearborn keeps him on edge.

“Last year, there was a woman stoned,” the interviewee says. “Not too long ago, you know, I read there was an honor killing because a girl bought condoms.”

The segment shows the responses of four Arab Americans to a question about sharia law. Two residents express favorable views of the Islamic ethical, legal code; a hairdresser says that sharia law in Dearborn is a fabrication; and one interviewee says she does not know what sharia law is.

“Bomb them”

Despite the fact that all Arab Americans interviewed were nice to Watters and said they love the United States, the report seemed to solidify right wing extremists’ hatred for Dearborn.

The city of 98,000, which is home to a large Arab and Muslim population, has been the target of online attacks and fabrications, including manipulated images that show support to extremism, allegations of terrorist training camps and the claims of Muslim-ruled zones that the police cannot enter.

In the comment section on the O’Reilly Factor’s Facebook page, social media users expressed fear of the spread of Islam and advocated bombing Dearborn to drive the Muslims out of America.

“Pull out the good folks and bomb the rest,” wrote Facebook user Barry Griggs. Many echoed his comment— “Dear US Airforce Bomb Dearborn and make us safe.” “Bomb the place.” “Drop a bomb on them.” “Nuke them.”

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  • Someone From Somewhere

    Good point.

  • Reynardine

    There are grounds for criminalizing hate speech under certain specific circumstances: see Beauharnais v. Illinois.

  • sasboy

    The US military bombing its own country ?

    That sounds like a great idea.

    That way people in America would get an idea of what it was like for the people in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Laos and all the other countries the US has bombed over the years.

    Nothing shouts patriotic Americans like those who want their military to bomb their own country.

  • sasboy

    The armed anti Muslim protests envisaged never materialized.

  • Reynardine

    Probably lots of people get stoned in Dearborn. A little fresh air and a few hours sleep and they’re fine, just like we used to be in Coconut Grove, Florida.

  • mindy1

    That was a very nice and civil letter 😀

  • The greenmantle

    meanwhile at Dearborne

    I like a story with a happy ending

    Sir David

  • The greenmantle
  • The greenmantle
  • JD

    Bill O’Reilly smacked down for Islamophobic “Watters’ World” segment he mistakenly claims is “satire”

  • The greenmantle

    global rally for humanity ?
    will there be any there ?

    Sir David

  • 1DrM

    The only kind of Muslim FAUX should interview is yours truly : armed with facts attitude, with a take no prisoners approach. I’d ask Jesse boy here if his boss, hemorrhoid faced O’Reilly is still sexually harassing women, mocking Waters’ lack of credentials, caustic remarks about inbreeding, trailers, climate change denial etc

  • moraka

    Do you miss the desert? Yes because the people behind Fox News are of the opinion that they are too good for antipsychotics, hence they have the intelligence that matched that of a half rotten rat carcass. Hence they assume that this joke makes sense. They might ass well have asked if they all hid a lamp in their turbans with a genie inside.

  • Solid Snake

    So, even a hermit like me couldn’t avoid all the buzz today in Dearborn, MI. First, it was a family member who sent out a message to our family group chat advising us not to go anywhere near the protests. What protests?

    Then it was the Imam during Friday khutbah advising us to ignore the protesters.

    Then DPD sent out a text on their nixle system, a system they use to inform Dearborn residents of crimes, road closures, weather emergencies, etc. The Dearborn Police Department were relaying a message from Mayor John B. O’Reilly, Jr. urging community members not to engage with protesters.

    Apparently a “Global Rally for Humanity” protest is scheduled for tomorrow in Dearborn. Doesn’t it say something about your movement when you have the police department and the Mayors office warning everyone to stay away?

    Here is the letter our Mayor sent out to Dearborn residents:

    Here is the letter that the Mayor sent out to Bill O’Reilly after the above segment was aired.

    “October 6, 2015

    Mr. Bill O’Reilly
    The O’Reilly Factor
    c/o Fox News
    1211 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY 10036 Via Email:

    Dear Mr. O’Reilly,

    While we share a common name and heritage, I am compelled to respond to your piece on Dearborn last night in which you were really spinning the truth. While I understand that segment was intended to be lighter fare, its presentation of false “facts”’ is dishonest and has unplanned, and very negative, consequences. I understand humor can be a means to offer insight about topics that may be unfamiliar to some of your viewers, but this piece failed to do that, and was shockingly flippant, especially with false references to stoning and honor killings.

