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Polish Magazine: “The Islamic Rape of Europe”


What was once old is new again. A Polish newsweekly that is popular on the right-wing published a racist magazine cover reminiscent of European fascist, xenophobic illustrations of the past. Poland has seen quite a number of Islamophobic and hateful events the past year, including a massive Islamophobic march in November but “The Islamic rape of Europe” cover line really takes the cake.

By Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

A popular right-wing Polish newsweekly, wSieci or “The Network,” published a deeply provocative magazine cover this week. It shows a young blonde woman, garbed loosely in the flag of the European Union, being groped by three men. Only the six swarthy arms and hands of the assailants are in view, but the message is clear and barely needs the brutal cover line: “The Islamic rape of Europe.”

According to the Daily Mail, the Polish magazine said it was focusing on “what the media and the Brussels elite are hiding from the citizens of Europe.” An editorial in its pages, entitled “Hell Europe,” inveighed against a culture of “tolerance and political correctness” that supposedly led to the grim scenes on New Year’s Eve in the German city of Cologne and other northern European town centers.

Groups of men, many apparently of Arab or North African descent, went on a shocking criminal rampage that led to hundreds of complaints to the police of rape, sexual harassment and other abuse. The incidents fed into an already growing backlash against European policies welcoming migrants and refugees, particularly an influx from war-torn Syria.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    Mukhabarat and Daesh both. They have a vested interest in making it clear to refugees that they are not welcome in Europe and have therefore to slink back and beg on their knees ot be re-admitted into tyranny, or to stay put if they haven’t yet fled.
    Also because both have a common goal, to destroy all those forces which stand for freedom. To IS, the Assad regime, and Putin, they stand for all they despise (while Putin, Assad and IS, as well as the Milosevic-era Serb leadership – who still wield power – stand for everything that I despise).
    The problem is to obtain conclusive proof.

  • nativejoe

    You guys know that these criminals video themselves and post it BC they are proud that they jumped someone. The rape problem is not new but hasd not been corrected.

  • George Carty

    Who would your money be on, were you a betting man? Syrian Mukhabarat, Daesh, or some other organization?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    That’s very plausible; I asked myself on New year, why now? Why young men allegedly of Muslim background, and why at so many places at the same time? That can’t be a coincidence. If one asks himself “cui bono” one can’t arrive at another conclusion. Unfortunately there is no conclusive proof. On the other hand I don’t believe that it was spontaneous, nor that it’s the nature of young Muslims, as some would have us believe.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Quite plausible. Yet people should remember that in 1918 and fir long afterwards they were worse off. There had been a devastating war; millions of lives lost; wholesale destruction; hunger; the “Spanish flu”; revolution and civil war in Russia; economies destroyed. Ys, they may surely feel bad. But actually it’s not that bad as it was after WWI, as my grandmother often told me.
    Except of course for Bosnia-Herzegovina and Syria

  • George Carty

    What do you think of the mass rapes in Cologne? They seem too organized to be just spontaneous criminality – do you think they could have been perpetrated by agents of the Syrian mukhabarat (or perhaps Daesh) precisely in order to induce Germany (and other European countries) to seal their borders against refugees?

  • George Carty

    It seems like the 2008 crash had had a similar effect on the European economy as WWI and the Treaty of Versailles, with Germany today taking the role of interwar Britain and France, while the Eurozone periphery takes the role of interwar Germany…

  • The greenmantle

    The whole deba

  • MichaelElwood

    Ilisha wrote: “Hillary Clinton is on board with neocon ‘regime change’ everywhere—previously Iraq, Syria and Libya.”

    It’s interesting that Clinton considers her foreign policy experience as one of her biggest assets. But nothing kind can be said about someone who makes the same mistakes over and over and doesn’t learn from them. Had she learned the lesson of Iraq, she wouldn’t have advocated for regime change in Libya. And had she learned the lesson of Libya, she wouldn’t have advocated for regime change in Syria. What makes it worse is that faux liberals like Clinton try to portray these interventions as being motivated by some maudlin concern for the people of these countries.

    Ilisha wrote: “It’s amazing how shallow politics are these days.”

    These days? 🙂 Politics were always shallow. But with the Trumps or the Clintons possibly entering the White House, the level of sleaze seems to be higher than normal.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    As for the results of today’s elections in Germany and those in other European countries I can only say: Europe is turning to the right, and back to 1914 too. The established parties have just served their own selfish interests all the time, and they have friviliusly squandered democracy. Haven’t those people learned anything from European history in the 1920s and 1930s? Apparently not. Those who erfuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And the general public, even and especially those who are against fascism, racism and xenophobia, are the ones who must pay the price.
    Like last time. And all the times before.

  • Jekyll

    Again anything to destroy The System.

  • Jekyll

    A Jew from the ’60’s…I still like him him. He get’s my vote this year…if I could ever make it of Mexico by November.

  • MichaelElwood

    Ilisha wrote: “What did Trump say? He’ll keep a database of Muslims? Lulz. As if there isn’t one (or more) already. :-)”

    I’m sure all the regulars here on Loonwatch already have sizable files. 🙂

  • MichaelElwood

    JSB wrote: “That said, the Malcom X quote leads to the question: on which policies do Trump and Clinton agree and on which do they disagree?”

    I think they’re most similar in their belligerent national security policies. They’re different in style, but similar in substance. Ironically, on some policies related to Syria, Iran, and Israel, Trump may actually be the least belligerent of the two.

    JSB wrote: “And why (if the essence of the quote applies today) do the policies on which they agree mean more than those on which they disagree?”

    I don’t know if the policies on which they agree mean more than those on which they disagree. Even the few policies I agree with them on are more than offset by the many I disagree with them on. Maybe Bernie can pull off an upset. . . though the Democratic party stacked the deck against him. I like his national security policies, but some of his domestic policies (free healthcare, free tuition, etc) seem too utopian. In Sanders case, however, the policies that I disagree with him on are offset by the policies I agree with him on (at least to a greater extent than with Clinton or Trump). But due to structural constraints, I don’t think he’d be able to actualize most of his foreign policies.

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