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Religion News Service: Muslims surpass atheists as most unpopular group in US

CHANTILLY, VA - SEP12: Muslims pray at the Dulles Expo Center during Eid al-Adha, the "Feast of the Sacrifice", the second of two major holidays in Islam, September 12, 2016, in Chantilly, Vriginia.  The holiday honors the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son, as an act of submission to God's command. (Photo by Evelyn Hockstein/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Disturbing news. The question is why is there such an increase. Some of the obvious reason is the Islamophobia industry and its manufacturing of hate, the rise of ISIS and the sensationalization of their threat to the West and of course the US presidential campaign of 2016. What are some other reasons?

via. Religion News Service

About 40 percent of Americans say atheists “do not at all agree” with their vision of America, according to a new study from sociologists at the University of Minnesota who compared Americans’ perceptions of minority faith and racial groups.

But the study marks a grimmer milestone — Americans’ disapproval of Muslims has jumped to 45.5 percent from just over 26 percent 10 years ago, the last time the question was asked.

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  • 786 Emperor you obviously did not eat your Wheaties before asking why there is such an increase. It most probably relates to:
    The Scum in San Bernardino.
    The Scum in Orlando–whose rampage was, I remind you, the single most deadly mass-shooting on American soil in history.
    The Scum in Minnesota who stabbed people at the mall.
    The Scum in New York who planted bombs.
    then you have the stainless nards to ask hmm, I wonder why the increase in anti-Muslim sentiment among Americans?
    As a bonus, another Scum just shot five people in a mall in Washington state. You know what Americans are thinking? Probably not, judging from your foolishness, so I will tell you. They are thinking “I bet it was another Muslim [sic] extremist!”
    What are you going to do if the scum claims allegiance to Daesh? Ask the same question again?
    We know that these acts are the farthest thing from Islam; but your average person in the street does not.

  • 786 Right, we get all of our “knowledge” of Christianity from disgruntled ex-Christians who go on about how evil it is! You KNOW they never lie.
    As one small example, the Jerusalem Post–which no-one in their right mind would ever accuse of harboring leftist tendencies–exposed Walid Shoebat as a fraud years ago. Why do your sources still give him credence? Why does he still command thousands of dollars to make speeches and appearances on “news” programs? Instead of treating our dismissal of such “sources” as obviously false, you ought to be asking on what specific points they have lied. If we are correct, their lies are easy to prove if you would but listen. If we are wrong, we would be hard-pressed to prove that such sources have lied. You have nothing to lose, and the potential gain is the removal of error.
    The beliefs of a faith are, by definition, the purview of believers, not of outsiders. You would, therefore, be infinitely better served to listen to what Muslims say about Islam if you wish to educate yourself on the topic. Relying on those whose avowed STATED PURPOSE is to destroy Islam is not how one conducts research.
    It is also important for you to distinguish between “teachings of Islam” and “actions of individuals who consider themselves Muslim.” The fact that as Muslims we wish to distance our faith from heinous acts
    falsely committed in the name of Islam is not proof that we condone heinous acts in the name of Islam, is it?

    Otherwise I could ascribe the KKK, Dominionists, Christian Identity, and the slaughter in Rwanda (a Christian country) to Christianity. I’ll throw in the Lord’s Resistance Army–who raped, slaughtered and abducted on a larger scale than Boko Haram ever did–and the NSDAP, which had Christianity literally written into the party platform. This is not just some theoretical claptrap: it’s written there for all to see.
    I could add the mass slaughter of Bosniaks by “Christian” Serbs and Croats and the actions of Fred Phelps, because he says that his actions were Christian.
    But the fact is that I don’t ascribe these things to Christianity because I can distinguish between one thing and another. And most importantly, because I listen to what Christians say their faith teaches instead of what haters say they believe. I encourage you to do the same.

