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[VIDEO] Decoding Islamophobia: “Regressive Liberals”


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  • Agnostos

    Points of interest, yes. His facts based on science? To my mind science is based on facts, facts are not based on science. Maybe I have not understood your point. What is your point?

  • Bella Sarah

    I just listened another interview with Sam Harris on AoC. I like the fact he talks about so many points of interest and his facts are based on science.

  • Khizer

    Sam, Bill, and Hitch have used ‘regressive left’ argument against their critics when it comes to Muslims, basically they can say shit but can’t take the shit they get back in return. Sam, Bill, and Hitch support Ayan Ali Hirsi, who is a proven liar and fearmonger.

  • Joe

    This guy is a moron,.. the Straw man argument is on your end. No one says that con man reza aslan, greenwald etc.. No one said they support the ideas of islam.. they aren’t advocating for it.. and Sam, Bill, Hitch have never said they believed those things..

  • 1DrM

    Bye, Pagan.

  • Jeff

    Thank you for pointing out the spelling error. Allow me to point something out for you to keep in mind, in that it was our Lord Jesus Christ Who told us not to do as the pagans do, so your use of the word pagan is misguided as it does not apply to those who accept His Truth. Once again and with all due respect, If your juvenile responses and attempts to insult someone are all you can come up with, then that is a reflection of your fallen nature and immaturity. I do hope that one day you will value life enough to start taking it seriously and realize that we are all sinners in need of salvation. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Truth, the Way and the Life.
    Take care friend

    Christ is risen ~
    He is with us

  • Jeff

    You speak of intellect and offer up that juvenial diatribe of a response. Your better than that and I really hope one day you will also realize the need to know the Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Robbie Robel

    Wonderful Marxist BS. Good job!

  • Jeff

    The fact that you don’t believe is why you are struggling to understand.
    If you think that I wish you ill will, then you are mistaken. As I said previously and in accordance with my faith, I don’t wish for anyone to parish as we are all sinners in need of salvation.
    Take care IIisha, I do hope that one day you may accept the Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Jeff

    Unfortunately, you know as little about Christianity as you do about islam, no different than the authors of the articles you provided.
    After you take the time to actually read the qur’an, hadith and sira, study the history of islamic conquest and persecution, begin to connect the dots, perhaps then we can continue our conversation.
    Again IIisha, I wish you the best and sincerely hope that you decide that you want to know the Truth.

  • Jeff

    I need to make a correction of something I wrote in my last post. muslims are trying to bring about the arrival of the mahdi, not the return of the mahdi…
    No, I do not speak arabic, I read from the sahihs of bukhari and muslim which are regarded as the most authortative as translated by muhammed muhsin khan of medina. IIisha, one does not need to be a scholar to look back over 1400 plus years of history and understand the violence, hatred, persecution, murder, rape and slavery carried out by muslims in accordance with islamic doctrine and jurisprudence, that has taken and continues taking place to this day against non muslims, as well as each other. As I stated earlier, 1400 years is an awful lot of history to simply ignore while making excuses for a group of people who choose to follow a false prophet of a false religion and adhere to its satanic doctrine. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, crucified for our sins, made to suffer and crushed for our iniquity, died for our sins and is risen in Glory.
    islam denies Christ and he who denies Christ is anti-christ. A persons conscious should always be his/her best method of engagement, along with some good old fashioned common sense, which unfotunatly seems to be lacking amongst far too many people today. If people want to continue ignoring what is and has been happening for over fourteen centuries by a group of people who worship death, that is anyone and everyones choice, but there are those of us who know better, who are trying to help those who cannot or do not choose to help themselves.
    islamic doctrine is what it is IIisha and there is nothing good about it. I hope you will allow for our Lord Jesus Christ and your conscious to be your guide in discerning what is true from what is false in a world that is drowning in sin and embracing death as a way of life.