    The lack of sensitivity was compounded by your factual errors, including about such basic information about the makeup of our City Council. While we welcome people of all faiths, or no faith, to run and serve in office, two of our seven City Council members are Muslim, and that does not represent a majority, as you wrongly stated. Our police chief is not Muslim as asserted, but Christian, and he comes from a devout Christian family. Although his religious background, like that of any city employee or elected official, is irrelevant when viewing their professional actions and accomplishments. In the case of our police chief, he has been recognized at the federal level for his community policing initiatives and positive engagement. It would not have been difficult to easily obtain these facts.

    While I understand that your piece on Dearborn, Michigan on October 5 was meant to be humorous, I did not expect you to completely disregard relevant facts about our community. While this type of reporting may be “funny” to you and to your audience, it creates a complete distortion of what we represent and causes serious consequences.

    I ask you to review your piece and consider the perception of Dearborn and Muslims that a number of your audience members may take from it. Could they infer that Muslims do not embrace our American Constitution and therefore want to establish Sharia Law? It may be of interest that the two people on the City Council who are Muslim are both practicing attorneys who have sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Michigan. And in the entire history of Dearborn, there has never been a discussion about following any other course of law. To imply otherwise about a city in America is ridiculous.

    October 6, 2015
    Page 2

    I assure you that there is nothing going on in Dearborn that is different than in any other community across America. The majority of our citizens who are Muslim engage in all of the activities that make our City a great place to live, work and visit. They do this along with our residents of other faiths and support fundraisers and charities, participate in our Memorial Day Parade, which is the oldest and one of the largest in in the State, and are behind other activities that build up our community and strengthen our connections.

    In Dearborn we use those connections as a foundation for better understanding and beneficial discussions. We have an active interfaith network that is all-inclusive and helps us to understand that a successful community is one that sees the value of trust in God and the fostering of spirituality, however individuals define it. In Dearborn, we support the notion that everyone makes their religious decision on their own.

    I have lived in this community with Muslims all my life. Dearborn has always welcomed people who choose to come here and want to be part of our community. Our whole history as a city, like that of America, is defined by people from a variety of backgrounds and heritages seeking economic and educational opportunities and a good place to raise their families. In the day-to-day life in our community, we are all the same. People live wherever they want throughout the City and engage each other in all different ways, at PTA meetings, soccer fields, neighborhood association committees, garage sales, block parties, and weddings. We share common goals and sustain each other. Our standard is we are one community that supports each other and respects each other.

    Due to your irresponsible characterization, we will now be forced to deal with the immediate emotional responses it will undoubtedly prompt. Moreover, we will have to deal with the long-term impacts this very real and harmful mischaracterization creates for the development and redevelopment of our businesses and neighborhoods.

    We will continue to be fine if those seeking to promote fear and prejudice will stop falsely misrepresenting Dearborn as a city being held hostage by followers of the Muslim faith. We are, in fact, a diverse community that reflects the true intent and promise of our American democracy.

    That is the true story here, Mr. O’Reilly. While it may not make for great ratings, it certainly does make for an incredibly great city to live in, work in, to do business in, and to raise a family.


    John B. O’Reilly, Jr.

    Poor guy, he has to deal with all this BS.

  • Reynardine

    Some guy was ranting about those shepherds in the dessert; I had to remind him that shepherd’s pie is an entrée.

  • Reynardine

    F-X would just have called that an act of terrorism.

  • Reynardine

    And now, he’s baaaack…
    Seriously, guys, be careful. And keep your camera phones charged.

  • Yausari

    Dude! Who let the cat out of the bag?! The super jihad laser beam is not meant to go public!

  • Yausari

    Wow, Fox news = stupid overload.

  • 1DrM

    Muslims shouldn’t engage with terrorism supporting FAUX views. Too bad he didn’t get punched in the face for his disrespect.

  • Joey Sanders

    Let’s say a woman was stoned in Dearborn last year. Does anyone believe it would have taken Fox News a year to report on it?

    I saw the entire segment and, if you take out the part of the white guy claiming there was an honor killing because someone purchased condoms and that there was a woman stoned, it wasn’t that bad.

    So, then, why did Fox include it? There really was no reason for it. It really clashes with the entire segment. It just goes to show you Fox is always trying to demonize Muslims no matter what.

    Also, Bill O’Reilly’s audience’s average age is above seventy years old. I wouldn’t worry too much about them. They will be dead in a few years.

  • Reynardine

    I bought some hummus from Publix tonight, but theirs doesn’t come with lasers.

  • mindy1

    I wish I could shoot lasers and eat hummus at the same time 🙁

  • Reynardine


  • mindy1

    Pathetic. How can you hear non extremists and still call for bombing?

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