    I once believed as you do; I cannot emphasize this enough. It wasn’t until I studied Persian–to work for the NSA of all things–that I began to see the massive number of lies propagated about Islam. It was neither easy nor pretty for me to change so many of my long-held beliefs, even less so when I converted to Islam. I don’t write this expecting that everyone who reads my story will convert; only to point out that I understand your point of view better than most Muslims do, I know how you reached the conclusions you have reached, and I believe those conclusions to be based on faulty and oftentimes outright deceptive information.

  • ShunTheRightWhale

    The fewer Muslims are around, the more they are feared. Their workings are imagined as a phantom menace, most often some political agenda for social dominance is alleged. The rather small effective danger of extremists is exponentiated by the randomness of their terror, instilling the fear everybody could be the next one. Exactly what the minds behind, not the performers (they are compliant sheep) of acts of terror (like Ansbach) want and for what the self-proclaimed defenders of the occident have waited all along, deepening the rift between social groups. The result is violence (see the clashes of Bautzen).

  • 1DrM

    Another ignorant white western extremist weighs in his feather weight intellect. No doubt you’re a broken of the broken American school system. Based on your idiotic spamming of dubious Zionist propaganda sites, it’s obvious you are a supporter of terrorism. Fact : the vast majority of terrorists are white western males eg- George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Benjamin Netanyahu etc. You couldn’t debate Muslims on the best day of your worthless existence. See, you’re the cancer, Islam is the chemotherapy, it’s THAT simple.

    Get back to me when you find those fictitious Iraqi WMD, 13 years and counting, lowly filth.

  • Khizer

    True, but with modern tech and the Internet, we can ATLEAST try to learn more before passing judgement and sticking to a single perception.

  • adc714

    maybe so, but perception becomes reality to lots of people

  • Khizer

    Fun fact: state execution of LGBT in those countries are actually rare (though permitted). It may not be right, but there still has been barely any execution in those countries (the ones that are stable and have not been plundered, at least).

  • rookie

    Muslim raping women???

    Are you aware that according to islamic Law, the punishment for rape is very harsh?

    Of course, if all muslims all over the globe start cosuming alkoholic drinks and eat pork, then, well, that must also be “islamic”.

  • rookie

    I also hate honor killing, suicide bombings, truck bombings, pipe bombs, beheadings, crucifitions, …

    But, I also hate carpet bombings, hellfire bombings, bombings of weddings, coups and coup attempts all over the world, invasion of foreign countries for reason that apear to be pure lie (nuclear weaponry), support (financial and military) of marginal groups that arose to terror groups,…

    There were no ISIS in Lybia.
    Can you tell me why did you bomb this country?

  • rookie

    Brigitte Gabriel is NOT a convert to Christianity.

    She ist a Maronite Christian from Marjayoun, southern Lebanon.

    Now, why are all this fake ex-muslims also faking their biography?

  • Khizer

    “Also, If Islam is not rooted in revenge and violence then why are hundreds of Islamic terrorist groups popoing up all over the world since the 1970’s. Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS, Al-Queda, parts of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Shabab, Boko Haram, Quds Force. Also, why is it almost required for a Muslim country to stay stable that a terribke strongmen leaders are required to keep these countries in order. Mubarak, Saddam, Ergodan, Assad, etc.”

    If you are referring to groups from 1970s such as the PLO, those were secular groups. Hamas and Hezbollah and the PLO were formed due to Israeli oppression of Palestinians. Al-Queda was formed from remnants of the Mujahideen from the 80s that were trained and taught by the U.S. and Pakistan (big ally of US). The other groups formed after 9/11 are a reaction to the West’s constant plundering and destruction of their countries. Most of the dictators (Sisi, Sadam,etc.) were put in power by the U.S. Or atleast supported by it.

  • Khizer

    A bit surprising! It seems that the people in Western Europe (except Spain) are more tolerant of Muslims, while their governments do not (French governments bans on burqinis is evident of that). Strange regarding Spain, their government is treating Muslims fine (Spain’s governments decision for persecuting that man who attacked a pregnant Muslim woman wearing a veil, under the hate crime law is one example) but the people do not seem so tolerant of them.