  • Jeff

    You speak of hate sites, well, islamic doctrine speaks for itself. All one needs to do is study the islamic texts themselves to know what islam represents. I have taken the time to read the qur’an, hadith and sira, have you? You want hate, you have volumes of it right there in print. I have listened to countless hours of imams preaching hatred, violence and subjugation of non muslims, in accordance to islamic texts. I have watched the non censored videos in their entirity of muslims cutting, sawing and chopping heads off of Christians, other non muslims and apostate muslims, setting them on fire, shooting them, tying them to poles blowing them up with rocket launchers. Have you? Perhaps you aught to look into the muslim brotherhoods infiltration of the government at all levels and read their manifesto of waging a “grand jihad” in America to destroy it from within. There is enough sourced islamic material available for anyone to study so as not to be so ignorant of it.
    I agree with you though, it would be great if we could all find a way to live together, but that IIisha, is simply not reality. So long as evil exists in this world and so many people, regardless of their chosen beliefs mistake the darkness for light, there will never be peace in this world. Not until our Lord returns will there ever be peace. The evil that is islam will continue to spread as islam is the mirror opposite of Christianity. It is the mother of all harlots and abominations of the earth. Stop making excuses for a group of people who have chosen to submit to a false religion, a false religion that for the past 1400 plus years has sought to bring the entire world under its subjugation as it works towards the establishment of a worldwide caliphate to bring about the return of the mahdi, the 12th imam, which is the islamic savior figure, who in reality is the anti-christ.
    Take the time to learn IIisha, the Truth, as I said before is there for anyone to accept.
    May God bless and be with you,
    He is with us

  • Jeff

    What I wrote is the truth, so yes.
    1400 years and counting, is an awful lot of history to ignore.
    islamic doctrine is what it is and it is truly sad to see so many people who choose to be so willfully ignorant in regards to the wretched nature of islam. Maybe you should seek out and sympathize with the young Yazidi and Christian women who are being taken, bought, sold and used as sex slaves living under islamic rule if they approve of islam. How about the women and young girls, both muslim and non muslim where forced genital mutilation is imposed upon them under islamic rule how they approve? I sometimes wonder just how many more people will have to be made to suffer from the horrors of islam before people will actually start giving a damn… All roads do not lead to heaven and the path to salvation is narrow.
    Don’t let yourself be fooled by liberal, islamic or any other worldly ideology. It’s all a literal dead end.
    Our Lord Jesus Christ is returning and along with His mercy… there will also be justice and people better start figuring out which side they are on.
    Don’t turn a blind eye to reality IIisha, the Truth is there for anyone who will embrace it.
    He is with us.

  • Jeff

    “islamapohobia” is a contrived term used by those who refuse to accept the reality of what islam is and it’s over 1400 years of conquest, torture, murder, rape and enslavement of those who do not submit to it, a term also used by muslims to push their contrived grievances upon the naive to gain sympathy while ever striving in the way of jihad, as islamic doctrine commands. islam is pure evil and one can only wonder how much blood has to be spilled by those who submit themselves to this death cult and adhere to it’s satanic doctrine before people stop blaming everything and everyone besides muslims for the atrocities committed by muslims in the name of their chosen false religion.
    islamic doctrine is what it is and people had better start seeing what is happening in the world for what it is. The people who run and frequent sites such as this should take the time to actually read the qur’an, hadith and sira, study factual history, then take a real good look around the world we live in, turn to our Lord Jesus Christ and repent as we are sinners in need of salvation.

  • syed ali

    You are correct.

  • George Carty

    No, antisemitism was always the preserve of illiberal movements: if you’re looking for a “liberalism of fools” preceding Islamophobia then anti-Catholicism would be a far better bet.

  • The greenmantle

    This leftist is not fooled .-)
    ( and I am sooo far left I suspect I would scare 42.5% of americans )

    Sir David

  • el turco

    Some examples of sam harris attacking judaism in his books and twitter account… Does that not count?

    Sam Harris: Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves

  • George Carty

    Because the “new atheists” hate and fear Islam even more than they do other religions, they support Zionism on a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” basis.

  • cmyfe .

    So they want “leftists” to side with “rightists” on the topic of Islam and this is supposed to make them proper “leftists”.

  • Reynardine

    You change the year to 1928, the place to Berlin, and substitute “Judaism” and “Jews” for “Islam” and “Muslims”, and you know which side these (rich, white) self-styled “progressive liberals” would be on five years later.

  • Heinz Catsup

    Slavoj Zizek pointed out the hypocrisy of such left-leaning Islamophobes in this video here (despite referring to extreme leftist types as being Islamic apologists):

  • Awesome

    How ironic that Sam Harris would use the word “regressive” against the detractors of his bigotry, when the term is more properly applied to him as bigotry is the antithesis of leftism/liberalism and is about as “regressive” as you can get.

  • Yausari

    You know what else are silly words that means nothing? Islamists, jihadists…

  • Alyeth

    You know what’s the worst? When people like these act like they care about anyones wellbeing other than their own, then proceed to junk up their sentences with undying bigotry. Like I remember reading some article that started off with “Let me begin this by saying that that I know that not all muslims are terrorists” > into some idiotic attempt to demonize both Islam and Muslims. Like, if you hate something and won’t budge despite the evidence shoved down your throat, why act otherwise?

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