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Arun Kundnani Versus Republican America on Islam and Terror


We missed posting this video but it is very instructive of the psychosis infecting the Right-wing and sectors of White America. (h/t: Alvin)

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  • Jonjon

    Oh look it’s the bimbo Scottie, a woman that has no clue and just rambles about nothing. Worthless human being that makes women look bad.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    It is true. There was one famous case of Craig Monteilh in California, an undercover FBI agent provocateur that Muslims felt suspicious about and turned in.

  • The greenmantle

    inner self comming out 🙁

    Sir David

  • Mehdi

    Very worrisome indeed, it’s incredible how that woman’s face is transformed by hatred.

  • The greenmantle

    I fear its spreading 🙁

  • Jekyll

    Why are you writing in italics and in brackets ?

  • AJ

    The lady Scottie in the video wants us to turn in the terrorists, that we know of, to the FBI. That is the way ‘we’ can earn her trust.

    [Looks backward through the 19 years in the USA – looks forward through the 19 years – recollects nothing about meeting or knowing of any terrorist on a personal, professional or any other level]

    How do I earn Scottie’s trust now? [Ponders]

  • cmyfe .

    Not every human supports freedom and love. Let’s kill ’em all then.

  • Yausari

    I had never seen so much stupid in 7 mins

  • Nisr Dimashq

    Shame on CNN for bringing these two uncivilized oafs on their show. I cringed so many times watching this video. Those two lunatics ganged up on Arun like two rabid bloodhounds. The guy in the middle is especially disgusting. He started convulsing like he was having a seizure when Arun responded to their comments halfway through the video. And don’t get me started on the ugly (on the inside) skank on the left. Let’s take a look at just a fraction of the horse shit they spouted.

    “I’m not standing up for Donald Trump, I’m standing up for common sense.”

    When a conservative fascist says he’s going to stand up for “common sense” you already know he’s about to spew some abhorrent bullshit. And I wasn’t wrong.

    “Muslims need to take the lead in curing this disease.”

    Typical denial of Muslim action against violent Salafi fundamentalism. Take the lead? Why is it that then that arguably every single ground force fighting ISIS is overwhelmingly Muslim? The Free Syrian Army, Jaysh al-Islam, Jaysh al-Fatah, Assad, Hezbollah, Iran, the Iraqi Army, the YPG, PYD, PKK, and Peshmerga are all Muslim-majority groups fighting ISIS (I know some of these groups are highly controversial). The claim that Muslims are doing nothing against ISIS is a horrid lie.

    “A large number of Muslims believe in this Islamic radicalism nonsense.”

    What the hell does that even mean? A “large number”? He has such a way with weasel words. And of course he squirmed and got cranky when the anchor asked him for evidence.

    “It’s ridiculous to say that every single Muslim is innocent.”

    Who the hell said such a thing? I smell a straw man. It’s almost like this guy is trying to be as logically flawed as possible.

    “This is why we don’t trust Muslims in this country, ’cause they lie.”

    This was really the climax of the video. At this point if I was Arun I would’ve just said ‘Thank you for proving my point’ and laughed in their faces. Not much more can be said. She openly declared her bigotry on national television. I must give credit to Arun for keeping his cool and not losing it because I know I would have if two sick fascists threw their nonsense in my face with such arrogance and stupidity.

  • JS

    Very well-articulated. Great to see people like Arun standing up against the narrative.

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