  • Khizer

    What’s this…..people from a religion/group doing terrible things…..yeah I am sure people from other religions/groups don’t also do terrible things (sarcasm). Do you realise that these terrorist attacks done by Muslim terrorists from Muslim lands have political motives for their inhuman crimes? Do you realise that these attacks are revenge for what the west is doing in the Middle East, do you also realise that if someone says a religious quote or believes in a specific religion, that does not mean that the religion in question ACTUALLY permits/allows what he/she do, do you realise humans can actually bastardise the teachings of any belief/ideology/group they follow. You seem to whine over the crimes of some Muslims, so where is your condemnation of the Wests destruction of Muslim counties, where is your tears for the Muslim families annihilated by flying death machines (drones)?, for the innocent Muslims who are taken to Guantanamo nearly no crime besides being, ‘in the wrong place, in the wrong time’, and subjugated to such inhuman treatment and conditions, it would make Stalin smile? Where are your tears for the Muslim families who must leave their homelands because of destabilisation caused by the West? Where is your outrage when Muslim women can’t dress according to their religious beliefs in European countries because some limp dicked white turd in a government office had his balls drop upon seeing the terrifying sight of a niqab/hijab/abaya/burqini and hence decided to ban/restrict it. Where is your concern for the Muslims feeling discrimination in western countries, even if said country is their home?

    For your information, ‘Honor killing’ is a cultural practise exclusive to Muslims (and even other people such as Hindus) from India/Pakistan and other nearby regions (like Afghanistan). If a Muslim from said regions told an Egyptian Muslim that ‘Honour Killing’ is Islamic, the egyptian Muslim would scratch his/head. If a Indian/Pakistani/Afghani Muslim was told by an Egyptian (or other African) Muslim that ‘Female Genitile Mutilation’ is Islamic, the Indian/Pakistani/Afghani would scratch his/her head in confusion.

  • CowabungaCreeper

    Islam isn’t sentient. It can’t go around planting bombs, or kill people for drawing cartoons or commit ‘honour killings’ or murders of any kind. It can’t go around raping people either. Those crimes were committed by Muslims, or at least, people calling themselves Muslims. Your cop out about hating Islam and not Muslims is foolish and illogical.

    Secondly, none of those things you accuse Islam of allowing are actually allowed in Islam.

  • CowabungaCreeper

    You don’t hate Muslims, you just hate everything about everything that makes them Muslim right?

  • Ben B.
  • adc714

    or it could have something to do with all the mayhem that is associated with muslims and islam

  • Just_Stopping_By

    “What I am really interested in is the European perception of Muslims living in European countries, …” Okay, here you go:

  • Khizer

    This is pretty damning news, but not THAT worrisome, American Muslims still have their rights protected by American law and the constitution, despite what morons think of them, their rights will not be taken away (atleast most of their rights…..I hope).

    What I am really interested in is the European perception of Muslims living in European countries, many of these European countries (except a few, like Spain) tend to pass laws restricting or even downright stripping away European Muslims’ rights. My expirience on the Internet (especially YouTube) doesn’t paint a very good picture….

  • mindy1

    Why am I not surprised :/ whenever there is uncertainty in the world, people look for someone to blame

  • Khizer

    I meant that this news is already known if you are a Muslim or know a Muslim in the U.S. I was also being somewhat sarcastic, this is still terrible news, but if you look closely at the U.S. social and political climate, you could almost see this news a mile away.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Sadly, what you say is true about many “angry westerners.” But not all. There are actually quite a few Islamophiles (or at least Islamoneutrals) among us.

    Some interesting data on that here:

  • Agnostos

    Your comment is not clear to me. What is not special to see here? Maybe English is not your language or maybe the fault lies in my understanding. Can you explain yourself a bit more.

  • Khizer

    Muslims are just use to being ‘disliked’ by angry westerners, for American and European Muslims, it is just part of life. Nothing special to see here.

  • Joey Sanders

    Hate is on the rise because the economy is not doing well for the middle class and poor. It is easier to get people fighting among themselves then to get them to realize that their own government, controlled by the powerful few, has let them down.

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